Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Blog Challenge #2 - Tell Your Entrepreneurial Story

My foray into the world of online music promotion began as a result of my passion for social media, in 2011 after discovering an musical artist who was the same nationality as me I discovered a passion I never knew I had and this was what eventually led me to launching my blog in 2013 and eventually providing additional promotional services.

Prior to the launch I spent a while building up contacts which I could utilise as elements within the promo packages I offer, for example Internet Radio stations or other music blogs.

I am also motivated by sharing the wonderful music that I discover with like minded individuals who appreciate and cherish good music as much as I do.

My first client was gained as a result of growing interest in my blog, I regularly have artists connect with me via social media and after a complimentary review of their music I felt that was the perfect time to mention the other services that I offer.

The biggest challenges which I still face are finding new artists to promote and ensuring a regular income and from a blogging perspective avoiding reuse of the same vocabulary and or phrases when reviewing music.


  1. hey Boulent,

    I liked your post. yes sometimes those insights come unexpected.
    I heard from a lot of people online who started their passion without making money with that. and later on find out, that they stumbled upon something awsome.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much and yes it can be awesome, especially if you connect with like minded individuals.

  3. Love your story. It cool to hear how you found a passion and started a business from that. I am doing the challenge too, and this post was was so much fun, I love reading other stories about getting started.
    If you want to check out mine this is it: http://amandagreenthumb.com/2015/07/05/my-entrepreneurial-journey/