Tuesday 31 December 2013

Must See Gigs for 2014

Following my exposure to more music courtesy of social media, here's a list of acts that I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing perform live.

The first two are already guaranteed and they are El Born and Lauren Aquilina.

El Born kick off an extensive headline tour on the 7th of January, I will be fortunate enough to be in attendance of their official EP Launch.

In February, I will see the talented Lauren Aquilina perform at the O2 Academy as part of her popular UK Headline Tour.

Other Musical Acts I hope I will be able to see gigging include gifted guitarist Charlene Soraia, as you can see this female vocalist is in a class of her own.

Marie Dahlstrøm's vocals really are a rare musical treat so the chance to hear them as is intended would be an opportunity not to be missed.

Katie J White, I was blown away by both her vocal skills and also her mastery of the bass guitar.

Katie J White performing Fire In My Belly Live

Aylin Eser, once the album is complete and released we can expect this talented band to perform on British Shores.

Aylin Eser performing You've Got to Serve Somebody live

E.B.R.U given her energetic and captivating performances, welcoming the opportunity to experience her newest material performed live will be a real treat indeed.

Finally I hope Jess King will organise musical performances in the UK.

This concludes my provisional gigs list.

Saturday 28 December 2013

Artists to keep an eye out for in 2014

Here are my recommendation of artists to keep an eye out for in 2014, or perhaps that should be keep an ear out for.

Charlene Soraia

Charlene Soraia

Given the musical uniqueness of her debut album and the brilliance of this year's musical offerings Ghost, Broken and Without Your Love - I predicut 2014 will be a great year for Charlene.

Her second album Love Is The Law is due for release and we can expect a headline tour in April.


2014 will see the eagerly anticipated follow up of her 2012 Debut Single Mad.

This vocal powerhouse and emotive performer has been busy working on new lyrics and recording in the studio both on her EP and also on her debut album.

If past musical offerings like Mad and also Fed Up Of Love are anything to go by then we're in for an absolute treat.

Aylin Eser

Following on from the success of the Arrows and Desires EP, this band have been busy working on new material.

We can therefore expect to see a debut album from Aylin and Will in 2014.

Will Sid Smith

This talented vocalist has recently released his debut single and this is simply the start of his musical journey so we can expect more first class music from him in 2014 and we can expect 1 new single to be released every 6 weeks.

El Born

January, 2014 will see the release of this recently formed Indie Rock Quartet's debut EP Kangaroo.

They are also set to perform a extensive tour both here and also in select venues in the States and if that wasn't enough we can expect an album from them in June as well as more musical treats due for release in March, May, October.

Holly Drummond

Talented Glaswegian Singer/Songwriter is currently working on the follow up to her recently released In The Dark EP.

In the meantime, feel free to subscribe and check out her youtube channel for both beautiful cover versions of songs we both know and love and also original masterpieces.

Holly Drummond's Youtube Channel

Tuesday 24 December 2013

2013 - A Musical Review

Since the start of the year I've had the pleasure of having lots of beautiful music come my way and in this day and age where main stream music isn't so much about real talent but instead about £££s then music like this should be welcomed with open arms.

With the exception of March and June, 2013 has been a fantastic year for me in terms of discovering new music from virtually unheard of but nonetheless talented musicians so without further delay I shall begin.

In January my appreciation for Bristol Singer/Songwriter Natalie Holmes grew, I was already a fan but as my passion for music was on the increase I had to check out her second EP - The Simplest Things. Natalie's style is laid back acoustic performances with subtle instrumental arrangements.

The Simplest Things EP

February saw me purchase Secret Sky's Single The Secret, I have already heard this emotionally beautiful song on Youtube and liked it so much I had to add it to my collection. Steven's vocals are first class and hats off to his band, top marks for the music video which brings the lyrics to life.

April features the first mention of a musician I'm really into, her voice is like silk and her guitar skills are out of this world.  Ghost is a musical work of art from the elegant lyrics to the visual brilliance of the music video.

May sees us go down under for our next musical gem, which is in the form of the smooth voiced Aylin Eser. 

My favourite track from this band's Arrows of Desire EP is the uplifting number Dolls and Trolls, Aylin also brings the song to life through her emotive performance

July sees the debut of the talented singer/songwriter Lauren Aquilina's EP Sinners.

In addition to being a talented musician, Lauren also has a rather unique voice as showcased in her EP.

August graces another beautiful EP from Miss Holmes and you'll notice how much her talent has progressed as she continues to go from strength to strength.

September sees us head to the Scottish Highlands as our next offering is from Glaswegian songbird Holly Drummond. Holly's latest EP In The Dark features These Four Walls which allows us to enjoy Miss Drummond's gentle but elegant voice and her musical prowess - this song is perfect if you just want to chill out.

October includes two fantastic musical delights.

The first is the latest single Without Your Love from the incredibly talented Charlene Soraia, if you loved Ghost then let me tell you this tune is guaranteed to knock your socks off. She has really pulled out all the stops here to gift us with another melodic masterpiece.

Her vocals are really in a class of their own, if there is just one musician you go and see live then I strongly recommend it's Charlene.

October also saw the Angelic voiced Jasmine Thompson hit my musical radar, this girl has a great musical career ahead of her.

Whilst all of her EP Under The Willow Tree is a real joy to listen to, it's one track in particular I simply adore and that is the magnificent Run.

November once again takes us overseas except this time we're headed for Sweden , which is home of Soul Sensation Marie Dahlstrøm.

Marie's soulful tunes are simply sublime, this talented vocalist has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.

My fave track on her recently released Gloom EP is What's It Gonna Be, as it's a real gem of a melody from its stunning vocals to its beautiful lyrics to its catchy instrumental hooks.

What's It Gonna Be

If this is anything to go by then I can't wait to check out her album, which has been scheduled for release in September 2014.

December sees me round up our musical trek through 2013 so I present you with Jazzy Jess King.

I was first introduced to her powerful vocals through the motivational Own It, which is track 1 of her recently released 5 track EP.

I hope you'll have as much time listening to this wonderfully performed music as I did.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Introducing you to rising Russian Singer Niloo

Fake is a fast tempoed pop song which lets us experience Niloo's vocal skills first hand and with the support of her band, this has the potential to be a catchy little tune.

Niloo is short for Nilufar, which is the Russian for White Lotus or White Lily. This singer's musical journey started at the age of four, when she composed her first song.

As her childhood progressed Niloo's interest in music never dwindled, this was helped by music been a mandatory subject at her school and even in her spare time she performed as a backing vocalist.

2011 saw Niloo graduate from the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art after specializing in Pop-Jazz Vocals.

Her next step was to take part in various talent contests including New Wave, which featured entrants from the four corners of the globe and this saw her song get performed in the 3rd Round.

December 2012 saw the premiere of her video on the official YouTube Music Channel ELLO and Niloo is currently working on new material

Website - www.niloohits.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/niloohits?fref=ts

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

Friday 20 December 2013

Best Gigs of the Year

2013 has also been a great year for live music, especially as this year has been the year I've attended the most gigs.

It started at the end of June with the Be On The Scene Showcase Event, which features various acts including the winner of their online music contest who headlined at the event.

Acts to watch out for

Sussex Born but London based Singer/Songwriter Becky Holloway, whose music is a combination of Indie, Pop and Folk and other acts who performed on the night included soulful double act Sunrize, who have since gone their separate ways, however the new guitarist is now involved with a new musical venture. 

Becky Holloway performing live

The evening's entertainment was rounded off with a performance by the headline act on the night and  competition winner Tony Goff.

Be On The Scene also host weekly Open Mic Nights, where musicians signed or unsigned get the chance to perform in front of a small and intimate crowd.

Memorable acts on the night included female musician Melanie Yan Luk and one half of talented double act Marbl.

The next two gigs I attended weren't until October, where I had the pleasure of seeing Bristol Singer/Songwriter Natalie Holmes at the Garage, Islington and Johnny Lucas and Headline act El Born at the Camden Barfly.

Natalie Holmes was one two support acts who performed to a small and intimate crowd after the headline act pulled out at the last moment. This talented Singer/Songwriter kept the audience entertained with a stripped back acoustic set.

Natalie Holmes performing The Simplest Things

Johnny Lucas rocked the Barfly with popular songs such as Keeps Me Alive and Lilo, whilst also engaging with the audience.

Johnny Lucas - Keeps Me Alive

After Johnny's lively performance the headliners El Born took to stage to perform an energetic and extensive set including their latest song Kangaroo.

El Born - Kangaroo

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Tis the season to get Musical

Everyone has their favourite Christmas Songs be it classics such as Walking In A Wonderland by 60s Crooner Dean Martin, Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone or Wham's Last Christmas or even the out of place Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine.

We're all used to those traditional Christmas classics, because I can think of no better time then to introduce you all to reworkings of a few classics.

First on offer are Mad World originally performed by Gary Jules/Fears For Tears and the Wham Classic Last Christmas.


The beautifully voiced Jasmine Thompson gives her unique interpretation to these popular Xmas Tunes.

Mad World is a Sombre Song but Jasmine's version provides an extra layer of poignancy to it, she then goes more upbeat with the classic top 10 hit by Wham. The song is made all the more beautiful thanks to the music video which accompanies it.

For our next song I've gone for the jovial Christmas Ditty I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Musical newcomers Verity and Violet.

This is a humourous and uplifting tune, which effortlessly introduces the old style of vintage singing to a new generation.

Verity and Violet are Verity Swannell (Jessica Dolman) and Violet Kingsley (Loui Lawson), Loui Lawson is probably best known as portraying Sarah Barnes on Channel 4 Soap Opera Hollyoaks.

However as sad as it is Christmas isn't always a time of happiness so whilst we're tucking into lunch and opening our prezzies, we should spare a thought to the less fortunate such as the homeless.

This leads me to Ben Williams charity single - Too Cold For Snow, which was released on Monday the 16th and proceeds from sales will go to the homeless charity Centrepoint.

The song opens with beautiful vocals and moving lyrics and the instrumental arrangement helps further express the emotional theme of the song, the guitar parts are especially a delight to listen to.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

Twitter - @OBsMusicUk

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Sina Lloyd and Buddy Greenfield sing about their Favourite Time of the Year

Favourite Time is the perfect song to get us in the Christmas mood, with its cheerful seasonal lyrics so we should take a leaf out of Sina and Buddy's book and make it our favourite time of the year too.

In April of 2012 a chance encounter resulted in the birth of a musical collaboration as Sina and Buddy began their musical journey together.

With a mutual appreciation of varied styles and genres, plus their respect for music's powerful ability to breakdown social and cultural barriers this poppy double act intend to treat us with good music.

Website - www.sinalloydandbuddygreenfield.com

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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Monday 16 December 2013

Punk/Folk inspired Singer/Songwriter Nish Goyal

Nish Goyal is an English Singer/Songwriter whose songs have a Punk/Folk feel to them.


Nish's Musical Strengths mostly lie in his guitar skills and songwriting as showcased during his live performance of My Hill in Paris, although rock fans may also appreciate his vocal talents as well.

The Hedonist contains seven unique but well crafted melodies, from great vocals to killer guitar hooks and a top notch musical arrangement.

My favourite tune is Unique, because it has a catchy intro and lyrics as well as guitar riffs to rock out to.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nishgoyalmusic?fref=ts

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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Sunday 15 December 2013

Presenting Electro Pop double act Southway Music

Southway's live performances are adrenalin fuelled and always guaranteed to get the crowd rocking as Changing World beautifully demonstrates. If this is the musical flavour we can expect from The World Outside then we'll certainly be in for a real treat.

Initially Southway was a solo project, which Shaun started after his move from Bristol to the USA and the first album Electroganic was released in 2004 and with his creative flow in full swing the second album Somapop was released in 2007.Shaun then moved to Seoul, which saw the completion of his third album - the aptly titled Suitcase.

Southway then became a double act after Shaun met Shiun Kim, while they were dancing at a club on Christmas Eve. After a 2 year tour of Asia and the States, they relocated to London in 2010 and this is where they began work on their 4th album, which is the first as a duo and also the first to feature their new sound.

Earlier this year they released the Changing World EP and performed with Muse, Metallica and Iggy Pop at the prestigious Hyundai Card Super Concert.

Their fourth full length album, The World Outside is due for release in December.

Website - http://www.southwaymusic.com/

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Saturday 14 December 2013

Johnny Lucas rocks out on his Lilo



Lilo is a rock inspired summery tune with some killer guitar riffs and cool lyrics courtesy of Johnny Lucas. This tune has some brilliantly catchy musical hooks and is a real get up and groove belter of a song.

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Friday 13 December 2013

A Quick Guide to Artist Development.

So what exactly is artist development?

Artist development is the taking of raw, unaltered and sometimes unknown talent and moulding it into what you see on TV and hear on radio.

The process can take years as almost nobody becomes an overnight success.  Artists like Leona Lewis, Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have been in development for years and years to get where they have reached.

So why is artist development so important?

Thirty years back, artist development was a process a record label would invest huge amounts of cash in.  Lots of money and time was available for new talent and record companies could afford to take a punt on developing talent.  In the present day, money is tighter and expectations of artists for immediate returns are higher so record labels are seeking 'readymade' talent.  They are all after the finished product so to speak and so this is why artist development is so important.

Powerstudio and The London Artist Development (L.A.D.) Programme

London Artist Development (L.A.D.), based at London Recording Studio 'Powerstudio' is committed to supporting talented UK artists through artistic and product development to maximise their potential for commercial success.

L.A.D. is the brainchild of CEO and Head Producer at Powerstudio - Benny D.
"We offer a balanced approach to developing great songs, artistic skills and product marketing. Our services include vocal & performance coaching, music & video production, and online marketing media."

A short bullet point list of what you can expect from the London Artist Development programme is detailed below:

  • Defining your skill
  • Develop live performance
  • Developing your studio sound
  • Recording and songwriting
  • Image/Style consultancy
  • Interview techniques
  • Mentoring and direction
  • Promo photo, Biography, EPK
  • Online and Media development
  • Continual professional development
Such names as The Puppini Sisters, Jaz Ellington, Frankie Cocozza, Alice Fredenham, Andrea Magee, Kye Sones, Max Milner and Simon J Bailey have successfully taken part or continue to develop with 
Powerstudio.  It's no coincidence some of these artists have been signed to major labels and have taken part in some of the biggest shows on TV, radio and the stage.

Powerstudio continues to work with Music Crowns and have their own A&R team to headhunt talent from across the World. 

To find out more visit the L.A.D. website via www.londonartistdevelopment.co.uk

Thursday 12 December 2013

Organising a music event

If you have ever wanted to put on an event you will know exactly how stressful finding entertainment is and ensuring that entertainment shows up!

Well... let me introduce you to Essex DJs - Funkbox Productions.

Funkbox have been established for over 10-15 years in the respect that all their DJs have got that vast amount experience and in the last 10 years have come together to formulate an all-in-one unit that provides DJs from all different genres with DJs in Essex and DJs in London, meaning there is always cover for your event if illness, transport or equipment disasters occur.

You can rest at ease knowing Funkbox Productions have your back and will ensure the party goes off with a bang!  Whether that be a corporate event, birthday party, kids party, Christmas do or if you need 

The Funkbox team have not only infiltrated the club, pub and bar scene, holding many residences across Essex and London, but have now also begun being booked for festival slots - appearing with The Cuban Brothers and Jocelyn Brown to name a few special names.

Wait, there's more!  Funkbox Productions also run an annual Funkboat Trip around the River Thames with nearly 200 revellers partying away on the boat's deck last time around (next year will be the seventh annual).

Funkbox can even provide masters of ceremony, after dinner speakers, marquees and tents, catering, security staff, DJ equipment hire, venue hire, singers, musicians, entertainers and decoration using the in-house creative team.

As you can see, Funkbox Productions are an incredible outfit with a lot to offer your event.

To get in touch with them:

Twitter: @FunkboxPro

Introducing Jazz Singer/Songwriter Teni

Teni is a Jazz Singer/Composer who makes feminine Afrobeat/Afrosoul music, you can also call it alternative soul and with her 8 piece band Teni seeks to start a new movement as one of very few African women with her own band.

Afrodisiac features ten finely crafted melodies, each of which showcases unique facets of Teni's amazing vocal range and the incredible talent of her 8 piece band.

With beautiful vocals and outstanding musical arrangements throughout the production on this musical work of art is simply first class. The diversity of instruments used on the album is a real treat indeed.

Whilst I enjoyed all of the wonderful tracks, Revolution and Wilderness were my favourites.

Revolution has a smooth intro and Teni's vocals are at their best plus the instrumental hooks are simply captivating. I love Wilderness and it's afro-reggae flavour, Teni really is a versatile performer.

Her debut album Afrodisiac and singles from it have received airplay on the BBC and have also been reviewed in the Washington Post.

Website - www.tenimusic.org

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Sunday 8 December 2013

Singer/Songwriter Bex set to perform at Surya, 156 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JL

Bex is a talented singer/songwriter who vocally can be compared to a cross between Eliza and Doolittle and Corinne Bailey Rae as demonstrated in her cover of 2Pac’s Thugz Mansion

Songwriting Sensation Bex has the amazing ability to create songs that are completely mind blowing and soul touching. Being from a Music Background of Gospel singers and Musician she is able to vocalise any genre and is not limited.

She also recently released her Transition EP, it is a 6 track EP, which showcases Bex's powerful vocals and Gospel roots, and also has first class production to it.


If you like what you hear then don't miss this opportunity to go and see her perform live at Surya, 156 Pentoville Road, London, N1 9JL.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa
Twitter - @OBsMusicUk