Sunday 21 December 2014

The Vanilla Milkshakes entertain us with 13 tracks of lively vocals and beautifully arrangement instrumental beats

David McGhee grew up in Florida and at the age of 18 a family emergency saw him relocated to Denver, Colorado.

Inspired by the music video for the Offspring's The Kids Are Alright, David started playing the guitar and singing and he formed a few bands but in between inconsistent gigs and his heroin addiction sadly they didn't last long.

David suffered heavily for 7 years as he was plagued by suicidal thoughts, homelessness and his ongoing heroin problem, however thankfully there was light at the end of the tunnel.

A medical diagnosis revealed David had Aspergers and this led to therapy which turned things around and helped him enjoy life.

In 2013 David met his boyfriend Frank Registrato who just happened to be a drummer/vocalist, Frank then introduced him to Bass Guitarist JanKarl Hayes - it was discovered shortly after that JanKarl could also sing and from this The Vanilla Milkshakes were formed.

Their debut album - How To Ruin Friendships And Influence Douchebags was recorded in an astonishing 17 hours, this was 13 less than Nirvana's debut album.

After School Special delivers energetic guitar riffs and powerful rockstar vocals.

At Odds With God begins with a smooth and laid back instrumental sequence but its not long till the speed at which the lyrics are delivered gets cranked up.

Brand New Sound starts with a nice arrangement of percussion beats and then proceeds to entertain us with catchy rock beats.

I'm No Prize Myself showcases lively instrumental hooks and catchy upbeat lyrics, well mostly upbeat.

Idiot Colorado is another catchy track, thanks to the guitar arrangement and lively vocals.

Tall Boy / Ska Boy dishes out melodic beats and more quirky lyrics.

You're Not Cool entertains us with catchy guitar riffs and killer percussion beats which give the track an upbeat feel when you take the somber lyrics into consideration.

Seattle begins with a smooth and laid back intro but then the tempo shifts up a gear or two as it entertains us with cool lyrics and a catchy chorus.

Kreep kicks off with an addictive guitar arrangement and super charged vocals.

Dance! Robot! Dance! opens with a delightful melody which despite the sad lyrics gives the song happy and feel good vibes.

The One That Goes is a belter of a track with energetic rock beats and lightning fast lyrics.

I Need A Dollar is a slow paced melody with a bluesy feel to it, at least the lyrics feel like they've been inspired by the genre and hats off to the delightful instrumental arrangement.

Despite the quirky lyrics, The Vanilla Milkshakes entertain us with 13 tracks of lively vocals and beautifully arrangement instrumental beats.

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