Sunday 28 December 2014

2014 - A Musical Review

Thanks to my Indie Music Blog I have been inundated with new for my listening pleasure and a few tunes have really impressed me.

Electro Pop Duo Colour Space Colour's track Upside Down Inside Out got me hooked with addictive vocals and catchy Sax Beats.

Ruth Willow's soulful vocals are a thing of beauty, the first time I heard her debut EP it left me speechless .... that voice is simply amazing.

Meresha is a lyrical and musical genius with a creative vision that should not be ignored, from the emotionally charged Vida or the melodically perfect and seamlessly produced Acid Bass - Meresha is a musical beacon to rival the ever increasing pop clones that have over saturated main stream music.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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