Sunday 31 August 2014

Joe's debut album Payin' 4 Yesterday is full to the brim with fresh beats and smooth vocals.

JoeJoeKeys is a professional musician who has been active in the industry for over 15 years. He has appeared on numerous albums, and has extensive experience writing music in addition to recording and performing.

Joe has toured every region of the United States, being a featured member of multiple bands. Notably, Joe toured as a member of LP Outsiders (LPO), a prominent band signed with Windswept Pacific, the publishing company responsible for such acts as Duncan Sheik and Spice Girls.

LPO received a special feature on the Disney Channel show “Two Hour Tour,” in which they opened for 98Degrees. Adding to their media prominence, LPO’s song “Lint in my Pockets” appeared on the soundtrack release for “Three to Tango,” a wide-release film starring Neve Campbell & Matthew Perry.

In addition to 98Degrees, Joe has shared the stage with a multitude of major acts, including Joan Jett, P.O.D., The Roots, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Vitamin C, & Culture Club.

Joe has many passions in the field, including musical production, engineering, and social media promotion for artists. He loves to write and perform original music, with his first full-length album under the “JoeJoeKeys” moniker set for release September 2, 2014.

Here's an advanced review of what you can expect from Joe's debut album.

I Can Play Whatever I Want features catchy beats over Joe's smooth vocals.

Everybody Needs Money continues to entertain us with slick lyrics thanks once again to Joe's infinite talent.

Most People Are Better Than You features a equally talented guest vocalist.

Gotta Think Of dazzles us with funky instruments.

Why Am I Still Payin' opens with cool instrumental beats.

I Can't Think About It (Anymore) is a smooth and jazzy melody.

Secret Attack is a upbeat tune.

We're All Gonna Die is chock full of smooth guitar riffs, despite the morose title the song is positive and upbeat.

What Do You Expect features catchy brass instrumentals.

Payin' 4 Yesterday is 9 tracks of quirky lyrics, soulful vocals and captivating instrumentals.

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Tuesday 19 August 2014

The powerful vocals of 16 year old singing sensation Scarlet Lee will leave you astounded

At the tender age of sixteen, Scarlett Lee effortlessly capivated music lovers through her amazing live performances, her supercharged voice and emotive lyrics will leave you wanting more.

Having already made a name for herself on the live music circuit and following up on the success of her youtube release Just Friends, Scarlett decided now is the perfect time to unveil her debut EP to the world so without further delay here's Love, Lipstick and Lies.

This EP features three tracks of stunning vocals, deep and meaningful lyrics and first class production values.

Loving You is a lyrically powerful song, which Scarlett brings to life with ease and the brass parts of the instrumental arrangement are simply sublime.

Diamonds and Pearls opens with a beautiful piano complimented by amazing vocals, this tune depicts a true fairytale romance.

It was only fitting that Scarlett Lee left the icing on the cake that is Red Bottom Heels till last.

This track is more upbeat thanks to funky beats, a quicker tempo and catchy lyrics.

Love, Lies and Lipstick is three tracks, each of which makes Scarlett's debut EP something truly memorable as each brings something unique to the mix.

If you're impressed by Scarlett's musical offerings be sure to pop along and see her performing live at Charlie Wrights on Wednesday, September 10th.

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Sunday 10 August 2014

The Classics meet Indie Rock thanks to The 286

Let The Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit) begins with a corker of a intro, which morphs into smooth vocals and a elegant piano arrangement and if that wasn't enough the instrumental arrangement as a whole is simply sublime.

Miracle on 286th Street features another powerful intro which transitions into lightning fast instrumental beats.

Little Louisa opens with addictive drum beats, rock and roll vocals and catchy instrumental hooks plus got to love the classic samples.

Let The Rain Fall Down (Extended Version) is very similar to the Radio Edit version except its packed to the brim with extra instrumental beats.

The 286 are a 6 piece band from London who combine Indie Rock and Classical Music in order to create musical masterpieces.

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Saturday 9 August 2014

The delightful sounds of Aquilina's EP - Bragi's Scketchbook

Novena features a beautiful guitar arrangement which goes hand in hand with both Joseph Aquilina's smooth vocals and the haunting melody of the violin.

More To Ask begins with powerful and almost prayer like vocals but then the tempo changes to a quick pace courtesy of beautiful instrumentals and Joseph's impressive vocals.

Indifferent is a more laid back number.

This EP is a true mix of delightful vocals midst a sea of varying and eclectic instrumentals, Joseph is a past master in the art of first class music production.

This band came about after Joseph met double bass player Paul Baker and asked him for a jam, but it took a while before it actually happened.

Next to Join the line up was Egyptian violinist Samy Bishal and Joseph's old friend - Chilean Drummer Lenin Alegria thus the band was born.

Their musical influences include Jazz, Classical, Latin, Rock, Electronica, Pop, Folk and World Music all of which blend together in their musical compositions.

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Friday 8 August 2014

The soulful vocals of Princess Freesia and the funky Soulperfreesia

You Did It Again (Live at Under The Bridge) -

You Did It Again is a funky melody with catchy beats, stunning guitar riffs and smooth vocals courtesy of Princess Freesia - she certainly knows how to keep her audience captivated and wanting more.

Brighton based Soulperfreesia is the combination of Soulpersona and Princess Freesia, their music is inspired by a combination of 70s and 80s Soul, Jazz Funk and Rare Groove.

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Monday 4 August 2014

The rockin' beats of Red Monday land on the 9th of August

Jim Miller - the creative talent behind Red Monday has been a songwriter/musician for most of his life, however the inspiration for this music project took place two years ago.

Whilst attending a music event he connected with old musician friends including his former band mates, this included Rick Harris and a few days later he was reacquainted with his old drummer friend Mike McCarron. Jim was then inspired to pick up his guitar and to also start song writing again.

These days due to the Indie music movement the music industry is now more of a level playing field as musicians don't always need a record company to get their music heard - this is mainly because the internet has made music distribution accessible to a wider audience.

It was for these two reasons that Jim was able to not only form Red Monday but to also officially schedule the release of their debut CD for August the 9th.

Their self titled debut CD features 12 tracks of energetic beats, addictive instrumentals and powerful vocals all of which will be guaranteed to captivate you.

I couldn't really choose a favourite track due to the musical brilliance of Red Memory but instead I included the tracks that stood out the most to me, so a round of applause to the talented musicians that make up this impressive musical collective.

Rick Harris - Lead Vocals
Mike McCarron - Drums, Percussions and Backing Vocals
Jeff Kylloe - Bass
Jim Miller - Producer, Songwriter, Guitars and Backing Vocals

Time (It's About Time) features a smooth guitar arrangement.

Closer begins with a delightful instrumental intro, which regularly resurfaces throughout the track.

Why Should I Lie opens with a slower intro featuring the delightful tones of a piano.