Friday 19 December 2014

25 years in the music industry and Austrian Rock Band King Size are still going strong

2014 sees Austrian Rock Band King Size celebrate 25 years in the music industry.

In this time they have performed over 800 gigs across the world and scored a few top ten hits thanks to Don't Say Goodbye, Show Me The Way, Machinery and Change Your Mind.

They have also toured with Thin Lizzy and shared stages with the likes of Oasis, Whitesnake and Slade.

During their extensive music career the band have undergone several lineup changes, a couple of hiatuses due to the state of the music industry and health reasons and they also released numerous albums including their well received debut album - No Message and also live albums and compilation of rare tracks.

25 years after the band first started out and despite their ups and downs, they are now signed to NRT Records and have just released a double CD album - Dangerous Girls and Beauty Queens and this is just the beginning of King Size's rebirth, as there are quite a few treats for fans in the pipeline including the cryptically named project - Greatest Tits.

2014 also saw King Size release the 15 track album - Around And Around, the band showcase a plethora of talent across the board. These guys have really taken advantage of their long musical tenure and based on the quality of the tracks it would seem that they are constantly honing their skills. 

Around (The Beginning) opens the album with a dazzling array of catchy beats.

Machinery entertains us with not only more catchy beats but also killer guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

Winners And Losers is a belter of a track with energetic beats and emotionally powerful lyrics.

Could This Be Love is a smooth melody with gentle instrumentals and deep and heartfelt lyrics.

Love? (Reprise) begins where the previous track ends, I suppose you can even call it a sequel - except this time it's just slow melodic beats.

A Song Is Born is a lively tune with beautiful and motivational lyrics.

Rock 'n' Proll is a wondrous musical arrangement with super charged beats, a beautifully laidback and an emotive vocal performance.

Around And Around is another rock number with beautiful guitar riffs and inspirational lyrics.

Second Skin is a lyrically powerful tune and the funky beats are delivered thick and fast.

Change Your Mind kicks off with powerful beats and an electrifying vocal performance.

Good News begins with a captivating instrumental arrangement that screams rock and roll and lyrics that could come straight from Jerry Lee Lewis.

Will We Ever Learn is another heartfelt song with lyrics that will make you sit up and think, King Size are outstanding when it comes to their verses and its instrumentals just add gravitas.

Isabel is another laid-back acoustic number, it radiates over us lyrically and vocally and also in terms of its gentle melody.

Welcome to LA is a rocktastic corker, with a captivating instrumental arrangement and motivational lyrics this song grabs our attention from the outset.

And Around (The End) concludes this outstanding album with a musical treat, the piano arrangement is simply exquisite and is a delightful way to finish off King Size's 15 wondrous tracks.

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