Sunday 27 September 2015

Tall People Have No Feelings treats us to energetic rock beats and captivating instrumental hooks

The Vanilla Milkshakes are a Punk / Rock band from Denver, Colorado.

They recently finished recording their follow up album Tall People Have No Feelings with the assistance of Calvin Johnson (of K Records and Beat Happening).

The album was mixed by Calvin's assistant engineer Pual Krogh (of Oh Blue Minium) and mastered by Jack Endino (of Nirvana's Bleach).

Despite the title and tone of the lyrics Amazing Misery has a catchy vibe to it.

The Block song delivers quirky lyrics and upbeat instrumentals.

Deez Boots entertains us with captivating instrumental hooks.

Good Intentions Will Kill Us serves up tempo percussion whilst waxing lyrical about current affairs.

If You Think About It is chock full of energetic rock beats which slightly overshadow the vocals.

Kitty Likes Coffee is a quirky number thanks to its lyrics, which are delivered at the speed of light.

Popular goes in hard with the instrumentals but the vocal levels don't cater for this.

Sara Tea is full to the brim with heavy bass and percussion beats plus we're treated to catchy lyrics.

Sorry Desi has a rock and roll flavour to it, with its fast paced instrumental arrangement.

The Pessismist starts off cheerful but the mood instantly shifts into something that's dark and depressing.

We Sound Shitty So Spin Will Like Us is a okayish tune, its lyrics seem to be of a parodying nature.

Yr Scene treats us to catchy instrumentals especially in terms of percussion.

You're The Starbucks Of People concludes the album with The Vanilla Milkshakes trademark Rock And Roll arrangement.

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Saturday 26 September 2015

Runaway serves up a smooth sound both vocally and also with its melody

Young Kato are a six piece band and Runaway is the second single from their debut album - Don't Wait Till Tomorrow.

They have already been championed by Fearne Cotton, Zane Lowe, XFM, Channel 4's Sundy Brunch, Made In Chelsea and also SBTV - plus they have toured with You Me At Six, Rixton and 5 Seconds Of Summer as they expand on their loyal fanbase.

Runaway serves up a smooth sound both vocally and also with its melody and in addition to that the lyrics pack a punch and the visuals reflect this.

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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Breathe is a catchy number thanks to the upbeat melody, powerful lyrics and energetic vocals.

Youth Club recently unveiled Breathe, which is a catchy number thanks to the upbeat melody, powerful lyrics and energetic vocals.

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Sunday 20 September 2015

Dyniss's fourth album serves up smooth vocals and melodies that are easy on the ears

Dyniss is a Speaker / Singer/Songwriter who writes custom songs and engages with his audience via mobile phones and microphones - his live performances are like a talk show host using music to ask questions.

Based in Toronto, Canada most of Dyniss's time is spent with medium to large organisations, where he inspires employees through his songs - which convey stories, messages or lessons

Dyniss's fourth album - The Second Fistful is musically unique for two reasons.

Firstly each song is preceded by a speakquel, this is a spoken prequel which describes what the songs are about and secondly, over forty people were interviewed about each song's lyrical theme - these answers have been edited into the music. 

All songs were written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Dyniss.

Iguanas is a beautiful melody with catchy electro beats, smooth vocals and lyrically its aim is for us to accept others. 

There's Something I Want was written with the concept of self improvement in mind and that is reflected in the lyrics, which are delivered alongside a gentle melody.

The Meaning is lyrically about unscientific events, such as pets reuniting with their owners or what Dyniss refers to as the Aha moment and this song addresses that with beautiful lyrics and a delightful melody.

Live Forever is about keeping memories alive by giving importance to names and Dyniss does this beautifully with heartfelt lyrics and catchy beats.

Mirrors And Smoke is the closing topic for the album and addresses mental health and depression, Dyniss describes this song as pure art, with  - it is just that and the guitar riffs are out of this world.

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Saturday 19 September 2015

Abyssinia Afterlife treats us to the eclectic sounds of Black Flower

Black Flower have recently released their album Abyssinia Afterlife via Zeyphrus Records.

Their line up consists of:

Nathan Daems - Composition, Sax and Flute
- Winner of Jong Jazz Talent in 2010

Jon Birdsong - Cornet
- Born in Texas and had the privilege of touring with Beck.

Simon Segers - Drum
- His project De Beren Gieren was selected as one of 2012's top Jazz Records by Focus Knack.

Filip Vandebril - Bass
- His arrangements have earnt him the nickname Earthquake.

Wouter Haest - Keys
- He is a multi instrumentalist but favours the piano.

Solar Eclipse sees Black Flower serve up a haunting arabesque inspired brass arrangement

Upwards (feat Smokey Hormel) is a lively number with a beautiful fusion of guitars and drums.

I threw a lemon at that girl starts of similar to Upwards but then we are treated to a twist on the instrumental front.

Jungle Desert is a fast paced melody with smooth instrumentals.

Winter treats us to a unique blend of instruments and hats off to the delightful sounds of the flute.

Star Fishing has a soulful and jazzy vibe to it.

The Legacy of Prester John is a energetic number with instrumental beats coming thick and fast.

Again I Lost It delivers a eclectic mix of instrumental melodies.

Abyssinia Afterlife wraps up the eclectic sounds of Black Flower with an avant garde melody.

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Sunday 13 September 2015

Lozzy See uses her smooth vocals to entertain us with upbeat and emotive lyrics

Laura Clare was born in Tasmania, Australia to artist parents. Her earlier years were spent in a small town called Forest on the north coast. At age 9 she began busking at the Salamanca market in Hobart with a cut out milk carton collecting coins, her talent was whistling. 

As her confidence grew, so did her abilities and by age 11 she was earning up to $500 a week singing the blues. At age 14 she began writing her own music as her voice was too low for most pop songs. With Tracy Chapman as her main influence her style became very focused towards folk. 

For the next 10 years Laura worked on her art and played in local pubs and cafes. In LA in late 2013 she was discovered by a major producer and since has been transformed into the cheeky pop artist that we have all been waiting for. With the look, voice, individuality and all round 'it' factor, this girl is going to be one to watch. 

With a past in indie, Laura blends 80's electro with her 90's style pop voice and folk style lyrics. Her sound is unique to say the least. Its only a matter of time before Laura is topping the charts.

Expensive Love begins with powerful drum beats which transition into a beautiful melody and Lozzy See uses her smooth vocals to entertain us with upbeat and emotive lyrics.

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Friday 11 September 2015

Sarantos treats us to an orchestral arrangement as well as some killer guitar riffs

Sarantos's latest musical offering is entitled Surgery and as always proceeds go to a charity, so its only apt that this month's charity is Helping Hands Surgical Care.

The theme of this song is about Surgery, musically Sarantos treats us to an orchestral arrangement as well as some killer guitar riffs and the lyrics are not only on point but they also pack an emotional punch that'll be sure to tug at your heart strings.

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Thursday 10 September 2015

Meresha leads towards a New Revolution courtesy of her fresh sounds

Meresha is currently based in South Florida but was born in Warsaw, Poland.

Mainly a vocalist she also plays the Guitar, Piano and Drums plus she composes and performs her own eclectic mix of provocative music which blends Bjork, Disclosure and Freddie Mercury to create a fresh new sound.

Meresha worked her unique brand of musical magic to transform Acid Bass into something special and the result of that is the wonderful New Revolution.

This song showcases her fresh musical style and as if that wasn't enough thanks to the masterful vision of MTV VMA nominated director David Rousseau, who has previously worked with the likes of Pitbull, Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias.

We are treated to glow sticks and cool dance choregraphy as New Revolution is given life on a visual medium.

Meresha was also kind enough to take time out of her hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us.

1) How did you get into music in the first place?

When I was 11 during summer break I wrote a song called “Fool Don’t Be” just for fun.    I recorded it in a CD booth in a Miami mall.  Friends and family that heard it encouraged me to pursue music.  After that, I started to get vocal lessons and perform live.  An updated version of “Fool Don’t Be” ended up being part of my Kickstarter campaign 5 years later that got my first music out.

2) Who were your musical influences?

My musical influences come from a wide variety of genres.  I love a bunch of eclectic stuff. Freddie Mercury, Bjork, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley are some of the classics in my collection. 
I’m also a big fan of electronic artists like James Blake and FKA Twigs

3) What tunes are currently on repeat on your Mp3 Player?

Right now I’ve got these 5 playlists going: “One Love” - for some Reggae vibes; Jazz Classics; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; The Complete Years & Years as well as The Complete James Blake.

4) What’s your life outside of music?

I like to go to a lot of other people’s concerts.  Whenever I can, I am also outside running, biking or blading.  I’m a certified Zumba instructor, though I don’t teach.  I still love it as a workout.  It inspired some of the moves in my current video for “New Revolution”.

5) If you could collaborate with any singer who would it be?

Hey James Blake, ready for a duet?

6) What’s your favourite genre of music?

I have favorites in a bunch of genres. Probably I listen most to music that some call Electronic, but I also love classic Rock, funk, reggae, some pop, etc.

7) What’s next for you musically and are there plans for a UK Tour?

The video for “New Revolution” just came out.  I also redid the mix and released a Radio Mix which is going out to stations.  I’ve also got a remix competition going on Indaba that over 180 producers have submitted “New Revolution” mixes to so far.  Once I sort through the entries, I’ll be releasing a remix EP.

8) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I guess I keep trying. That’s a big part of being a musician.  It would be too easy to stop and do something simpler.  But then what fun would that be.  

Weaknesses?  I guess like a lot of artists I’m really tough on myself.  It’s hard to listen to some of my own music sometimes because I tend to focus on what could have been better rather than just on enjoying it.

9) Where do you draw inspiration for your song lyrics?

From nature, from my travels, from things I experience, from grooves I hear.  From all over.

10) What is your guilty pleasure?

Guess I might like chocolate too much.

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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Time To Time sees Moria's vocals once again shine beneath the musical spotlight

The first time I heard Moria perform was live at an Open Mic event and I was left gobsmacked, since the I've kept up to speed with their musical releases and saw them perform live and although their music was a joy to listen to up to now the same magic was slightly lacking.

Time To Time remedies that as Moria's vocals once again shine beneath the musical spotlight, as we're treated to beautiful vocals, laid back instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics plus the visuals effortlessly capture the essence of the song.

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Tuesday 8 September 2015

Honeymoon Dream wows us with Scarlett's mature vocals

Scarlett Lee returns to dazzle us with another musical gem, which sees her talents go from strength to strength.

Honeymoon Dream wows us with Scarlett's mature vocals, which are unique in someone that's only 17 - her lyrics like her vocals reflect the same maturity and the melody has an old school vibe to it.

This song demonstrates Scarlett's endless creativity as she only wrote the lyrics in 40 minutes.

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Monday 7 September 2015

Xamaria's vocals dazzle us with their energy and vibrance

Xamaria is a 19 year old alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter who has been performing professionally since she was 10.

It wasn't long till she was writing her own lyrics and she refined her sound thanks to the artists that influenced her, such as Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Her original songs had an Abbaesque vibe to them and Xamaria kept improving her talents both vocally and lyrically.

It was this motivation that led to her getting signed to Indie label Sway More Records in 2014 and shortly after Xamaria unveiled Ring Of Anguish and Lift Me Up, both of which were well received.

She also had the pleasure of performing at established events such as Whale Dreamers Festival and also this year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Ring Of Anguish delivers electro beats and unique but emotive lyrics and Xamaria's vocals dazzle us with their energy and vibrance.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Captivity entertains us with mesmerizing vocals, beautiful heart felt lyrics and catchy pop inspired instrumentals

Rachelle Rhienne is a 21 yr old Award winning Scottish Singer / Songwriter who hails from Loch Lomond. She recently unveiled her debut single Captivity along with the accompanying music video which was well received by the media.

Rachelle's songs have already caught the eye of Producers and Labels in the USA and Netherlands and she has been involved in collaborative writing projects with Songwriters / Producers from all over the world including  Jamaica, Netherlands, USA and Sweden and Glasgow. 

She is a multi genre artist and has the range and depth of Beyoncé and also the tones of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. This is why radio stations have dubbed Rachelle as the next big star out of the UK.

Rachelle has already had the honour of performing at the Glasgow Armadillo, King Tuts, The Hippodrome In London and various other venues around the UK and Europe. 

Her passion for the Spanish language, has seen her translate and recorded many of her original songs in Spanish which she has performed to sell out gigs in Spain.  

She was recently in Ibiza promoting her single and during her trip she appeared at the wonderful Jacaranda Suite and was delighted to be given the opportunity to perform atthis prestigious venue next year, the Manager was so impressed by her performance they asked if they could play her CD to guests around the pool and throughout the hotel. 

Captivity entertains us with mesmerizing vocals, beautiful heart felt lyrics and catchy pop inspired instrumentals. This song is a musical work of art both lyrically and also melodically, I can't wait to hear what Rachelle has got in store for us next.