Sunday 30 June 2013

Be On The Scene with Sunrize

The recently formed double act Sunrize entered themselves into a music contest organised by Be On The Scene. Sunrize are made up of my cousin Sheryl Mehmet on vocals and Lea Rogers on Guitars, in addition to the pair another 14 acts had entered the contest. The organisers are the first online talent community who truly focus on promoting their members, Sunrize had previously performed at their March event. 

This national contest would consist of four rounds, each of which would last a week. In the first round Sunrize gained and held onto the lead from quite early on, the second round was a bit more tense, the duo were in the top three for the first half of voting but towards the end of this round they managed to leap frog into first place.

In the third round they mirrored the performance from the first round and rocketed into the lead.  This success was down to an army of voters from all across the globe including a few celebrities such as Rhoda Montemayor and also Kelly-Marie Stewart and Saira Choudhry, both of which are Hollyoaks alumni.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first three rounds they secured a place in the final round, the final round consisted of just 4 entrants. It's a pity that some of the entrants got voted out in the earlier rounds, but I would like to wish them the best of luck with their musical endeavours.

The final round was a fierce battle between Tony Goff and Sunrize, as both vied for the first place. The artist in the top spot would change daily and as the contest drew to a close Be On The Scene made things interesting by hiding the votes and randomizing the order of acts, plus although voting closed Sunday night the winner wasn't announced till 3 pm on Monday.

The results of the final round were as follows: Tony Goff - 3898, Sunrize 3247, Tom Lukas 1091 and Tom Price-Stephens 403. Overall Sunrize gained the most votes, its just in the last round  that voting momentum was unfortunately lost.

As a result of  continued success throughout the contest, Sunrize were given the opportunity to perform at the event alongside Tom Lukas, Becky Holloway, Sample Answer and the winner Tony Goff.

Sunrize performed five songs: My one temptation by Mica Paris , Boogie Oogie Oogie by a Taste of Honey , Just Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae , Apparently Nothing by Young Disciples and Thinking of you by Sister Sledge. Sheryl's smooth vocals and Lea's talented guitar playing kept the crowd enthused.

All the fun of the fair and more at the Waltham Abbey Town Show

The annual extravaganza that is the Town Show returns on the last weekend of June, admission to this key community event is free. As you can see from the many photos below this key event always manages to draw a crowd and helps strengthen community spirit, especially on a bright and sunny day.

One of the main things to look out for in this milestone in Waltham Abbey's annual calendar is the various funfair rides, which as expected always garner quite a lot of interest.

Plus various local businesses such as the Floral Art Society and Cupcakes and Cookies had stalls, giving importance to such companies is always a good idea as it furthers community ties.

For the classic vehicle enthusiast there a small display of vintage vehicles, which is guaranteed to keep them entertained.

Be sure that because of the various events which take place there is guaranteed to be something for everybody and some of you may remember in 2009 when Jerry Springer umpired the Baseball game.

Monday 24 June 2013

Presenting the super talented Charlene Soraia

Charlene Soraia is a London based Singer/Songwriter with a voice like silk and some mad guitar skills. Most of you may know her from Wherever you will go, which was originally a song by The Calling - this got to number three in the UK Top 40.

This amazing artist grew up in Sydenham and was accepted into the Brit school, during which she formed a Rock band called Retrospect, the band released an EP called Long Hair, Short Memories. Charlene then became involved with a Psychedelic Blues band called Electriq Mistress and at this time a Solo EP called Lemondade was also released, which enabled her to get booked for gigs.

2008 saw the start of her solo career and the release of numerous EPS - Daffodils and Other Idylls, Postcards from iO and One of the Sun and in 2011 she signed to Peacefrog Records and shortly after the world got to hear her debut album Moonchild.

Later this year will see the release of her second album Love is the law and today sees the release of the video for the next single from Love is the law, which is Broken. The song starts with a catchy musical intro then the singer's soothing yet powerful voice comes into play.

It is a very addictive tune that needs to be put on repeat and it will be out to purchase on the 4th of August, but if you can't wait that long then you can preorder it.

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Here are the very talented and recently formed El Born Band

Hils Granger is a London based Singer/Songwriter and together with Si Connolly they make up the recently formed band El Born, They are both musically and vocally a great combination, with Si's rockstar voice and Hils expert mastery of the keyboard.

Here is their awesome debut show at The Troubadour, London from 9 May.

El Born's debut single 1982 is now available to purchase from iTunes -

1982 isn't a bad song, I especially loved the guitar parts and it's a tune that appeals more to fans of the Rock genre.

I Miss Grey is a slower paced song and hence is easy on the ears.

Here is a video of two live songs following El Born's wonderful live performance on BBC London Radio.

I look forward to hearing more material from this talented duo and hopefully will release an album in the not too distant future.

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Sunday 23 June 2013

Introducing Carelle

Just One Soldier is a taste of what you can expect from Under My Skin -

Carelle is a rather talented country musician with an amazing voice plus she also writes her own lyrics.

Her EP is available to download from

There are 6 tracks on the EP and below is a short review of each track.

Locked Up Dreamer is a nice upbeat and positive song.

Although When I Turn Away has a slower pace to Locked Up Dreamer, it's still a great song.

Under My Skin is a very catchy song with some great lyrics, this is my favourite song from the EP of the same name.

Centre of your World is a nice song with a great instrumental arrangement.

Lazy Little Brain is a tune with a great melody and it also has some cool and relevant lyrics.

Carelle's powerful vocal talents are in the forefront of Runs Home, which is the last track on this wonderful EP.

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Saturday 22 June 2013

Mark Asari and Mark my words

Mark Asari is smooth voiced singer from London, plus he also writes his own lyrics and produces his own songs.

His Mixtape is available free to download from

There are 8 tracks on the Mixtape and below is a short review of each track.

Mark's vocals on the Intro are great and his voice blends seamlessly with the instrumental tracks.

Clockwork is a catchy track with some cool lyrics.

Look Around is a fast paced track with a mellow sound.

Winner is a mellow tune with some positive and inspiring lyrics.

Fire is a nice song with a slow tempo and a great instrumental arrangement.

Circles has a nice instrumental intro.

She Said has both a great guitar intro and outro.

Never Had Your Love concludes the EP with another fast paced melodic and lyrical arrangement.

I can't really decide which of the tracks on the mixtape is my favourite as they're all great to listen to as Mark's voice is easy on the ears.

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Friday 21 June 2013

Introducing Tom Price-Stephens

Tom Price-Stephens is an acoustic singer/song writer from South Wales.

His EP is available to purchase from and below is a breakdown and short review of the individual tracks.
Peter Pan Shoes is a slow paced ballad, with some uplifting lyrics.

Broken, is a great track with relevant lyrics.

Life is good is a good track if you're just interested in something for easy listening or if you're looking at something to lift your mood.

Between the lines is a soulful track and like Peter Pan Shoes this is also a slow paced track.

Modern Romance is a fast paced, upbeat and kinda addictive track, this song will definitely be one which makes you click play on again.

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Thursday 20 June 2013

Introducing Del'Boy

Del'Boy is a London based Singer and soon he will be releasing his debut Mixtape.

Half Pint is reminiscent of a song by The Streets but with a more chilled pace and a catchy ending.

Can't wait to see what Del'Boy will have in store for our ears to listen to next but I got a feeling whatever it is, it'll be great.

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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Introducing Whitney Williams

Whitney Williams is a London based Singer/Songwriter with a very soulful voice.

I first came across her in November 2011, when she was one of E.B.R.U's backing vocalists but since then she has started to branch out on her own.

Soon she will be releasing her debut EP for those of you who cannot wait for it, here is the download link for a free bonus track from the EP.

Can't Let No One is a song you're definitely going to want to click replay on again and here is her latest song
Won't Let Go

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Monday 17 June 2013

2013 sees the very talented Martin Stephenson and The Daintees return with a new Album but also to The Glastonbury Festival

Martin is a talented musician/songwriter, with a career spanning 3 decades. He formed the Daintees in the Early 80s and they were one of the first bands to sign to Kitchenware, an Indie label based in Newcastle.  The Daintees debut single was Roll On Summertime and after the band’s move to London Records their debut album Boat to Bolivia was released in 1986.

Quoting from their press release – “The Daintees’ critically acclaimed 1986 debut BOAT TO BOLIVIA opened up an always interesting story. It showcased Stephenson’s songwriting, poetic romanticism and spiritual depth – so marking him out as a soulful cream of the leftfield crop during the self-obsessed 1980s.” . Following the release of their debut album, between 86 and 92 the band released several more albums such as Gladsome, Humour & Blue and The Boy’s Heart.

The Daintees have now reformed and the band’s lineup includes John Steel, who was guitarist/pianist on their debut album. On 29 July they will be releasing a new album titled California Star (Barbaraville Records) and they will also be playing The Acoustic Tent at Glastonbury on 28 June.

“Always popular on the circuit, Stephenson’s “must see” live performances are an exuberant tour-de-force combining heart-in-your-mouth intimacy with playful humour and warm self-deprecation.”

New album CALIFORNIA STAR sees him reunited with The Daintees, the band he’s intermittently fronted through a string of albums - and hundreds of gigs - since his teens in the North East.  Here’s my track by track summary of the album:

·        The Ship is a nice track with a Bluesy vibe and a cool melody, the guitar arrangement is instrumental silk.
·        The Streets of San Sebastian has a more sombre feel to it.
·        Power That Is Greater, this is an upbeat melody with some positive lyrics.
·        California Star has some great vocals and instrumental arrangement.
·        Ready to Move On has a more rocky feel to it and nice use of the harmonica.
·        Boy to Man, this song has a cool intro and although the lyrics aren’t upbeat the melody is.
·        Something Special starts with a slightly rocky intro, this track is an easy to listen to ballad.
·        Silverbird is a great song with an uplifting melody.
·        Long Way To Go has a great melodic feel to it and its my fave song on the album.
·        Sweet Cherwine has a nice instrumental intro and it also features some smooth sounding    
·        I’m In Love For The First Time is another great ballad.

Martin’s vocal talents are outstanding and John’s guitar playing is amazing, he’s very very talented. The album as a whole is an acoustic masterpiece, until the release of the album you can download a FREE EP featuring the new single “California Star” and two other Stephenson penned songs; “Morning Time” from Salutation Road and “Home” from the Western Eagle album

CALIFORNIA STAR continues Stephenson’s tradition for eclectic roots songwriting, and is the perfect middle-age bookend on a discography now amounting to 40 albums and more information on Martin Stephenson’s unique career is available on .

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Sunday 16 June 2013

Soulful double act Sunrize and a whole host of other talented artists will perform at DIMENSIONS OF RHYTHM

Lineup and Details for DIMENSIONS OF RHYTHM on Sat 6th July 2013

Muzical Mindz continues to develop its objective which is to promote an ever impressive and diverse musical line up of artist, performing original material; ranging from, R&B, Jazz, Afro Jazz, Urban Soul and much more. So if you are a real music fan, then the chance to see and hear these awesome performances will truly be unforgettable.

Sunrize: consists of vocalist Ms Sheryl Mehmet much in demand by producers around London. Mr Lea Rogers, is also a guitarist with the reformed soul band Atmosphere.

Nazarene Singer is a London based Singer Songwriter brings a fresh Urban sound
Rachel Bennett ( Raie) :A charismatic vocalist whose will perform some songs from her beautiful EP ‘Earthbound’

Just .Ellie: Grant yourself the opportunity to experience this lady’s vocal ability you won’t be disappointed.

Ayo Dele: has a voice so profoundly beautiful, that it echoes sounds of the unforgettable Miriam Makaba especially with her fusion of African rhythm and Jazz, making it a truly indelible sound. The richness of this truly talented lady of song will add further flavor to the night.

Liam Coughlin: is a Singer Songwriter with the musical versatility that enables him to merge his vocals into any style.

Steven Stewart, a poetic singer and Jazz musician, whose style is likened to early Bob Dylan.

Also some fantastic musicians, such as: Mr Chris Child (bass guitar) Mr Delroy Dyer (Drums) Anthony Clayton (Guitar) Mr Steven Stewart (Guitar)

Have a listen to some of the artist that will be performing on the night.

Muzical Mindz presents - Dimensions Of Rhythm 

Music Genres: Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Soul

Entry Prices

Minimum age: 18
Entry price (public): £7.00
Entry price (members/NUS): £7.00
Doors open: 8:30pm til 1:00am
Last entry: 1:00am
Date: 6th July 2013

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Saturday 1 June 2013

Presenting my Social Media Portfolio

My first steps into the exciting and innovative world of Social Media was on 04/02/09, which was when I joined twitter.

In the two years that followed I built up and regularly engaged with my followers.

On the 19th of June 2011, I launched my site for Saira Choudhry -

On the 30th of June 2011, I launched my site for Kelly-Marie Stewart -

My site for E.B.R.U was launched on the 23rd of November 2011 -

As a result of my ongoing social media promotion of an as yet virtually unheard of singer/songwriter called E.B.R.U, I received this congratulatory tweet.

Shortly after I provided a list of musicians to be reviewed by the now defunct

A couple of months later I helped promote the release of E.B.R.U's debut single Mad.

Kelly-Marie Stewart promoted my site via her twitter account.

Kelly-Marie's official website went live and the videos page linked to videos I had edited and uploaded as part of my tumblr site.

From the 16th of August until the 1st of November, I helped promote Kelly's Invisible Mums Petition.

I promoted the cinema release of a British Rom-Com titled The Knot starring Noel Clarke and Rhoda Montemayor.

I promoted Angelic Creations Christmas event, which helped raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

I was kindly asked to edit a new showreel for Saira Choudhry. Saira's Showreel

English Singer/Songwriter Natalie Holmes thanked me for my ongoing promotion.

I joined as a content provider for their twitter feed.

I joined as a content provider for their facebook page.

To further develop my social media skills I attended a three day course on using social media from a business perspective and it is at this point I also started developing my Linkedin profile.

In order to expand my social media credentials further, I decided to start blogging.

I ran a social media campaign on the Facebook and Twitter networks to help my cousin's band Sunrize Duo to win an online music contest.

I became one of the content providers for LoveDough.