Sunday 29 March 2015

April the 7th will see Meresha debut her EP - New Revolution on new Social Media platform

Meresha is currently based in South Florida but was born in Warsaw, Poland.

Mainly a vocalist she also plays the Guitar, Piano and Drums plus she composes and performs her own eclectic mix of provocative music which blends Bjork, Disclosure and Freddie Mercury to create a fresh new sound.

April the 7th will see the EP get unveiled on TSU and a week later it will be available for purchase on iTunes.

Lemonade City entertains us with Meresha's beautiful vocals, catchy beats and first class lyrics for a first class pop melody.

New Revolution sees this talented artist wonderfully refit Acid Bass to include new lyrics whilst not sacrificing the captivating beats.

You combines lively synth beats and a outstanding vocal performance to deliver a powerful ballad.

August wraps up the EP with smooth beats, delightful vocals and heartfelt lyrics from this talented musical performer.

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Monday 23 March 2015

Noscar's song First Time serves up minimal instruments and delightful vocals

Noscar (aka Noah Sachs) was born in London, grew up in Switzerland and recently relocated to North Carolina for his university studies.

He has been playing guitar since the age of 5 and branched out into songwriting in his early teens and as demonstrated by his original song First Time - his music is influenced by the folk genre, Noscar not only wrote all the lyrics and music for First Time but he also recorded the track as well.

This song is a laid back number with minimal instruments and delightful vocals that will leave you mesmerized, Noscar really poured his heart and soul into this melody.

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Sunday 22 March 2015

Valerio Lysander's debut EP showcases delightful vocals and haunting instrumentals

London based Singer/Songwriter Valerio Lysander released his debut EP - Tidal Mental Head last June.

Originally from Rome Valerio's musical journey led him to the UK, where he seeks to achieve the same success as experienced back home.

The Prince is a catchy melody with beautiful vocals and captivating beats.

Cotton is a smooth acoustic melody with delightful vocals and haunting instrumentals.

I Need Air is a upbeat tune with a nice blend of instruments and another first class vocal performance from Valerio.

Risia (You Are So Sweet) is a slow paced ballad with beautiful harmonies and heart warming lyrics.

Realise is a haunting number with sad lyrics and a deep and moving melody thanks to the vocals and instrumental arrangement.

Tidal Mental Head concludes with a live recording of Rain, this track treats us to a beautiful piano arrangement and heartfelt lyrics bought to life thanks to Valerio's outstanding voice.

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Thursday 19 March 2015

Kally O Mally's fourth album delivers powerful vocals, uplifting beats and delightful lyrics

Kally O Mally is a secretary in Academic Medicine at the UC Davis Med Center and she has a life long passion for making music.

The Wild West Medicine Show is her fourth full length release and the first time she got involved in the production side of things.

This album was recorded over two weeks during her vacation period and involved up to 16 hours in the studio on a daily basis to complete the project, in fact it was wrapped at 10.30 pm on the Sunday before she was due to return back to work.

Fly delivers powerful vocals, uplifting beats and delightful lyrics.

Sweet Delta Breeze entertains us with beautiful vocals and a captivating melody.

Wild West Medicine Show has an old school vibe to it thanks to the eclectic blend of instruments.

Kisses showcases energetic instrumental beats alongside Kally's outstanding vocals.

Miss Understood serves up a beautiful melody, delightful vocals and more first class lyrics from this talented musician.

Oops I Fell Off The Barstool is a quirky number thanks to Kally's lyrical genius.

I'd Rather Be Alone has an orchestral vibe to it and combined with the vocals gives life to a musical masterpiece.

Out Alive has more of a rock feel to it, whilst also bringing poignant lyrics to the mix.

I'n Gonna Run cranks up the tempo even further whilst also entertaining us with Kally's usual brand of smooth vocals and catchy beats.

Two Days Gone combines energetic instrumentals and an upbeat tempo to create a funky little tune and thumbs up to the slick guitar riffs.

Bourbon On My Deathbed dazzles us with upbeat instrumentals and more delightful lyrics from this talented Singer/Songwriter.

Gator's Gonna Getcha rounds things up with a catchy tune which showcases captivating instrumentals, first class lyrics and spectacular vocals from Kally.

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Adam Ray gives Country Music a modern makeover

Adam Ray is a Country Music Artist from Missouri and he recently released his debut album - The Clown Parade , which he spent the last year working on.

The songs are 100% original and Adam poured his heart and soul into them, he found the songwriting experience incredibly therapeutic and also what he needed to heal himself after a couple of bad relationships.

Adam grew up in his native Missouri listening to Country Music but he always felt it was a genre that hadn't evolved with the times and that is what Adam intends to by inspiring gay youth and providing them with a voice in a genre of music which has so far ignored them.

Intro is both delightful and yet also haunting at the same time, a real instrumental masterpiece.

Missouri has a more upbeat feel to it thanks to catchy beats, powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Battle delivers the gentle sounds of a piano complimented by energetic beats, deep lyrics and a outstanding vocal performance.

Addison has a slower pace to it but Adam does a outstanding job in creating another powerful song.

My Love Is The Best is another joyful tune both lyrically and melodically plus the lyrics are full of emotion.

Wendy dazzles thanks to its beautiful melody, Adam's smooth vocals and first class lyrics.

Hurricane is another musical master piece from the verses to the instrumental arrangement.

The Fall treats us to captivating vocals and up tempo instrumental beats.

The Painter is a elegant tune with the beautiful tones of the piano and Adam's mesmerizing vocals and deep lyrics.

Loaded Gun serves up fast paced vocals and a wonderful blend of instruments to create a upbeat number.

A Single Word is a catchy tune with Adam's beautiful vocals and captivating beats that entertain our ears once again.

To And Fro starts off as a laid back number with another wondrous blend of instruments including an acoustic guitar and as the song progresses things get a little more upbeat plus we are also treated to poignant lyrics.

The Clown Parade's lyrics are the perfect way to conclude this delightful album which gives Country Music a make over that brings it more in line with modern music.

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KDM are a three piece Alt Rock band that showcase rocktastic beats and energetic vocals

KDM are a three piece Alt Rock band from South Yorkshire and they have just released their debut album Mental Shortcuts through Soundhouse Records, this project was self funded, recorded and mixed in an attic that the band converted into a studio.

Despite its heavy intro Zeitgeist is perfect for those who like their music loud as the trio go in hard with both the instrumentals and vocals.

I Am features catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, this is subtler than Zeitgeist and hence is a bit easier on the ears. 

In Disarray showcases rocktastic beats and energetic vocals.

Monkey Cage serves up superfast beats - particularly killer guitar riffs and yet more of KDM's electrifying vocal performances.

Rocket With Wings is a gentler tune thanks to smooth vocals and laid back instrumentals but still packs a musical punch in the right places, especially with another outstanding guitar arrangement.

ARK features another first class vocal performance which works brilliantly alongside KDM's captivating beats.

Nuclear North Korea delivers a mix of heavy bass and supercharged vocals.

So U Say is a gentler melody with soft vocals, beautiful lyrics and a big thumbs up to the guitar arrangement.

Mental Shortcuts has a gritty feel to it but the smooth guitar riffs are still a delight to the ears so I'm sure this song is perfect for the fans of music with a heavy bass line.

Outgrowing A Hole seamlessly blends laid back melodies with catchy beats, powerful vocals and some supercharged guitar chords.

Tyre Tracks On The Moon sees KDM crank everything up for a roller-coaster ride through a valley of bass laden beats and killer instrumentals.

Memo is like Tyre Tracks On The Moon but with a good dose of steroids so for those of you that like your music like this then rock on and enjoy the tunes.

From Machines launches a massive attack of guitar riffs and cranked up vocals.

Let The Puppet Fall wraps up Mental Shortcuts with a slightly slower tempo then the previous three tracks but the vocals and instrumental arrangement are still on point.

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Wednesday 18 March 2015

Masters Of The Radio are back with catchy beats and a upbeat melody

The Widnes based Electro Pop/Synth Rock combo are back with another cool tune and this time it's in the form of The Drive, with catchy beats and a upbeat melody its clear that Masters Of The Radio have created another electronic masterpiece.

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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Sergeant Buzfuz beautifully blend instruments and Joe's smooth vocals to create beautiful melodies

Sergeant Buzfuz are a seven piece South London based band and they are led by Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Joe Murphy, who specializes in Pop, Post Punk and Folk which he listened to whilst growing up in Sheffield.

The band were formed in 2002 and in addition to Joe their current lineup is as follows - 
Willie Barr - Mandolin, Ian Button - Drums, Joss Cope - Bass, Stu Crane - Cigar Box Guitar, Polly Maclean - B Vox and Eilish McCracken - Violin/Whistle/Flute and Piano.

To date they have released five albums with the sixth album - Balloons For Thin Linda due out this year plus they have appeared live on BBC 6 Sessions both on Marc Riley and Tom Robinson's shows.

Balloons For Thin Linda is the followup to their highly rated album from 2012 - Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself, after listening to their forthcoming album its instantly apparent why their music is so loved - they are experts at fusing together instruments to create outstanding melodies.

Move, Carmelita is a musical delight to the ears, thanks to the beautiful blend of instrumentals and Joe's smooth vocals.

Infinite Kingdom uses beautiful melodic beats to take a quirky but long overdue look at history and also the current state of affairs both in the UK and also overseas.

S6 Girls is a "comical" song about Essex Girls.

House Of Spirits sees Sergeant Buzfuz deliver beautiful vocals, a cool mix of instrumental beats and delightful lyrics.

Balloons For Thin Linda is a catchy melody which is first class all across the musical board from the instrumental arrangement to the vocals to the lyrics.

Things You Need entertains with the wonderful sounds of the instruments that Sergeant Buzfuz use to create their upbeat music.

Gold Feelings uses lyrics and smooth melodies to convey a beautiful and uplifting story.

Despite the heartfelt and jovial vibe of Danny's Room, the story that's told is sad and heartbreaking.

Molly's Bar is a quirky song and the influence of Joe's Irish ancestry is instantly apparent.

Truth And Lies concludes album number six with a eclectic mix of beautiful instruments and powerful vocals.

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Monday 16 March 2015

Underdog's debut album serves up powerful beats, a catchy guitar arrangement and energetic vocals

Underdog were founded in 2001 by Chirg (Rhythm Guitar) and Steve (Drums) in order to create rock music but not the mainstream kind, originally they were known as Bacchanal but they lacked a bass player, lead guitarist and vocalist.

2006 saw Jon Bramley join their lineup as both the vocalist and bass player and 2010 saw the completion of their first studio album and a year later Dave Oxlade signed on as lead guitarist.

Timeshift delivers powerful beats, a catchy guitar arrangement and energetic vocals.

Waste Of Time is softer in places whilst still delivering energetic instrumentals.

The Eye is a smoother melody, but also serves up dark and gritty lyrics.

Kathy showcases cool beats and an entertaining guitar track.

Eternal Wait begins with a beautiful mix of instrumentals but then the tempo gets cranked up.

Then I Should features a fusion of bass guitar, electric beats and powerful vocals.

Black entertains us with slick guitar riffs and a vocal performance that gives life to emotive lyrics.

Find A Place showcases a catchy guitar arrangement alongside gritty lyrics.

Glad To Be Gone features heart felt lyrics which are given life alongside powerful rock beats.

Start Again brings a gentler melody to the table with smoother beats and softer vocals, whilst also throwing Underdog's trademark sound into the mix.

PF wraps up the debut album with a upbeat and rocktastic fusion of instrumentals alongside a flawless performance by the vocalists.

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Sunday 15 March 2015

Chancius brings us Electro Rock straight from New York

Chancius is a veteran of the New York Music Scene, having honed his skills whilst busking in the NYC Subway System. It wasn't long till his fans recognised him on the streets as the musician with striking vocals and memorable lyrics.

Chancius was also involved with the Electro-Rock band Automatic Duo and it was during this time he toured the East Coast.

His second release Bando is a Alternative Rock Opera that tells the story of Bando's life threatening disease and the lengths he goes to to cure himself.

Hold On entertains us with cool synthesized beats, catchy instrumentals and a spot on vocal performance.

Making It Up As We Go Along makes nice use of tubular bells in the instrumentals and thumbs up for the vocals.

Bando delivers smooth beats, mellow lyrics and slower vocals.

Pliers Donar has a upbeat feel to it, thanks to Chancius's lyrics and lively beats.

A Piece Of You Wherever I Go serves up energetic beats and faster vocals, which come together to give life to a delightful melody.

Chrysalis delivers ethereal beats and what sounds like a remix of dial up modem tones.

Time And Space Died Yesterday begins with gritty sounding beats but then the mood of the song lightens somewhat as Chancius showcases delightful lyrics and smooth beats.

Big Wave cranks up both the instrumentals and tempo to deliver a song that is full to the brim with pure rock.

You're Not One In A Million, You're One Of A Million's strengths are in the smooth vocals and the instrumentals that feature in the latter half of the song.

Hologram King serves up a delightful mix of synthesized beats alongside beautiful vocals that mesmerize you from start to finish.

Thunderhead concludes the album with captivating beats and a first class vocal performance which conveys more beautiful lyrics thanks to Chancius's limitless musical talents.

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Saturday 14 March 2015

Bella Figura deliver powerful vocals and delightfully smooth instrumental beats

Bella Figura are a recently formed trio, who are currently based in London - their lineup is Justin Gartry on Guitar and Vocals, Mikey Cooper on Bass and Vocals and Rhys Maslen on Drums and Vocals.

Since their musical inception they have trail blazed across the vast expanses of the Indie Music Scene and have gained backing from the likes of DIY Magazine, So Far Sounds and the Bimm Group.

The three multi-instrumentalists met whilst studying music production and from that their Alt-Rock sound was born, their debut EP was praised by Q Magazine and 17th April will see the launch of the followup which coincide with a headline show at Hoxton Square, thanks to Mama and Co.

I've had the pleasure of previewing Bella Figura's forthcoming EP and let me tell you that you are in for a real treat so I recommend you check them out at the launch party on 11th April.

Never Learn features powerful vocals and some delightfully smooth instrumental beats.

Another Way entertains us with some slick guitar riffs, more wonderful vocals and powerful lyrics.

Do It Alone is a stripped back tune but it's still smooth on both the vocal and instrumental fronts, a real delight to the ears.

Need Not Know concludes the forthcoming EP with more delightful riffs and also emotive vocals and powerful lyrics.

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Friday 13 March 2015

The Rising are based in Southampton and their music encompasses various genres such as Rock And Roll, Indie and Punk

The Rising are based in Southampton and their music encompasses various genres such as Rock And Roll, Indie and Punk.

The band were formed in 2009 and their lineup consists of Tommy Overington - Vocals, Jimmy Hayes - Lead Guitar, Ryan Griffiths - Rhythm Guitar, Matt Stanton - Drums and Liam Dixon on Hammond Organ and Piano.

In late 2013 they signed to Detour Records and it wasn't long after that they released their debut album - March 2014 to be precise.

The Rising are currently recording their second album and they took this opportunity to release the double A Side Single Free My Soul Tonight and If You Get With Me.

Free My Soul Tonight entertains us with slick instrumental beats, catchy lyrics and a smooth vocal performance - thumbs up to those guitar chords.

If You Get With Me puts the Hammond Organ to good use and the rest of the instrumental arrangement ensures that this song is pure rock and roll.

If the Free My Soul Tonight double A Side is anything to go by then the follow up album shouldn't disappoint.

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Thursday 12 March 2015

Liverpool based Soul bird Ruth Willow returns with L.Williams to deliver another corker of a tune

Liverpool based Soul bird Ruth Willow returns with L.Williams to deliver another corker of a tune.

Time features an ethereal melody alongside the beautiful vocals and captivating beats, plus the lyrics will leave you mesmerized - top marks all across the board and love to the piano segments.

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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Monsieur Doumani are from Cyprus and their music is a modern reworking of Cypriot Folk Music

Monsieur Doumani are a trio from Nicosia, Cyprus and are made up of Antonis Antoniou on the Tzouras (A Small Scale Bouzouki), Angelos Ianos on Guitar and Demetris Yiasemides on Wind Instruments.

The Trio's foray into music began in 2011 and their music is a reworking of Cypriot Folk Music but with a modern day feel to it.

Sikoses is their second album and whilst I might not be able to understand the lyrics, the 13 tracks are superbly produced and the instrumentals are first class.

Gongs features a delightful blend of instruments.

The Bland has a bit of a somber vibe to it but the flute arrangement is simply beautiful.

The Suitcase has a more pop feel to it thanks to the upbeat guitar track.

SIkoses features powerful vocals and a first class blend of instrumental beats.

A Beating is another catchy tune with a superb fusion of instruments.

That's What The Kitten Wants entertains us with a catchy instrumental arrangement.

Black-Eyed Girl's vocals have a barber shop quartet feel to them and the song's melody is exquisite and a real masterpiece.

Despite the misleading title Dissonant Judgement is a quirkly and upbeat track especially where the melody is concerned.

The Popeyes dazzles us with a catchy instrumental arrangement.

Mandra has a summery vibe to it and this melody will guarantee to get you in the dancing mood, except for perhaps the up tempo segment.

The Pert Breast has more of a modern feel to it, thanks to a delightful melodic arrangement - particularly the stringed segments.

Good Tidings has a slightly Middle Eastern influence to it and both vocally and lyrically the song has a somber feel to it.

A Wee One features the beautiful vocals of a guest vocalist, the icing on the cake for this bonus track which wraps up this album.

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Monday 9 March 2015

South London based Ooberfuse return with their latest single One Reality

South London based Ooberfuse return with their latest single One Reality, this song was inspired by the people Cherrie and Hal met after they traveled to Talcoban in the Phillippines to see the victims of the damage caused by the Typhoon in 2013.

One Reality is a delightful melody with a captivating instrumental arrangement which has reworked the classic Prayer in C into the mix and the vocals are on point as always thanks to the wonder of Hal and Cherrie's lyrical wizardry.

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Sunday 8 March 2015

Memory Mix is the musical brainchild of Mike Cunningham so prepare to be treated to ambient guitar music

Memory Mix is the musical brainchild of Mike Cunningham so prepare to be treated to ambient guitar music plus he is also responsible for the production side of things, Mike also provides other forms of artistic expression such as poetry and illustrations.

Chasing Nothing is an eclectic blend of catchy vocals, mesmerizing melodic beats and deep and emotive lyrics - it's obvious that Mike has poured his soul into this beautiful melody.

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Saturday 7 March 2015

Ricky Clark entertains us with first class vocals and emotive lyrics

Ricky Clark is a singer/songwriter who is originally from Northumberland but is now based in County Durham, his musical influences include The Beatles, Oasis, Paolo Nutini, Kasabian and The Libertines.

A Little Bit Of Love entertains us with first class vocals and emotive lyrics, the only niggle is the gritty instrumentals tend to clash with Ricky's vocal performance but the finishing guitar riff is beautiful.

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Friday 6 March 2015

Run Off The Static deliver killer guitar riffs and rocktastic vocal performances

Run Off The Static are a four piece Alternative Punk band from Hull and they began their musical journey in 2011, originally they started out as a Barber Shop quartet but it wasn't long before they realized they could play Alternative Punk by hammering out a few power chords.

Their lineup is William Crompton on Vocals/Guitar, Alex Crompton on Drums, Lydia Palmeira on Bass and Edward Logie on Guitar.

They recently released their album - If You Have To Ask which features ten tracks which serve up killer guitar riffs and rocktastic vocal performances.

So Much delivers lightning fast Guitar riffs which slightly subdue the powerful vocals and we're also entertained with energetic beats.

Never cranks the tempo right up thanks to supercharged instrumentals.

Kahlimah has more of a ethereal and stripped back feel to it but still showcases the band's trademark sound.

Halcyon Days is a real musical treat thanks to the delightful instrumental arrangement.

Fix It returns with entertaining rock instrumentals which enter the ether at break neck speed.

What Are You is a corker of a tune, thanks to the vocal delivery and yet another first class musical arrangement.

Dressed In My Lies goes in hard with the Guitar arrangement, as that's where the quartet excel.

Further (Than You'd Think) is another mostly laid back number but its still just as entertaining as their usual songs.

Can't Sing That (Song) brings out the bass for the album's penultimate track, whilst also relying on their usual brand of energetic beats, rocking vocals and beautiful Guitar riffs.

Castles concludes the album with a more gritty sound, somberesque lyrics and William and Edward's first class musical wizardry.

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Thursday 5 March 2015

Static Alice are a four piece rock band from Guernsey

Static Alice are a four piece rock band from Guernsey and their lineup consists of Dom Ogier on Vocals, Luis Morais on Lead Guitar, Scott Michel on Bass and Backing Vocals and Andre Marsh on Drums. The band are driven by different musical influences and this has resulted in them having a unique sound.

Static Alice have supported up and coming bands such as Evarane, Brother & Bones and Frankie Davies and are looking at touring the UK later this year.

They perform both cover songs and also original material as featured on their debut album - The Ghost Of Common Sense.

Black Cadillac Man serves up killer beats and powerful vocals thanks to Dom and catchy lyrics that will be sure to infect your brain.

King Kong delivers captivating music all across the board from its energetic vocals to the instrumental arrangement, especially the guitars which are not only pure rock but also highly addictive to the ears 

Fashion Victim is another catchy melody, which once again impresses all across the musical spectrum.

Save Our Souls has a more mellow feel to it, thanks to beautiful vocals and a subtle instrumental arrangement and talking of instrumentals those guitar riffs are pure electric.

Alive is another corker of a tune with captivating beats, mesmerizing vocals and deep and powerful lyrics.

Rewind is chock full of electric beats, powerful vocals, a smooth guitar arrangement and more emotive lyrics.

Falling Glory is a more stripped back melody in places but it also delivers Static Alice's usual brand of powerful rock music.

Southern Star goes in hard with super powered beats, lyrics full of emotional intensity and a first class vocal performance.

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Wednesday 4 March 2015

The Retrospectives grabs our attention with catchy uplifting instrumental arrangements and cool beats

The Retrospectives are a three piece Indie/Rock band from Sheffield, their music is inspired by the likes of Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and also their belief that Guitars are still vital and relevant to popular music. Q Magazine named them as one of Sheffield's top 5 bands to watch.

WIth Paul Jackson joining them on drums and the release of their new EP Turn Me Up resulted in 2013 been their biggest year to date especially as they supported the Boomtown Rats.

Stereoboard described them as song writers with an ability to combine lyrics and melody with rare precision and their music ended up on BBC Introducing Sheffield's top ten tracks of the year.

2014 saw them make even more of an impact thanks to a single release, a headline tour and also supporting The Buzzcocks and hopefully 2015 will be even better.

Don't Believe You grabs our attention from the get go thanks to its catchy and uplifting instrumental arrangements, cool beats and lyrics that will leave you addicted - in particular the chorus.

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