Friday 28 February 2014

Beautiful Piano Compositions courtesy of Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy proves what a talented pianist he is by composing and performing the most beautiful piano compositions you will ever come across.

In Mike's compositions he is able to convey so many emotions through beautiful and well crafted melodies.

Two of my favourite tracks from This Piano are Comeback and The King, the sheer elegance of Mike's melodies puts these two tracks a class above his already thoroughly enjoyable chill out album.

Since his first piano lesson at the tender age of 6, Mike has composed his own material and this has caused his passion to grow and flourish.

This passion led to the 2012 debut of his album of original compositions, titled The Piano. Mike considers these tracks as his musical autobiography.

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Thursday 27 February 2014

American Jazz Vocalist/Composer William Price King

The Show Must Go On -

This song begins with a gentle guitar intro courtesy of the talented Eric Sempe and then we are further entertained by William's moving lyrics and emotive vocals.

With William Price King's prominent Jazzy vocals and Eric Sempe's expertise on the guitar, they make a powerful musical double act.

William's musical interest began when he studied Piano and Clarinet at High School and it didn't end there, he then went on to study classical music at College and he stuck with it through the years until he graduated with a Masters Degree in Music from Yale University.

He then set his sights to New York where he put together Jazz Trio Au Naturel, the trio performed at some of New York's most exclusive venues such as Broadway and the Rainbow Room. This also paved the way for performances in Montreal but also for an European Tour.

William's debut Jazz album Home is a collection of contemporary songs, which he composed with sensual and smooth poetic lyrics and what else can one expect following vocal coaching from one two of the Jazz World's biggest legends Nat King Cole and Mel Torme.

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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Alternative Rock Band and Guitar Maestros Jubilo Drive

Push Down and Turn features the elegant bass guitar, cool percussion beats, energetic vocals and a memorable chorus.

Six goes all out with the percussion arrangement and also entertains us with some smooth guitar melodies especially towards the end of the song.

Echo kicks in with a powerful intro and outstanding vocals, plus top marks for the exquisite guitar outro.

Jubilo Drive are an alternative rock band who hail from Orange, California.

Inspired by the scenic landscapes of Southern California, their journey started with them creating music which reflects the emotions of the geography they inhabit.

Jubilo Drive were formed two years ago at Chapman University, when guitarist Jordan H Kleinman invited bassist Hayden Vaughn for a private Jam session and shortly after that Kleinman met and invited Singer/Guitarist Henry Kuckens to write songs with them. When the band moved off campus the following year, drummer Eric Cruz joined their ranks as a permanent member.

Their inspiration comes from the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Strokes and Queens Of The Stone Age.

October saw the release of their first EP - Redwood and the band are currently in the studio mixing the next batch of recordings.

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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Travelling Circus Troupe Calatrilloz will entertain you

Calatrilloz's journey began in the deepest and darkest corners of history, they are wanderers from a time long forgotten and in order to blend in they have disguised themselves as a Circus troupe.

Taking their entertaining, exhilarating and captivating performances wherever they need to in order to complete their quest for the five marionettes. Each marionette houses a powerful demon and if left masterless, the unimaginable will happen.

The group are constantly seeking redemption under the guidance of a madman who is tormented by his past sins. They are on an eternal quest, which will see them not only travel across the globe but also to other realms where only the bravest or most fool hardy would dare to venture.

Lord Of Misery - With a powerful orchestric introduction, which then transitions into a delightful string arrangement and beautiful operatic vocals which aren't too overwhelming.
Calatrilloz are experimenting with a innovative new music genre and kudos to them for this.

A Glimpse at a Fool's Destiny - With a subtle piano intro, which slightly lulls you into a false sense of security that this will be a quiet melody. It isn't long till powerful percussion beats and fast paced vocals floor your auditory senses in a wondrous way.

Monday 24 February 2014

Summery Guitar Riffs from Mark Rose

Mark Rose's Summery guitar riffs and delightful vocals in the musical gem that is Georgiana, will captivate you especially with Mark's beautifully heartfelt lyrics.

The musical journey for Mark started when at the age of 5 he wanted to follow in his older sister's footsteps and also learn the piano, at the age of 11 he got his first guitar and there's been no looking back since.

Mark has performed over 1,000 in 9 countries spanning multiple continents and he also studied music composition at Columbia College, after this he signed his firt recording contract and publishing detail before he was even 19.

The next step in Mark's career was as frontman for Indie Band Spitalfield and during this time not only did they tour internationally but they also supported the likes of Fallout Boy.

In 2007 Spitalfield went their separate ways, but it wasn't long before Mark Rose returned to the music scene and during 2008 and 2011 he released two solo EPs and 2011 saw the launch of his debut solo LP Wonderful Trouble, which Alternative Press describe as having the style and emotion of a John Hughes movie soundtrack.

After a stint on the gigging circuit, Mark started work on a 4 Track EP - The Sound Of A Turnaround, which was released on January 2013.

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Sunday 23 February 2014

The beautiful vocals of Elisa P

Elisa's beautiful voice is showcased in her upbeat song Cool About It, which will feature on her forthcoming debut EP - This Town. She is not only a talented vocalist but she's also a dab hand on the acoustic guitar.

She moved over to London from Nice towards the end of 2008 and was involved in various music projects before joining with management group Flat 50 in 2012.

Since then she has concentrated on solo material and performances and regularly gigs in and around Shoreditch and The East End, where Flat 50 are based. Elisa even entertained the Paralympians in the Olympic Village.

Her debut EP will be launched on the 27th of March through Flat Records, with the complimentary official launch party taking place at Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch on 3rd April.

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Saturday 22 February 2014

The Fresh Funky Vibes of Marquee Mayfield

Marquee Mayfield delivers us fresh funky vibes, reminiscent of Jamiroquai with his entertaining song Breakdown.

Marquee reels his audience in with not only his smooth vocals but also addictive instrumentals and a special kudos to the guitar riffs.

Marquee Mayfield is a singer/songwriter who not only specialises in Pop and R&B but has also made it his mission to recreate funk.

Drawing his inspiration from Motown legends such as The Four Tops and The Temptations, Marquee began his musical journey at an early age and with help from Funky Artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marquee knew where his destiny was.

After eight years in Nashville, this talented musical performer was the frontman of various R&B, Funk and Soul projects but finally he's flying solo with a 6 track EP already in the works.

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Friday 21 February 2014

Shine (Just Because) will be radiating your way on February the 21st

Following hot on the tail of the highly energetic corker of a track that was Firestorm, Andy continues to entertain EDM fans with another belter of a tune.

This time we are dazzled with the supercharged Shine (Just Because), with a powerful intro and equally powerful vocals, Andy continues to find the right formula for producing killer EDM Beats.

Straight from the fingertips of talented music producer Andy Sikorski, who made a name for him self working on such tracks before EDM was even part of our vocabulary.

Whilst growing up he was influenced by many different musical genres but his heart was always drawn to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Andy's musical journey began in his native Poland, where he achieved popularity on the underground demo music scene. He saw chart success as dSx! Design and produced music for renowned groups such as TRSI and Freezers.

Whilst composing and producing music for video games, commercials and short films, Andy continued to sharpen his skills which saw him work with notable companies such as Motorola and Kodak and also score the full soundtrack for video games like Warriors of Elysia, which featured rich orchestral arrangements.

In 2009 Andy released his album Reverie and following his success of producing Billboard sensations Sade Serena and Rachel Panay he is returning to his EDM roots.

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Super Charged Rock from Austin, Texas

Blushes all round will guarantee to rock your senses with a super charged intro and some catchy guitar riffs.

I wanna be afraid goes all out with the drums and their lead vocalist has certainly got the rockstar vocals to match the powerful instrumental arrangements.

Love is nothing without eternity is a slower ballad, whilst i'm a fan of Sprightly Moans instrumental mastery their vocal stylings didn't really click with my musical tastes but after listening to this song there is a certain charm to the lead singer's voice.

The band describes their sound as Jimi Hendrix, Lightning Bolt, The White Stripes and The Bad Plus getting into a fist fight, where no one came out unscathed.

The band have also received outstanding reviews from a slew of online music magazines.

Chris Romans of Hear The Indie describes emotion as one of the main qualities of Demos III, specifically how as a band they manage to surpass his emotional expectations through their unique lyrical topics which often border on beautiful poetry.

Sir Jorge of describes their music as an eclectic blend and one which proves to be an emblem of creativity.

Chris Marsh of describes Love Is Nothing Without Eternity as a preciously fragile song which wouldn't be out of place on an indie movie soundtrack.

Mike Giord describes I wanna Be Afraid as a true masterpiece.

That gives you some idea of what to expect from Sprightly Moans, who are an electric two piece band made up of Dave and Jeff from Austin Texas.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Powerful Vocals courtesy of Broadcast Hearts

With a lively and upbeat intro, powerful vocals deliver the catchy and memorable lyrics and with a beautiful melody Sails, Wings and Wheels is a enjoyable tune, plus top marks for their creative music video.

Broadcast hearts are a four piece pop/rock band from Connecticut and were formed in 2009.

The line up consists of:

Avery Bazan - Lead Vocals/Piano
Ted Ferik - Drums
Justin Molfese - Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar
Blake Burgess - Backing Vocals/Synth

Their musical influences include Coldplay, Mumford and Sons and One Republic.

The band have already had the good fortune of performing at various venues in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts,  Pennsylvania and Delaware.

In 2009 Avery met Ted when the two began performing together and then Justin joined them on Bass, along with Conrad Mckenzie on Synth and thus Broken Hearts were born.

Initially using songs Avery had written towards the end of high school, it wasn't long till they began working on new music.

They started performing, firstly in Connecticut and the following year in New York, which also saw them start on their first EP.

It was also at this time that Conrad was replaced by Chris, but the band continued and the EP was recorded without the luxury of a professional studio and in 2011 it debuted and received airplay not only in Connecticut but also in Ireland.

As Avery and Justin finished college, the band moved in together to strengthen their musical relationship. 2012 saw them receive guidance from established musicians and they raised $10,000 on Kickstarter to fund the professional recording of their 2nd EP - The Anchor Rising.

Chris left the band and was replaced by Blake Burgess, which takes us to the current line up.

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Wednesday 19 February 2014

The powerful voice of Scarlett Lee

Heartbeats Video

Scarlett has a voice that will blow you away and at only 16, she is one talented individual and if she continues on this musical path she will have a bright future ahead of her. Miss Lee puts so much emotion and power into her captivating performances.

Ever since she was little Scarlett has been singing and she always knew it was something she wanted to dedicate her life to. She loves song writing and the buzz of performing on stage and connecting with the audience.

Her dream is to one day perform at the O2 to a sell out crowd. With the support of not only her family but also her ever increasing fan base (Starletts), Scarlett is making giant strides towards making her dream a reality.

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

The Suburb gives a creative makeover to a 1979 Classic

The Suburb is a one man music machine, with an amazing vocal range, instrumental mastery, showmanship and creative genius, he entertains us with his wonderful reworking of The Buggles classic Video killed the Radiostar.

The Suburb is Spanish Indie Rock Musician Raül Bonilla, he is currently taking part in the one year one song a week challenge from November 2013 to October 2014.

His professional music career started with the release of two albums, Life Is Rara in 1997 and A in 2001 as part of experimental Garage Rock Band Placton.

Placton's Keyboard Player Adri A joined forces with The Suburb and formed hip hop duo 2in-par, who released their self named album 2in-par in 2005, this album achieved success as one of the year's best Spanish records.

He also found time to perform backing vocals for the likes of Macaco and Calima until 2011, it was then he released the Paroxismo EP as Placton where he was the only instrumentalist.

At the age of 16 Raül wanted to have a band so he found four musicians, including a vocalist/guitarist and it was agreed he would be their tambourine player as long as they performed songs he had written. The vocalist/guitarist struggled with singing and playing, so Raül ended up as the band's vocalist.

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Monday 17 February 2014

The Prominent Vocals of Quinn Archer

Dark Places features the prominent vocals of Quinn Archer and with powerful instrumentals which make this a memorable melody. With moving lyrics, Quinn describes her music as Gothic Soul.

Quinn Archer is a British born Singer/Songwriter, after growing up in a Catholic boarding school she moved to LA and it wasn't long before she was not only busy on the gig circuit with her hard rock band Stereofiend, but also performing backing vocals for Shooter Jennings' band Stargunn and also involved in a solo project with Gavin Mackilop of The Rembrandts and Goo Goo Dolls fame.

Her most recent band was Juliet's Royal Blood, but following the band's split she is now focusing on a solo career and released her debut single Walk Through The Fire in December, 2013.

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Sunday 16 February 2014

Catchy Musical Riffs courtesy of Melbourne based She Was Loud

The She Was Loud EP is 5 tracks of addictive Rock beats, catchy musical riffs and amped up vocals courtesy of Jess Molenaar and Murray Lawson. She Was Loud certainly know how to rock.

She Was Loud EP

My fave tracks from this highly charged EP are All Along The Way and One Night Man as they showcase the band's musical variety.

All Along The Way begins with a gentle melodic intro and a haunting choral vocal but then you're greeted with smooth vocals and slick instrumentals.

One Night Man kicks in with a super charged tempo, which will without a doubt see you headbanging.

As a rock fan since my early life, when I would spend hours and hours entertaining myself with the Albums of my favourite rock bands, either on the bus home from school or whilst moshing with my friends.

It was then we decided to recreate those glorious memories, whilst also paying tribute to our musical mentors so together with like minded friends She Was Loud was born.

Saturday 15 February 2014

The Stirring Melodies of Chris Reale

Because is both musically and lyrically beautiful, with its stirring melody and hints of Blues courtesy of the harmonica.

21 year old Staffordshire based Chris Reale not only sang and played the instruments but he also produced it himself, he really is a man of many talents.

He is currently working with a producer on his debut album, which is scheduled for release later on this year.

Friday 14 February 2014

A Smooth Guitar Intro courtesy of Full Moon Fallout

A Day Without Me

With a smooth guitar intro, powerful vocals courtesy of Jenni Smith and Full Moon Fallout and also a captivating and haunting melody A Day Without Me is most certainly a emotionally powerful tune and the rock influence is clearly noticeable.

Not much is known about the band other then they hail from the Isle Of Man and are made up of three talented individuals Jenni Smith, Paul and Georgia Cooper and outside of their musical interests the trio are fast food aficionados.

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Wednesday 12 February 2014

British Indie Music Collective Tess of The Circle

Here is a run down on Tess Of The Circle's latest musical offering Thorns.

Better Days opens with a beautiful instrumental intro, powerful vocals and a crescendoing instrumental

The vocals on Vagabonds and Rogues are a slower pace but it's still a great song especially when the guitar arrangement kicks in.

A well crafted instrumental bed makes cracks and burns a listen for Rock fans.

Eyes of a clown is a somber melody, with its haunting lyrics.

History is a catchy and upbeat tune.

Lifesong features a stirring instrumental combo of piano and violin, also love the influence of Spanish Music.

Say What You Want Run is a beautiful and mellow tune.

No Place Like Home entertains with its catchy intro and its uplifting and inspirational lyrics plus the Guitar Riffs are simply beautiful.

Thorns is a sad song with its slow tempo and moving lyrics.

Mixed Emotions is similar to Thorns but a little more upbeat in terms of the tempo and it features a delightful instrumental sequence halfway through.

Girl In The Window is a beautifully crafted ballad and the Hawaiian style Guitar playing conjures mental images of an exotic beach.

Tess Of The Circle are an Indie Band focusing on the songs of Tess Jones and a musical collective.

Despite the A List credits on the album, which includes Brit Award Winning Music Producer Chris Potter (who worked with The Verve, Richard Ashcroft and The Rolling Stones), Thorns was prepared independently on a one man label and with an Indie budget.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

The blissful vocals of Gayle Skidmore

A beautiful but haunting melody and Gayle's vocals are musical bliss, this is one of those vocalists who you don't encounter very often but when you do they're guaranteed to blow you away like musical dynamite.

Gayle's lyrical genius was in her DNA as she started songwriting at 8 and has already penned over 1700 songs and in 2013 she had the honour of winning Best Singer-Songwriter at the San Diego Music Awards.

In addition to receiving classical training on the piano from the age of 4, she can also play a multitude of other instruments including the mountain dulcimer, banjo, folk harp and Balalaika.

Besides her endless musical and artistic endeavors Gayle also loves baking.

Monday 10 February 2014

London Based Country Singer/Songwriter Lucy May

Paper Heart on iTunes

Paper Heart features a beautiful intro, Lucy's Mood lifting lyrics are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and together with the addictive instrumental hooks this melody will definitely captivate your senses.

Sunday 9 February 2014

The powerful vocals of Helena Micy

Starting with a beautiful piano intro and then Helena's powerful vocals kick in, Don't Change is a catchy pop song with a chorus that will get you hooked from the outset.

Helena Micy is a Greek Singer/Songwriter who specializes in Soul and RnB.

Her love of music was so great that in 2004 she gave up her archaeology studies and began her music career and 2004 saw the start of the musical journey in Athens and in 2005 she was learning the piano and how to harmonize at the National Conservatory of Greece.

Fast forward to 2008 and she had graduated in Modern Singing with Flying Colours.

2009 saw her dive head first into song writing and a year later we were graced with her singles Listen (Feat Stereo Mike) and Leave Me Alone which were recorded in the Artemis Studio.

Helena then headed over to London to focus on her debut album and in 2012 she performed at Top UK Venues such as Proud Camden and The Troubadour.

After performing at South By Southwest with Stereo Mike, she returned to London and set about forming her own Band, Helena also made it into the Top 20 on MTV Unsigned.

The band consist of Helena Micy on Vocals/Piano, Max Cervellino on Guitar, Mike Exarchos on Bass and Danielle Giovannoni on Drums.

April 2014 will see the release of the first single from the forthcoming album Body and Soul so watch this space.

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