Wednesday 17 December 2014

Chicago based Static In Verona delivers 16 tracks of musical awesomeness

Chicago Musician Rob Merz has been writing and recording for over 18 years and this has seen him involved with numerous Chicago Bands, now he's flying solo with his Static In Verona project, where he is responsible for everything.

Following on from the release of his debut album in 2009, Rob has drawn on influence from various quarters such as Shoegaze, Classical Music and Jazz.

This fusion of genres culminated in the follow up album - Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything.

With a rousing orchestral opening to 16 tracks, the prologue is a melodic masterpiece which sets the benchmark for the album.

Bitter Branches begins with a powerful guitar intro, energetic percussion and smooth vocals.

Rosemary (Bury Me) has a heavyish bass line and heart felt lyrics.

White Knuckles entertains us with beautiful vocals and atmospheric beats.

Roman Candle revs up the tempo with a fast piano melody and catchy vocals delivered at a lightning fast pace - this song is a real musical treat.

Black Windows' vocals are a thing of beauty and coupled with the instrumental arrangement, this track is a delight to the ears.

Friendly Fires begins with catchy beats and more of Rob's amazing vocals.

[Song For K] is a laid back track with subtle instrumentals.

Something ... Anything is another energetic number with breathtaking vocals.

Blindfold kicks in with powerful beats and soothing vocals.

Look Like Gold features catchy guitar riffs which go hand in hand with heartfelt lyrics which come straight from the heart.

Trembling Timbre is a upbeat melody thanks to the beats and tempo.

Loud Night/Quiet Morning delivers more musical smoothness, Rob certainly has the formula for cooking up some amazing tunes.

False Dawn features a haunting melody intertwined with beautiful vocals, which merge into catchy melodic beats.

Epilogue almost concludes Static In Verona's second album with its calming and ethereal sound.

As a treat Rob furnishes us with a beautiful remix of Friendly Fires.

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