Tuesday 30 June 2015

Blog Challenge #2 - Tell Your Entrepreneurial Story

My foray into the world of online music promotion began as a result of my passion for social media, in 2011 after discovering an musical artist who was the same nationality as me I discovered a passion I never knew I had and this was what eventually led me to launching my blog in 2013 and eventually providing additional promotional services.

Prior to the launch I spent a while building up contacts which I could utilise as elements within the promo packages I offer, for example Internet Radio stations or other music blogs.

I am also motivated by sharing the wonderful music that I discover with like minded individuals who appreciate and cherish good music as much as I do.

My first client was gained as a result of growing interest in my blog, I regularly have artists connect with me via social media and after a complimentary review of their music I felt that was the perfect time to mention the other services that I offer.

The biggest challenges which I still face are finding new artists to promote and ensuring a regular income and from a blogging perspective avoiding reuse of the same vocabulary and or phrases when reviewing music.

Monday 29 June 2015

Blog Challenge #1 - Who are you talking to?

1) Describe your tribe

I describe my tribe as Unsigned / Indie Singer/Songwriters and/or Musicians who are interested in getting their music promoted on the Internet, this could include other music blogs, social media or on Internet radio.

2) Why did you choose to focus on serving this group of people?
I have a appreciation for good music and from this grew a passion for sharing this, 

In November 2011 OBs Music UK started off as a hobby, during which E.B.R.U's music was heavily showcased via social media and in early 2013 a music blog was launched and from this I have started providing additional promotional services

3) What makes you the expert on solving their problem with your product or service?
My easy going personality and my passion  for the services I provide means that I give 110% to what I do, plus I am also motivated in educating people to all the good but undiscovered musical gems that exist out there.

4 What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope these people take away from your blog?
If you're looking for new and wonderful music for your playlists or portable music players then this should be one of your first stops.

Saturday 27 June 2015

Si and the band deliver rocktastic beats and energetic vocals


Hot on the tail of the release of their debut single, the Goldbirds are back with another corker of a tune - Giving Up, which will be officially released on the 13th of July.

Giving Up sees Si and the band deliver rocktastic beats, energetic vocals, a kick ass instrumental arrangements and lyrics with intelligence and emotional depth.

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Friday 26 June 2015

Rebecca Cullen serves up soft vocals, laid back melodies and emotionally powerful verses

Rebecca Cullen is a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from Manchester and with the assistance of Adam Rogers on Cajon / Accordion she entertains us with a eclectic mix of music genres, including Trip-Hop, Folk, Rock and Soul.

Homegrown is a delightful gem of a song, with its gentle instrumental arrangement, smooth vocals and haunting lyrics.

Carry On is simply beautiful thanks to Rebecca's soft vocals, the laid back melody and emotionally powerful verses.

The Only Water Left serves up a outstanding melody and Rebecca's vocals are out of this world, this is a musical work of art.

No Conflict is a heartfelt number with its emotive verses and semi haunting feel.

Teething wraps up this powerful EP with beautiful synth beats, an eclectic mix of instruments including bongos and Rebecca's vocals talents which are simply mesmerizing.
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Thursday 25 June 2015

Itsyaman delivers catchy beats, slick verses and smooth vocals

Originally from Hungary but now based in Sweden, Arpad B is a Hip Hop artist who favours not only tight beats but also a sharp lyrical flow.

Blending together old school hip hop, modern production and slightly influenced by Trap genre, Arpad B brings something new to the table and by drawing on his life experiences - as he grew up in the USA, Hungary, and Sweden, we are guaranteed to witness a musical delight.

Following on from the release of a few mixtapes, Arpad B decided this was the perfect time to reinvent himself and currently he is working on a new EP Always Get My Own (produced by his friend Max Million Beatz from Germany) whilst also developing his own record label - Luv Tha Dough Entertainment.

Itsyaman delivers catchy beats, slick verses and smooth vocals - Max Million Beatz is on point with the production side of things, the only down side however is the repetitive chorus.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/arpadbofficial
Twitter - https://twitter.com/arpadbofficial
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/arpadbmusic
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/arpadbmusic

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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Killer riffs, deep and heart felt lyrics from Down Under thanks to Empra

Empra are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. 

The birth of Empra was a tragic one as lead vocalist / guitarist Sanny Veloo's closest friend and former band mate Wayne Thunder passed away.

Sanny struggled to overcome his grief but after much soul searching he decided to write and record an album as a tribute to his friend and thus Empra were born (Empra is an anagram of the ancient Sanskrit word Prema, which means universal love.)

Empra's line up also includes Matt Agius on Bass and Backing Vocals and Georgia Flipo on Drums and Harmonic Vocals.

Their drive and ambition saw them perform on the same billing as Fall Out Boy and also collaborate with Gotye on their debut album.

They recently recorded a limited edition EP which showcases the singles Doesn't Make Much Sense and Strange Condition.

Doesn't Make Much Sense entertains us with killer riffs, deep and heart felt lyrics delivered straight to our ears thanks to the talented trio that are Empra and if that wasn't enough prepare to be wowed by captivating beats.

Strange Condition delivers a softer melody which is mesmerizing to listen to and those dreamy vocals are simply beautiful.

Only Love is a lyrically powerful number with energetic beats a plenty.

I Won't Give Up is a upbeat corker of a song with a riveting vocal arrangement as well as killer instrumentals.

Sabrina concludes the EP with a laid back tempo, smooth vocals, emotive lyrics and a beautiful and gentle melody, plus kudos to Gotye for collaborating with them on this track.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/empraonline
Twitter - https://twitter.com/empratweets
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/empraonline
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/empraonline

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Monday 15 June 2015

Seldom serve up an outstanding instrumental arrangement, emotive lyrics and cranked up vocals

Seldom are an alternative / hard rock band from Houston, Texas and musically they are similar to Breaking Benjamin and Deftones.

They have already had the pleasure of opening for POD, Lacuna Coil and Puddle Of Mudd plus they've also appeared at SXSW.

Legacy serves up killer rock beats and a outstanding vocal performance.

Awoke To Darkness goes in heavy with the percussion whilst also delivering captivating guitar riffs aplenty.

Cancer dazzles us with catchy beats and cranked up vocals.

Plastic Idols delivers hard and fast instrumentals and super charged vocals.

Over + Over has a softer feel to it in places and we are also treated to first class lyrics and the beautiful sound of the violin.

Watch Me Fall treats us to captivating guitar riffs and another power house performance.

Ozymandias entertains with a fusion of hard rock and smooth melodies.

Wasting Away presents powerful lyrics and a energetic performance all across the board.

Damaged concludes this thoroughly entertaining album with a outstanding instrumental arrangement, emotive lyrics and cranked up vocals - if you love your rock loud and chock full of heavy beats then this album is perfect for your playlist/music collection.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/seldomband

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Sunday 14 June 2015

On Solid Ground entertain us with impressive vocal talents and killer guitar riffs


Him And Her are a musical duo from Albert, Texas. Their sound is a blend of Jazz, Blues, Swings and Folk with Brenda Freed on Vocals and Guitar/Piano and Michael on Diatonic/Chromatic Harmonica.

The pair's musical backgrounds are worlds apart.

Brenda started off as a performing Singer/Songwriter in Texas after a 900 mile bike trip saw her leave her home in Iowa and end up at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

It was shortly after that she settled in Texas and embarked on her music career, whilst also providing private music tuition.

To date Brenda has not only self released four CDs but has also toured Texas, the mid west and also across the pond in England and Ireland.

Michael began his musical journey as a choir boy in England before relocating to Texas during his teens.

The two met at the Kerrville Folk Festival at the turn of the century and married shortly after.

Brenda then formed Texas Hot Flash (THF), which included Michael on their line up. THF won a 2005 Austin Music Award and they also self released three CDs. Him & Her emerged from THF and their debut CD was unveiled at the 2013 Kerrville Folk Festival.

On Solid Ground delivers 14 breathtaking tracks which entertain us with Brenda's impressive vocal talents and mastery of the guitar, however in some places I did find the Harmonica overbearing in relation to the rest of the arrangement.

Picture Of Love treats us to the delights of Brenda's beautiful and uplifting vocals.

Down To The Pool features a wonderfully catchy instrumental arrangement and the lyrics paint a picturesque landscape.

Gotta Get Over You is a Blues flavoured melody with deep and heartfelt lyrics.

Forward Kinda Gal serves up catchy beats and a beautiful blend of Jazz and Blues.

Sometimes I Feel Red treats us to a gentle guitar arrangement and delightful lyrics.

Band Of Angels is a fast paced melody with lyrics that are chock full of emotional depth.

My Oh My delivers a pleasant guitar melody and upbeat verses.

A Few Kind Words presents a smooth instrumental arrangement and Brenda's soft vocals.

Train I'm On showcases a subtle melody with first class vocals and cheerful lyrics.

Light as a Feather dazzles us with verses that create a breath taking work of art.

Sometimes has a somber feeling to it, with its slow tempo and sad lyrics.

Walkin is the opposite of Sometimes with an upbeat feel all across the board and lyrics that are pure gold.

Mr. Texas entertains us with a beautiful guitar arrangement, smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics - a real gem of a ballad.

On Solid Ground concludes the album with a catchy tune, sublime vocals and uplifting verses.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/himherTX

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Saturday 6 June 2015

Honesty Is Mandatory features 18 tracks which deliver powerful verses and captivating melodies

Duals has just released his new LP - Honesty Is Mandatory through his own independent label Growth Of Culture.

Birth is the melodic equivalent of a car accelerating.

Early Morning delivers lightning fast verses and catchy beats.

Life Is A Paradox serves up delightful Guitar riffs and uplifting vocals with a melody that is reminiscent of the Spooks.

Smokin Weed Is Too Sobering is chock full of heavy synthesized beats.

Give Me That Loop Fool entertains with captivating percussion and slick rhymes.

Infinite Faces Of Humanity features a grandiose backing track over powerful lyrics.

Growth is the musical opposite to Birth.

The Aliens Crucified Dumbo showcases a smooth instrumental arrangement, specifically the flute and Duals delivers slick verses.

A Dead Soul's vocal arrangement gives the song a ghostly feel, this is a bit of a unnerving number.

Felt showcases sad verses about our disrespect for the wildlife that we cohabit with.

Defense Mechanism is another sad song, especially as the lyrical content is about everyday problems.

Even Babies Bleed Adult Tears features heavy beats and downbeat verses.

Death is a minimal track.

A Curse Called Memory is another haunting and harrowing number especially thanks to the disconcerting vocal performance.

Good Woman showcases smooth guitar riffs and a delightful vocal arrangement.

Saint Jeanne D'Arc features the beautiful and gentle vocals of Sara Martin alongside a owerful piano melody.

Greetings From Tuskan poem is ideal for chilling out to with its calming piano melody and Duals also brings powerful lyrics into the mix.

Big Sisters and Stuffed Animals exhibits deep and heartfelt lyrics alongside catchy beats.

Honesty Is Mandatory features 18 tracks which deliver powerful verses and captivating melodies, Duals endless creativity guarantees that we are treated to music which is far superior then conventional hiphop.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DualsRecords
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Tuesday 2 June 2015

Sabbatical Year's second album SY2 entertains us with 12 sublime and beautiful piano melodies

Sabbatical Year are a Piano Rock Band from Atlanta, this year will see the release of SY2 which is the sequel to their debut album.

SY2 entertains us with 12 sublime and beautiful piano melodies that are the perfect blend of music for chilling out to, tunes that motivate you to get up and get busy and also something a bit more sombre and it is the middle choice that will put a smile on your face as they did for me.

The Waiting introduces us to SY2 with a gentle and delightful melody that is perfect for unwinding to after a long day at work.

Seven Levels has more of a energetic feel to it thanks to the catchy pop hooks and the vocals mirror the melody.

Mulberry Grove showcases beautiful vocals and instrumental beats that will leave you full of beans.

Dream is another energetic number and the smooth instrumentals and gentle vocals are a real treat to the ears.

Lookout Mountain is a gentler tune with sublime vocals and a catchy melody.

Hearts are breaking has a somber feel to it thanks to the tone of the lyrics but the piano component is performed in a upbeat key.

Levity serves up a soft tempo, melodic hooks and laid back vocals that are musically exquisite - a real musical work of art.

The Important Thing delivers a fast paced gem of a melody and the lyrics are deep and heartfelt.

Can You See Me has a solemn vibe to it thanks to the tempo and arrangement but it also features uplifting moments.

Drakeside has a orchestric start to it and then we are treated to a uplifting number with catchy verses and beautiful lyrics.

The Wandering treats us to a slow paced and elegant melodic arrangement.

Something To Fall Asleep To concludes this musical masterpiece with a gentle melody, emotionally powerful verses and a first class vocal performance.

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Monday 1 June 2015

Supercharged Beats and Powerful Rock Vocals courtesy of Burton On Trent

A Conspiracy Of Ravens are a four piece Rock Band from Burton on Trent who started their musical path in 2014, currently they are signed to Firewood Records.

They've already supported bands such as Little Matador, The Dunwells and Riding The Low plus they've also appeared at numerous festivals.

May saw them release their single Attention and they are set to embark on a Summer Tour with an EP release scheduled for the Autumn.

Attention is loud and supercharged so if that's the kind of music that floats your boat then A Conspiracy Of Ravens is just your cup of tea.

Demons And Wolves is more to my taste with a slower tempo, smoother vocals and entertaining verses.

Red Riding Hood is a fusion of a gentle melody, energetic beats and my personal favourite killer guitar riffs that are a real delight to the ears.

Stream Of Consciousness concludes things with a somber arrangement, due to heavy beats and downbeat lyrics but it also features captivating riffs.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/acorofficial
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/acorofficial

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