Saturday 13 December 2014

Georgia Prassinos entertains us with Catchy Lyrics and Jazzy Tones aplenty

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Athens, Greece Georgia Prassinos graduated from Law School where she then moved to London to study for an MA in International Communications and Development.

From her childhood she would sing whenever she could : in front of the mirror, to her family and even in the school auditorium.

As Georgia's voice and thoughts matured she reached out to an accredited Greek Singer which led to a collaboration. She wrote melodies and English lyrics for his next project, but was not versed in an instrument and could not read musical notation - this is where a Greek Composer stepped in to interpret Georgia's melodic brain.

This culminated in a masterpiece which garnered interest from TV Producers who requested her songs as the theme tunes for upcoming TV Shows.

The musical genres she feels most comfortable with as a Singer/Songwriter are Soul, Jazz and R&B but her musical tastes are varied.

I Got You showcases catchy lyrics, infectious beats and Georgia's powerful vocals, her Jazzy tones are beautiful.

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