Monday 31 March 2014

Old School Rock courtesy of World 5

World 5 delivers old school rock at its finest with powerful instrumentals and up beat vocals.

It's not just the production which makes this song so memorable but also the message delivered through heartfelt lyrics.

Lyrics which are relevant to the world today and how it's up to us to make it a better place for future generations. Nice use of the piano arrangement which reminds me of the Baywatch Theme Tune.

World 5 are a pop/rock band that were formed around Lead Singer and Grammy Award Winner Pat Hunt.

The founding members are guitarist Steffen Goeres , Saxophonist Stephan Goessl and Drummer Raimund Breitfeld ; the trio have known each other since their teenage years.

They recorded their first album Global Experience over 3 continents with former members Don Bruner and Roland Childs.

World 5's global influenced pop/rock sound garnered the interest of Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller who helped produce the first album and also joined the band at the end of 2012.

June 2013 saw a line up change with Stephan leaving and Texan Guitarist Joe Gavito joining the band.

The band's current line up is as follows.

Pat Hunt - Lead Vocals, Keyboard
- Pat has opened for the likes of The Pointer Sisters, The Temptations and Willie Nelson.

Randy Miller - Bass, Vocals
Steffen Goeres - Lead, Acoustic Guitars, Trumpet and Fluegelhorn
Joe Gavito - Electric Guitars
Raimund Breitfeld - Drums, Percussions

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Sunday 30 March 2014

The musical magnificence of The Incarnation by Eurielle

I'll Be Waiting begins with a orchestric arrangement reminiscent of old school Bond Movies and then Eurielle's silky vocals wash over you, whilst a Poppy instrumental arrangement dazzles your auditory senses.

Waterfalls is a unique musical mix with a multitude of instruments entertaining us and Eurielle beautifully showcasing her captivating vocal range.

Gold features a unique intro, it's hard to tell if the effects are vocal or instrumental. 

The melody crescendos and treats us to catchy percussion beats, beautiful vocals and sensuous lyrics. 

The Incarnation truly is three tracks of musical magnificence, from its vocals to its lyrics to its instrumentals, everything is first class.

Eurielle is originally from North Yorkshire but is currently based in London, having studies at the Royal Academy of Music as a classical soprano with a vocal scholarship on the Bachelor of Music course from 2007 to 2011.

In 2010 she had the pleasure of getting introduced to Ryan Laubscher (a multi platinum producer who previously worked with the likes of Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson and Pixie Lott)

Eurielle and Ryan started writing and recording together and have produced 14 songs including those featured on the EP. the Album should be out this year.

Eurielle's music has been compared to Enya, Evanescence, Bat For Lashes, Bjork, Ellie Goulding, Madonna, Dido and James Bond Soundtracks.

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Saturday 29 March 2014

The mesmerizing vocals of Fifi Rong

Fifi Rong's latest EP - Next Pursuit features 6 beautifully crafted tracks which not only showcase her unique and mesmerizing vocals but also hypnotic instrumental beats.

My favourite tracks from the EP are the delightful Intimacy which is a beautiful and calming chill out track and also Cold In You which showcase Fifi's sublime vocals. Thumbs up to the Far Eastern influences that are present in Breathless.

The EP will be available to purchase from April, 4th. and to mark this special occasion Fifi has organised a official launch party at one of Islington's prominent live music establishments, The Garage.

Once it is released Next Pursuit will be available to purchase from either of the two links below or

Tickets for this unmissable music event are available to purchase from here -

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Friday 28 March 2014

The catchy and semi comedic lyrics of The Village

Little Tom Peep is a catchy little tune with semi comedic lyrics and a uplifting instrumental arrangement that gets your foot stomping. That's The Way it is opens with a smooth and 
addictive instrumental sequence.

The Village is a music project setup by Guitarist and principal songwriter for Derby Band LAF Phil Matthews.

Phil has been a songwriter for over 25 years and his most recent songs haven't suited LAF hence we saw the beginnings of the village with it's themes of reflection, the past and the future

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Thursday 27 March 2014

The musically entertaining Hoshizora

Hoshizora entertains us with her soothing vocals and strip backed instrumentals.

Her 8 track album is a real delight to listen to as Hoshizora effortlessly switches between melancholy and uplifting tempos.

My fave track is Apathy as Hoshizora delivers something musically unique with her delightful and upbeat vocals and the beauty of the flute.

Originally from Indiana, Jessica moved to Chicago from a very early age and it was as she was growing up that she studied Piano, Clarinet and Saxophone. It didn't end there for whilst in High School she participated in the Jazz Band and Orchestras.

Whilst music was clearly Jessica's extra curricular love, Science was her curricular love and it was this which saw her graduate with a degree in Biology in 2002.

It was also at this point where she had developed a fondness for world travel, something which she had gotten the taste for whilst studying in China and Australia during her university years and also when she visited her parents who had moved to Brazil.

Jessica never gave up her musical interests as she still participated in woodwind performances and toured across America and Canada with the University's Wind Ensemble. After spending a gap year in Australia, Jessica returned back to the USA to progress her studies by enrolling at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego.

It was at this time Jessica realised music was her true calling and she not only started composing her own songs on Guitar but also performed at the numerous local open mic nights. This not only led to her securing her own bookings but also saw the start of her music career.

In 2004 she graduated from Scripps with a Master's degree and then returned to the pacific northwest to establish herself as a singer/songwriter in Seattle. It was then she recorded her first album, the self released An Island In The Night, whilst going unnoticed in Seattle it fared much better in her parents hometown (at the time) of Owensboro, Kentucky where it gained weekly radio airplay and it wasn't long before Jessica relocated there.

It was at this time she developed her audio production skills at a local studio and also teamed up with local filmmaker P.J. Starks

Jessica bitten by the travel bug once again moved to the UK to learn more about music, specifically Jazz performance and composition and to be honest she couldn't have opted for a more apt place to study then the home of The Beatles, Liverpool.

It was during this time she had the fortune of meeting her future husband, Bass Player Sean Davey. It was also then she took part in a solo vocal piano performance on the main stage of the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Jessica aced her degree with first class honours and then moved to the bright lights of London, where she performed not only regularly with Jazz FM Artist Kate Threlfall, the duo even performed at the opening of The Boisdale, Canary Wharf where Jools Holland was the host for the evening but also on her own at various songwriter nights.

In 2011 Jessica tied the knot with Sean Davey in a small ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee before the happy couple relocated to Sean's home town of Taunton, Somerset.

In addition to her solo performances, Jessica is also in a 7 piece Latin Band Salsation.

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

The haunting melody of Kristy Gallacher's Dark Hours

Dark Hours is somewhat of a musical enigma as it not only serves up beautiful vocals and catchy instrumental hooks but also a haunting violin melody. These three elements fuse together to create a real musical harmony.

Dark Hours is the first single from Kristy Gallacher's forthcoming album - The Game.

Kristy is from Coventry and she formed her independent record label Broken Player Records in 2008 and The Game is her third album release on that label.

In addition to her own shows Kristy has also supported the likes of Ed Sheeran and Nerina Pallot.

She won LG Arena's Forum Live Singer/Songwriter competition and also performed before Eric Clapton and John Mayer on separate nights.

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Odds Lane entertain us with seven outstanding tracks

These songs showcase the band's powerful vocals and lively instrumental beats.

As Odds Lane's music is oh so entertaining, its really difficult to choose a favourite song as they're just that good.

Odds Lane have joined forces with their former room mate and Ruf Records recording artist Mike Zito to work on a new album.

This will be the follow up to their debut album and the first time Mike and Odds Lane have joined forces since releasing Blue Room in 1998.

Both Odds Lane and Mike Zito would really appreciate any donations you can provide in order to make their dream of a second album reality.

The band were formed in 2003 by Singer/Songwriter Doug Byrkit and his longtime musical partner Brian Zielie. The musical duo have known each other since they formed their first band way back during High School.

During their career they have had the privilege of performing along side Lighthouse, Pete Yorn and Walter Trout as well as also touring far afield as Korea and Japan.

Their first EP caught not only the attention of the Memphis Regional Grammy Chapter but also the Legendary Sun Studio.

As seasoned music fans know, this was the studio which kicked off Elvis's illustrious career and also saw legends such as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, U2 and Maroon 5 grace the presence of its recording booths.

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Monday 24 March 2014

More uplifting music courtesy of Resonance

Reverie is a uplifting melody that conjures image of unwinding on a beautiful and exotic Hawaiian or Caribbean Beach.

The smooth guitar arrangement and maracas will reel you in and leave you wanting much much more.

The band describes Reverie as not only a dreamy samba/calypso number inspired by a flight over the Andes Mountains but also a track packed with lyrical subtlety offset by a party vibe and solid guitar soloing. 

Reverie is recorded by Dave Moore (Part of the X-Factor/BGT Sound Team and he also worked on Skyfall) and mastering duties were the responsibility of John Davis (Led Zeppelin, U2, Lana Del Ray and Paloma Faith).

Resonance have made it their goal to really put themselves on the musical map.

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After a brief musical interlude Resonance are back on the scene with some new beats

Mister Policeman is a catchy tune that grabs your attention from the first beat.

The guitar arrangements are as slick as one would expect and Radhika's vocals are on point as always.

In their own words Mister Policeman sits squarely in the funk bracket, opening with a rhythmic, guitar laced groove and never letting up. With a brazen, infectious beat and a selection of dynamic rhythms, it's dark but fun - catchy and energetic enough to turn an acoustic performance of the song into an impromptu jam at a recent gig.

Mister Policeman is recorded by Dave Moore (Part of the X-Factor/BGT Sound Team and he also worked on Skyfall) and mastering duties were the responsibility of John Davis (Led Zeppelin, U2, Lana Del Ray and Paloma Faith).

Resonance have made it their goal to really put themselves on the musical map.

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Sunday 23 March 2014

Traces delivers chill out goodness courtesy of The Light Dreams

The Light Dreams latest album Traces is 12 tracks of chill out goodness galore. With calm relaxing and ethereal electro beats, Traces is a superbly produced musical work of art and with catchy pop hooks thrown into the arrangement this album is a real treat to the ears.

Whilst I found the whole album a delight to listen to, there were two tracks which really stood out to me. Awakening entertained from start to finish with its delightful arrangements and the mesmerizing Sea View round off this wonderful album.

The Light Dreams is the brain child of Sheffield based Electronic Music genius Alex Storer who has been producing music of this genre as Light Dreams since 2006.

It was in 2007 that The Light Dreams truly found their sound and style with the release of their debut album Into The Light. The Light Dreams released the second album Mechanical Drive in 2009 and after a creative break for three years, the third album Inferno was released in 2012.

2012 was a busy year for Alex as he also collaborated with David A Hardy on a newish soundtrack for the 1957 Russian Film Road To The Stars.

Alex also had the honour of receiving an invitation to the first honourary interstellar musician for the newly established initiative for Interstellar Studies.

In 2013 Alex was inspired by his love for Sci-fi to produce Future Worlds, which combines electronic and orchestral music to create a stunning sound track.

At the end of 2013, Alex released a special album Beyond The Boundary, which he had composed for the Initiative for Interstellar Studies and this leads into the release of Traces.

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Monday 17 March 2014

On the 26th of March get ready to be wowed by the finest Funk, Rock and Guitar Wizardy around

On the 26th of March, Success Express are set to land with one of their most eagerly anticipated music events of 2014 and if that wasn't enough its taking place at one of London's premiere live music hot spots - Camden's Jazz Cafe.

The line up includes the funktastic and highly entertaining Fudge and the Frequency, these guys certainly know how to put on a show and what's more is you'll be in for a real treat as this event is also the launch of their EP.

Indie Rock Legends El Born will wow you with a set full to the brim with energy, when these guys are on stage rest assure they'll bring the house down. This performance is part of their on going UK Tour

If that wasn't enough also on the line up is special guest star and one man music machine Johnny Lucas, not only is he a talented singer/guitarist but he also entertains the audience with his box of electronic tricks.

To complete this musical extravaganza are Leeds Superstars The City Of Lights, they describe themselves as having the lyrical genius of Biffy Clyro, the melodic mastery of Snow Patrol and the heart and drive of Thrice.

Doors for this unmissable event will open at 7 pm so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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Sunday 16 March 2014

Alt/Modern Rock Superstars The Actions

The Actions released their Indefensible EP, which features 5 tracks. The EP is full of energetic beats and smooth vocals.

My fave tracks on the EP are The Echo and Counting All Days, I really love Marta's vocals and also the memorable instrumental beats.

You can really sense how psychedelia has influenced this EP, The Actions also draw their musical influences from genres such as Trip Hop, Dark and Electronica.

The Actions are lead by female vocalist Silty (Marta) and the band have already made their mark on the music scene by opening for the likes of legends such as R.E.M, Green Day and Garbage.

The Actions musical journey began with success in Battle Of The Band competitions and their first demo helped build their profile in the UK, with the band receiving arousing reception in the historic Cavern Club in Liverpool for two years running.

This led to them getting airplay on Radio 1's The Essential Selection with Pete Tong playing Planet Funk's remix of The Real Thing. The band's international popularity keeps going from strength to strength with each passing day.

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Saturday 15 March 2014

A Blues Inspired Melody courtesy of Ten Ton Man

Clunk of Change is a Bluesque number with semi haunting instrumentals with melancholic lyrics and when you read his bio it instantly becomes obvious why.

Ten Ton Man describes his music as heartfelt and emotional and he doesn't shy when it comes to dealing with themes such as death, guilt, anger but ultimately redemption.

The musical roots lie in lead vocalist Paul Livornese's personal struggle in finding his own muse, whilst also having to cope with the loss of his father, past unsuccessful music ventures and the key to connecting with the opposite sex.

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Friday 14 March 2014

Once Upon A Time with Soprano Voiced Aoede

With her beautiful vocals Aoede not only turns classic fairy tales that we all know and love into merry little melodies but also mesmerizes us with a whole host of tunes and combined with catchy instrumentals, these tunes will be sure to entertain you.

Same of my fave songs include the musically infectious Can't Stop The Music and its easy to see why Aoede is compared to Lily Allen, I Lost, You Win which features a unforgettable instrumental arrangement to complement Aoede's superb vocals.

I adore the intro and instrumental hooks featured in Nothing's Gonna Stop Me and Blue Gold has a bluesy/rock and roll feel to it.

Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Aoede specializes in both quirky Folk Pop and Children's Musical Stories.

This talented musician has already won countless music awards including 2012 Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and also International Songwriting Competition Finalist in 2013, plus her album What Are Dreams Made Of was considered for Best Children's Album in the 56th Grammy Awards.

Aoede is now looking at adapting this album for musical theatre.


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Thursday 13 March 2014

Talented Violinist Hannah Woolmer

First Class Violinist Hannah Woolmer entertains us with her enchanting interpretation of Vaughn Williams Lark Ascending.

Hannah has well and truly established herself as not only a Violinist but also a recitalist.

She has already performed at some of the UK's most noted classic music venues, such as Southwark, Ely and Bristol Cathedrals and also The Wales Millennium Centre.

Hannah has not only received radio air play but her single Lark Ascending got to Number 2 in the Classic Downloads chart.

Next in the pipeline for Hannah is the first concert by her newly formed Orchestra - The Woolmer Philharmonic.

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Lauren Aquilina unveils the final part in her musical trilogy

Lauren unveiled the third piece of her musical jigsaw puzzle with the release of her Liars EP.

This talented singer/songwriter once again entertains us with her unique voice and heartfelt lyrics, plus her equally talented instrumental skills coupled with a first class band make Lauren's music as memorable as always.

My favourite songs from the EP are Lovers or Liars and Broke, Lauren's musical charm really shines in these beautiful melodies.

This is the perfect ending to three outstanding musical masterpieces, if you haven't got your copy then what are you waiting for.

Liars -

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

The unique voice of Lucy Evans

Lucy Evans entertains us with not only her beautiful voice but also her talented instrumental skills.

Her recently released Feels Like Home features four delightful melodies.

The upbeat Til Night Comes From Us, which conjures images of Spring and Summer and features a exquisite outro plus thumbs up to Kate Maher's expert violin playing.

Lucy's vocals and the accompanying guitar arrangements really shine in Saving Grace.

Feels Like Home opens with a beautiful instrumental intro and Kate's backing vocals go hand in hand with Lucy's performance plus I love the outro.

On The Line is the perfect way to wrap up this first class EP.

Lucy's musical influences include Joni Mitchell and more recently Laura Marling.

Having already well and truly established herself on the Manchester Music Scene, since her move to London in 2012 it is her goal to do the same here.

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Monday 10 March 2014

Classical Duo Eden put their own spin on our fave tunes

Classically trained double act Eden entertain us with their beautiful reworking of some old faves from the likes of Chris Isaak, Metallica and The Pretenders.

Opting for Opera as their genre of choice Eden work their musical magic on Wicked Game, Nothing Else Matters and I'll Stand By You.

Not only have they given a classical twist to these songs but they've also splendidly performed them in Italian and have also thrown in a unforgettable instrumental arrangement.

If this wasn't enough they've also given us a taste of the musical delights we can expect from their forthcoming album.

Looks like we'll really be in for a treat once their forthcoming album is released.

Inspired by the likes of Katherine Jenkins, Il Divo and Sarah Brightman, the world class vocals of Libby Johnstone and Lucy Campbell combine their musical talents to create the beautiful Classic/Pop Duo Eden.

They not only produce their own music but have the privilege as the only duo who not only focus on modern music with a classic twist whilst still offering both traditional classical music and songs from musicals.

Eden has once again joined forces with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra to record their eagerly anticipated 2nd album.

Libby and Lucy have 20 years experience in the performing industry and not only have they toured across the world with their established and much loved show but between them they've also supported Steps and Atomic Kitten on their arena tours.

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Sunday 9 March 2014

The Hardcore Beats Of Hurricane Jim

With hardcore beats and smooth vocals, Loaded Gun is a beast of a track, this is right up the street of Rock fans everywhere and with some first class Guitar arrangements Loaded Gun deserves a gold star in the Rock Anthem Category.

Hurricane Jim were formed by James L Brown and Craig Fletcher in 2013. They originally intended to be a Stoner Band but whilst writing, performing and experimenting with sounds, something new but just as musically beautiful came into existence.

The band's current line up are James and Craig on Guitar and Vocals, Andy on Bass and they are currently looking for a drummer to join their ranks.

Hurricane Jim was very kind enough to spare a few minutes out of their very hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us.

How did you get into music in the first place?
I was listening to some fairly choice titles when I was young including Kylie's first album and Salt N Pepas 'A Salt with a Deadly Pepper'. 

The first time I heard Queen was when that all changed. I started to learn Bass and worked my way up the rock and metal heaviness scale. From Queen to Maiden, from Maiden to Motorhead, from Motorhead to Fear Factory. 

At this time I learned guitar and drums and this influenced a more mellow streak in me over the years. But those were my early times with music. I was certainly a metal Kid through and through.

Who were your musical influences?
The most significant ones have been Lemmy, Devin Townsend, David Gilmour, Mike Patton, Cliff Burton. Tell you what. What a supergroup that would make. Talk about dream team.

Craig from the band is into the more alternative scene. The Beatles, Supergrass.

This blend of influences is what gives us our sound and approach to Hurricane Jim.   

What tunes are currently on repeat on your Mp3 Player?
The Album Gravity X by the band Truckfighters. That band are the best kept secret I know. 

What’s your life outside of music?
I have a regular job in a factory that produces Malt. I have a 13 year old son who's getting great on guitar and played his first gig as a singer just yesterday. Very well he did too. 

I hang around with the wife at home with our little tiny Jack Russell, and watch as many horror films as I can fit in when not doing music stuff. (which isn't that often these days). 

If you could collaborate with any singer who would it be?
David Gilmour, but that question is very hard when you really start to think.

What’s your favourite genre of music?
These days, probably Desert Rock. 

What’s next for you musically?
We have a load of songs written. First up is a Video for Loaded Gun. Then hopefully a small batch of gigs later in the year. We're very busy at the moment so it's a bit of a juggling act.  

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Being impulsive. That covers both pretty well. 

Where do you draw inspiration for your song lyrics?
My lyrics are all death and mayhem. Thats the horror and metal in me still trying to get out. 
Craig from the band tends to write about specific events, where as i'm more metaphorical I'd say. It makes for some interesting and varied songs when it all comes together. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
Static X

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