Tuesday 23 December 2014

Blue Plasma Orb serve up Blues Flavoured Classic Rock

Blue Plasma Orb are a blues flavoured Classic Rock band that formed in 2012 with the intention of creating music that would appeal to the fans of Guns 'N' Roses, The Police and The Beatles.

To begin with there were no plans to form a band but in late 2012 Billy asked his friend Greg to help retrain him on the Guitar.

This led to original riffs which led to four new songs and then Bone was brought aboard to provide Bass and Vox which resulted in a complete line up.

Billy Bishop - Guitar
Bone - Bass and Vocals
Rich Smith - Drums
Greg Peters - Lead Guitar

The next logical step was to begin work on a debut album and this saw the light of day in July 2014 in the form of 12 tracks.

The band have already started work on lyrics for the follow up album and their first professional music video is in post production so keep an eye out for that.

Fight is chockful of energetic riffs, powerful vocals and captivating lyrics.

Strange Things features a eclectic mix of instrumental beats and lyrics with depth.

Rocket is a mix of catchy beats and first class lyrics.

Lover contains electrifying riffs and lyrics that will rock you with their emotional intensity.

Lazy Days is a slow paced melody, with laid back vocals and calming beats.

Lightning N'ver Strikes Twice is a catchy melody on all fronts - instrumentally, lyrically and vocally - it entertains us on all levels.

Elo is a captivating melody with smooth riffs and heart felt lyrics.

Night Flight dazzles with addictive riffs and upbeat vocals, hats off to some of the lyrical hooks.

Whatcha Gonna Do is fast and upbeat with its addictive instrumentals and energetic vocals.

Summer Girl is an assortment of super charged instrumental beats and summery lyrics, well with a title like that its too be expected.

It's Been Such A Long Time is another corker of a tune, with mesmerizing vocals and killer beats.

Fire And Ice wraps up the band's debut album with the same calibre of music we've grown accustomed to - smooth beats, breathtaking vocals and amazing lyrics aplenty.





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