Sunday 30 November 2014

The Smooth Soul-Folk Sounds of Zea Stallings and The Copper Children

Zea Stallings got into music from a very young age but it wasn't until 8th grade that he realized his true potential of powerful vocals and a soft rhythmic guitar style.

During his high school years he was involved in numerous projects but this was only the beginning.

Zea's musical journey lead him to the Durango Songwriters Expo of 2013, where he met Bassist Joel Ashmore and the creative union which eventually culminated in the birth of The Copper Children.

At this point Joel already had a impressive array of musical achievements, ranging from numerous awards to three national tours.

Joel believed in Zea's sound and introduced him to some of the best sound engineers Colorado has to offer, including the talented Geoff Moriss.

The band then performed at small intimate venues, where upon their music was very well received.

During an intimate New Year's Party that they realised something was amiss or rather one of their friends Joseph Gordon felt a kinship with the band's music and asked to perform with them and voila The Copper Children's lineup grew to include a drummer.

Currently the trio are working on their debut album whilst also finding time for local performances.

Drugs & Liquour is a melodic masterpiece full to the brim with smooth vocals and beautiful instrumentals.

Ocean's Eye is a laid-back number with lyrics that tell a wonderful story.

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Saturday 29 November 2014

Synthesized Beats straight from Sydney, Australia thanks to Colour Space Colour

Colour Space Colour are two girls from Sydney, Australia and equipped with two synths and the production skills of Andy Mak (Boy & Bear, Bertie Blackman) they recently released their debut EP, which is six tracks of what they describe as electro pop with mighty bass lines and a taste of 1987.

Ocean Floor is a beautiful composition with an ethereal quality at the start followed by first class vocals over a catchy arrangement of synthesized beats.

Lonely Heart starts with a nice sequence of beats and transitions into beautiful vocals and awesome beats.

Turning Time Into Powder features smooth beats and catchy vocals.

All I Thought About is a synth ballad with a mixture of soothing strip backed segments and upbeat vocals.

Upside Down Inside Out entertains us with sax beats, addictive vocals and wonderful synth beats - this is without a doubt my fave track from the EP.

Opening Night is a wonderful assortment of synth beats, choir like vocals and a delightful piano finish.

The duo's vocals and wizardry on the synthesizer is second to none and with Andy Mak's expertise we are presented with 6 wondrous tracks.

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Friday 28 November 2014

After Midnight bring us Addictive Rock Beats from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Aftermidnight are a Indie/Alternative Rock Band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band are made up of four musicians, each of which is from a different musical background so as a result they have tried to create one defining sound, this has seen them gear toward synthesizers.

The lineup is made up of Ashkan Karimi - Lead vocals/Electric guitar/Acoustic guitar, 
Austin Donoho - Lead Electric Guitars/Backing Vocals, Ben Blount - Drums/Backing Vocals, 
Patrick O'Meilia - Bass, Pablo Achivare-Vallejos - Synths/Pads on Moonlight, Bass and
Kendal Osborne - Synths/Pads on Luminous.

They have performed alongside acts such as Mute Math, Civil Twilight, Neon Trees and Fitz and the Tantrums. 

The band are currently writing lyrics for their first album and are aiming for something relevant, melodic and timeless.

The Luminous is a four track EP that was released last year.

The title track also called Luminous begins with beautiful harmonies and catchy riffs which transform into energetic beats and captivating vocals.

Moonlight is another energetic belter with its instrumental arrangement and the vocals and lyrics are simply mesmerizing.

Scales begins with addictive beats, beautiful vocals and first class lyrics.

The Rope (Sea Of Light) is chock full of lively instrumentals and energetic vocals.

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Thursday 27 November 2014

Death In Texas deliver 11 musical delights courtesy of their debut album Pause Between Breaths

Ruth Searle met Kane Power in New Zealand during 2004, whilst they were both studying for music degrees.

A few years later they started working together musically, where they combined Ruth's piano skills and Kane's interest in hardcore and metal.

The duo then relocated to London in 2009 and this was when Death In Texas were born.

Two years down the line and they released their debut EP - We Will Implode.

Following many gigs around the UK and changes in their line up, specifically the bass player they recorded a four track EP - Pluck.

Ruth and Kane tied the knot and took the time to refine their sound to something more relaxed, relying on Radiohead and Bat For Lashes as inspiration.

June 2014 saw the duo venture into the studio to begin recording their debut album and the 27th of November sees them unveil this album as they release Pause Between Breaths for the whole world to listen to.

With a similar sound to Marbl, Pause Between Breaths delivers us 11 musically unique gems.

Music is chock full of synth beats and Ruth's captivating vocals, this track sets the ambiance for the rest of the album as it's something special.

A Body features a catchy instrumental hook which goes nicely alongside the melodic tones of the piano and Ruth's first class performance.

In places Shards features a slower tempo which gives it more of a ballad feel and it concludes with a haunting sequence.

Waves yet again delivers on the instrumental and vocal front, plus it also entertains us with powerful and moving lyrics.

Things Your Eyes Have Seen's lyrics make us wonder what see as life passes us by whilst the song dazzles us with a catchy melody.

Laniakea kicks off which powerful instrumentals, which sets the mood for the rest of the song.

Something New showcases Ruth's vocal range from beautiful harmonies to the powerful way in which she performs the lyrics.

Synthesised Happiness is another haunting number, thanks to the piano arrangement and vocals.

Weighted Light is simply outstanding with a delightful mix of instrumentals and Ruth's sublime vocals.

Sails is a rocktastic belter of a tune.

The album closes with a laid-back number which shares the same title as the album and I couldn't think of a better way to finish off the album.

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Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Smooth Bluesy Sounds of John Revitte

John Revitte is a LA Based Singer/Songwriter whose songs are described as "raw emotion from the soul"

His musical genres of choice are Blues, Soul and Folk Rock and when it comes to his music he can't stand editing instead he prefers his music and lyrics to be Au Naturel.

I Want To Live features smooth melodic riffs and beautiful bluesy vocals.

Walk On Out is the perfect combo of captivating guitar arrangements, powerful vocals and deep heartfelt lyrics.

Heart entertains us with upbeat guitar riffs and emotive lyrics.

All Eyes On You dazzles us with a mood lifting guitar arrangement, powerful vocals and lyrics that are delivered straight from the heart.

All Flaws opens with a truly beautiful guitar arrangement and powerful lyrics straight from John's soul.

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Monday 24 November 2014

One delivers powerful rock straight from Poland

One is the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Adam Malicki, who at the age of 16 started work on original lyrics - thanks to inspiration from not only his dad's favourite bands - Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd but also his own favourites - Sound Garden and Jack White.

His album was very well received and was considered as a musical game changer both in his native Poland but also internationally.

The title track Njoyin' remained in the radio charts for 18 weeks and was number 1 four times during that period - this led to a live concert which was also streamed.

City Of Dreams is chock full of killer guitar riffs, addictive rock beats and powerful vocals - listening to this it becomes instantly obvious why Adam's music is so popular, he certainly is one talented musician with his catchy lyrics and first class music production.

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Kevin Fitzsimmons and the Jazzwurx collective serve up smooth Jazz Melodies

Jazzwurx features some of London's top Jazz Musicians - these guys have won awards both at home and overseas.

The collective are lead by accomplished Singer/Songwriter Kevin Fitzsimmons and their Jazz is a combo of West Coast Cool, Hard Swinging and Bluesy Ballads.

The rest of the lineup is Leon Greening on Piano, Matt Fishwick on Drums, Adam King on Bass, Alex Garnett on Saxes, Gareth Lockrane on Flutes and Steve Fishwick on Trumpets.

The group have already sold out at Ronnie Scotts, performed a 1 hour concert on Jazz FM and have also had good turnouts for appearances at London Jazz Clubs such as the Hideaway and Boisdale in Canary Wharf.

Kevin and Jazzwurx are purveyors of smooth instrumentals and soothing vocals but don't just take my word for it hop over to their soundcloud and prepare to be entertained.

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Sunday 23 November 2014

Crazy Old Maurice deliver beautiful vocals and catchy beats

Crazy Old Maurice hail from Newcastle, Australia, this musical trio came together in 2011 to entertain us with tunes ranging from sultry blues to electro dance and everything in between, combine this with killer harmonies, female vocals reminiscent of the late and great Amy Winehouse and razor sharp lyrics immersed with emotions and you'll know just what to expect.

The band's line up is Caitlin O'Reilly on Keyboards and Vocals, Tim Evans on Drums and Mike Collins on Double Bass.

Crazy Old Maurice have already toured extensively from far afield as Finland and Morocco and even locally at the Yurora Festival in Sydney and they have also supported the likes of Mustered Courage, Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens and Grandmaster Monk.

November saw the release of their 6 track debut EP - The Empty Glimmer

The Empty Glimmer, which is also track 1 of the EP features delightful instrumentals and unique but beautiful vocals courtesy of Caitlin - what a perfect tonic for this gloomy Sunday morning.

The piano arrangement and laid back vocals come together to make This Broken Town a beautiful melody.

Another Day kicks off with an interesting mix of instrumental beats, including the steel drum.

Lullaby of Light and Shade is a catchy tune with beautiful lyrics and subtle beats, thumbs up to the lively brass arrangement.

Sacred Ground dazzles us with guitar riffs and Caitlin's vocals are as elegant as always and she cranks up the decibels to deliver a performance that would make a rockstar proud.

The beauty of Are You There For Me? is its slow paced rhythm combined with soothing vocals and the calming sound of the piano.

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Saturday 22 November 2014

Gloucestershire based acoustic duo Ethemia captivate us with the charming melodies of Katie Kate

Ethemia is the ground breaking acoustic duo that everyone is talking about, they are made up of Michaela Mott and Berny Poulton.

Three years of non stop performances has seen them recognized as one of the hardest working bands on the circuit, with over 350 gigs and 40+ radio appearances under their belt - including BBC Introducing and BBC Musicians' Masterclass.

Musically they are reminiscent of the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Beautiful South.

No matter what the size of the venue is, you can be guaranteed that Michaela and Berny will give it their all when it comes to performing. This includes their special Sofa Sessions for music lovers who are unfortunately housebound.

Katie Kate is simply beautiful with a wonderfully uplifting guitar arrangement, radiant vocals courtesy of Michaela and also catchy lyrics.

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Friday 21 November 2014

The soulful sounds of Ruth Willow

Ruth Willow is a singer/songwriter, originally from Lancashire she now resides in Liverpool.

Vocally Ruth is a combination of Claire Louise of Sister Sidney and the great Heather Small plus musically Ruth Willow and Sister Sidney are similar.

November 4 saw the release of her debut EP - Heart Requiem, which she describes as unique and contemporary as its kept heartfelt due to its stripped back nature.

Heart Requiem is six tracks of amazing music - vocally, lyrically and melodically flawless.

Hollow is a lively and upbeat melody and Ruth's vocals mesmerize from the get go.

Heart Requiem features a catchy guitar arrangement and lyrics that are both beautiful and heartfelt in equal proportion.

Lone Ranger entertains us with a beautiful melody and smooth vocals.

Whirlwind Romance isn't as upbeat as the tracks that precede it but once you immerse yourself in the lyrics you quickly realize why as this is a song about heartbreak.

You begins with a catchy bass riff and lyrically this is another heartfelt tune.

Fairytales demonstrates that Ruth is just as good in a stripped back acoustic setting, with tantalizing harmonies and powerful vocals.

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Thursday 20 November 2014

The beautiful vocals of Feather-Bright

Feather-Bright are a indie rock band from San Francisco, the four piece band are made up of Carly Patterson on Vocals/Guitar, Anne Healey on Vocals/Cello, James Shaff on Bass and aniel DeMento on Drums.

They describe their music as Moon Rock and outside of the band each member is a songwriter in their own right.

The Weighing Room begins with catchy and upbeat instrumentals then we are entertained with laidback vocals and the haunting sound of the Cello and this then transforms into beautiful vocals. Feather-Bright deliver a true musical masterpiece with this track.

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Beautiful lyrics courtesy of Benjamin Yellowitz

Benjamin Yellowitz is a London Based Singer/Songwriter with exceptional skills on the acoustic guitar as well as a powerful voice and deep lyrics as showcased in his love performance of Take You Home, this melody features memorable guitar riffs and beautiful verses.

Ben is currently busy writing lyrics for his forthcoming EP / Album

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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Lively beats and smooth vocals courtesy of Pistol Kings

Pistol Kings are a rock trio from London and they have already headlined at some of London's most popular music venues.

Their line up is Tom Triggs on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Jake Cook on Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals and Ben Parker on Drums and Backing Vocals.

September saw the release of their self titled debut EP.

Run Roger entertains us with lively beats and smooth vocals.

Crave features more lightning fast instrumentals and beautiful lyrics.

The City Way is a slow paced melody with beautiful guitar riffs.

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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Electro Pop Duo Projekt Rehab unveil their latest EP - Weekend Warrior

Projekt Rehab are an american duo based in Riverside, California. 

2012 saw the release of their first EP - Still Not Popular, this received notable airplay on both Internet and FM Radio which subsequently lead to live performances at local venue.

Projekt Rehab have created a fresh sound which includes both melodic vocal arrangements and upbeat rhythms, this double act are constantly striving to improve and expand their sound.

Their most recent musical offering is Weekend Warrior which dazzles our senses with addictive synth beats, cool vocals and catchy lyrics.

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Monday 17 November 2014

Winter Springs burst onto the music scene with their debut EP - Summer Is Coming

Having already made her mark on the music scene with three impressive EPs, Natalie Holmes has teamed up with a few equally talented friends to form Winter Springs.

The line up also includes Edmund Jeffery, Charlotte Jones, Ollie Grant, Oliver Day and Johnny Barr.

Describing themselves as a harmony led Folk/Pop SInger-Songwriter collective, they have just unveiled their debut EP - Summer Is Coming.

The vocal harmonies and instrumental riffs on the opening track Let It Go are simply outstanding.

Stories begins with a powerful but at the same time ethereal arrangement, the core of the song however is upbeat and catchy.

Summer Is Coming features a smooth and joyful instrumental arrangement and the vocals are such a delight to the ears - the whole track feels like the musical equivalent of sunshine, I guess they got it spot on when they said Summer Is Coming.

Who You Are is a slower paced melody but the chorus is ever so catchy - a real musical gem.

Don't Bring Me Down dazzles us with beautiful lyrics alongside wonderful instrumental rhythms.

Winter Springs have burst onto the music scene with five tracks of melodic goodness. I'm really hoping to catch these guys in London next year.

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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Jack Of All deliver catchy beats a plenty with their debut EP Bindle-Punk

Jack of All are an alternative Folk/Rock double act who formed in April 2014 in Malvern, Worcestershire.

To begin with they performed locally but it wasn't long before they gained fans in London, The East Midlands and Yorkshire.

Their lyrics are rooted in a political and social consciousness which originates from their own personal experiences.

Whilst their sound is unique, you can notice how it's slightly influenced by the likes of The Levellers and Billy Bragg.

The duo have already performed at Arkfest, The Worcester Music Festival and the Oxjam Takeover in Leicester.

Jack Of All are Laurence Alridge on Guitars and Vocals and Anna Clifton on Violin and Electric Violin. Outside of the band, Laurence is a professional actor and Anna is an ethical goldsmith and jewelry designer.

10% of all sales from their debut EP goes to Parkinson's UK, at the moment the EP is only available to purchase by e-mailing 

Here's a run down of what you can expect from Jack Of All's debut EP - Bindle-Punk

Definitions is a catchy tune full of upbeat instrumentals and quirky lyrics.

Home's intro resembles a barber shop quartet before transforming into a smooth instrumental arrangement and the lyrics are fun to listen to.

Thank You For Your Application is a sad song and deals with a problem a lot of people are facing currently.

On Top Of The Hills features more beautiful yet haunting instrumentals.

All About The Money commences with vocals rather then the usual instrumentals, the vocals pack more of a punch then the other tracks.

I liked the sound bites at the start and end of the EP.

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Tuesday 11 November 2014

20 years since their first foray into music Perren Street Parade finally unveil their debut album

Perren Street Parade began in the late 80s following an advert in Melody Maker, after extensive rehearsals, a demo produced by Tony Cohen (who some of you may recognise from his work with The Birthday Party) and interest from Creation Records no gigs or releases ever came to light.

2+ Decades later and the band are no more as at some point they went their separate ways with the drummer having become both a successful painter and also a musician with Gun Club.

Two of the founding members Pete West and Colin Read got back together to record the long over due debut album. 

Murmurs & Moans is a beautiful melody with mesmerizing vocals and lively beats.

Is There A Place Left In is a nostalgic tune, as it reflects back to past loves with its emotive lyrics and delightful instrumental arrangement.

Holes In The Sky is a fast paced song with a wonderful assortment of instruments alongside sad lyrics.

Far From The Maddening Crowd begins with a sublime intro and the lyrics have the same nostalgic feel to them as in Is There A Place Left except here there is more of a melancholy feel to things.

Remembrance Day has a haunting feel to it at the start but this quickly transforms into something more upbeat.

Runaway is full of addictive beats and smooth lyrics.

Shiver's aquatic intro is calming and the melodic beats that follow go hand in hand with the dreamy sounding vocals.

This Is Our Day is another haunting melody, but it is also interspersed with some catchy instrumental hooks.

Never Again has kind of a retro feel to it alongside some exquisite instrumentals.

Lions In The Playground captivates us with its synthesised beats.

From the beginning Black Dog Days sets the mood for a downbeat song, even though it feels upbeat the lyrics are bleak.

The Lighthouse includes the harmonica, which contributes to the haunting tune and sad lyrics - this track feels a bit bluesy.

Everything You Did is another bluesy number but more upbeat then The Lighthouse in terms of the beat however the lyrics are truly heartfelt.

Its taken 20+ years but Pete and Colin have given the album their all and present to us 13 wondrous tracks.

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Thursday 6 November 2014

All The Channels In Between features the smooth sounds of The Slack Tide

The Slack Tide presents seven tracks of musical goodness.

Change features some cool vocals and catchy guitar riffs.

Bedpost is more of a laid back number but I love the instrumental arrangement especially towards the end of the song as it's taken up a notch.

Honey Suckle Rose is a heartfelt song as reflected by its lyrics and its full to the brim with addictive beats.

Bigger Love begins is a smooth melody and also down to earth lyrics, but halfway through it briefly transforms into a rock song.

Casino is a more up beat tune with a lightning fast instrumental arrangement, got to love the piano segment and the closer guitar sequence.

Schoolyard Brawl features catchy instrumental hooks such as its percussion beats and along with the vocals this track has a rock and roll feel to it.

Shake Your Mind is another upbeat number with beats you can't ignore as well as entertaining vocals.

Originally from Long Beach, New York The Slack Tide released their debut album All The Channels In Between - inspiration for which came from Hurricane Sandy that wrecked their community, prior to the storm the Band Members took shelter in Manhattan.

With no power and only Beer and Tequila at hand they wrote for three days non stop and a year later they recorded their material and this album is the result.

The Band consist of :

Lead Singer/Guitarist - Rory Thompson
Guitarist - Dave Delaney
Bassist - Hank Dixon
Drummer - Tommy Walsh
Keyboardist - Dave Lynch

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Wednesday 5 November 2014

Rock out to Jingo's debut album - The Art Of Loving

The Art of Loving contains 12 tracks of supercharged rock beats and powerful vocals, Jingo certainly knows how to captivate their audience.

With Katie Buckett on vocals and thanks to their beautiful lyrics, Jingo deliver kick-ass tunes.

Each of the tracks offers something musically unique, my personal fave was When You Want Me.

Jingo have put together a fantastic debut album, chock full of electric beats, deep and moving lyrics and wonderful vocals. I definitely got to see these talented guys perform live.

Jingo are a transatlantic four piece alt-rock group made up of Jack and Kate Buckett with Joe Reeves and Chris Smith on rhythm.

Jack and Joe met Katie, a singer based in New York and Jack lured her to East London where they started the Cable Street Electric Open Mic Night and then they got married.

In early 2013 they formed Jingo and their first live show saw them support Graham Coxon of Blur fame. Their self recorded debut album was released in September 2014 and they have been featured on BBC London Introducing with Gary Crowley.

The release coincided with a US Tour with Not Blood Paint and in 2015 they plan to release a New EP and also tour Germany and Western Europe.

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