Thursday 18 December 2014

Jimmi Nolan makes us happy with positive lyrics and beautiful vocals

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and then moving to the Gold Coast prior to entering his teens, Jimmi struggled to deal with the challenges of life and practically kept to himself.

I say practically because he used lyrics as a form of self expression and coupled with his Irish roots saw him finish school and subsequently make his mark on the South East Queensland Music scene.

His knack for writing lyrics saw him work with numerous artists including Aria Award Winners George.

His local success drove him to embark on a journey which led him to London and a gig at the Mau Mau Bar on Portobello Road.

His debut EP - Life Carries on was recorded in Notting Hill with the help of accomplished producer Andy Schrav, who worked with the likes of Paper Aeroplanes, Renny Field and The Hussy Hicks.

The EP also features The Hussy Hicks and the rhythm section of live band The Foreign Beggars.

Make Me Happy described by its title does just that, with a upbeat intro, the quirky sound of the ukulele, positive lyrics and beautiful vocals.

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