Monday 15 December 2014

Musical silk thanks to the beautiful song Pentavibe by Angela Terace Trippe

Angela chronicles her life lyrically and melodically, she was born to sing as vocally she is soulful, passionate and unique.

She was asked who she sounds like but there is no answer to this as she enjoys to dabble in all genres.

Angela tinkled the ivories at the tender age of three and her passion for music led to her receiving training as a classic pianist and more recently Angela has developed an interest for pop, indie and rock music.

She prepares her own lyrics and music, is responsible for the arrangements, plays all the instruments bar the guitar and even masters and produces her own songs plus she even finds the time to collaborate with musicians from all around the world - Angela is a musical juggernaut.

Angela was born in Brooklyn, New York and music flows through her family tree as back as her great grandparents, her family has always embraced music one way or another.

Pentavibe features smooth synth beats, a beautiful piano melody, catchy instrumentals, delightful vocals and heartfelt lyrics - this song is musical silk.

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Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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  1. Angela, the world is blessed for having musicians like you! It's an honor knowing you :)