Sunday 31 May 2015

Smouldering vocals and captivating Instrumental Hooks courtesy of Smoking Martha

Smoking Martha originated when sultry songstress Tasha D teamed up with Rock and Roll loving guitarist Mike Broome back in 2012 and this musical union was only made possible with the assistance of like minded musicians from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

It wasn't long after that they took to the stage, not only in iconic venues across Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast such as The Cherry Bar, Hifi Bar and Hard Rock Cafe but also at the Dead Of Winter festival in 2013 and they also supported veteran US Act Everclear and opened for English Rock band Uriah Heep at Eaton's Hill.

March 2014 saw the launch of their debut EP, which was well received and which saw Triple M's Ugly Phil pick them as a band to watch.

All Lit Up dazzles our senses with electric beats a plenty, thanks to the talented Mike Broome, whose killer riffs leave us wanting more.

Sweet As Honey showcases Tasha's smouldering vocals and the captivating instrumental hooks keep coming thick and fast.

Bad Choices delivers both a superior vocal performance and a catchy percussion arrangement.

Fake Promises sees Tasha serve up vocals that guarantee to get you rockin' the night away.

Heavy Heart wraps up this EP with a slower and sublime number, this melody grabs your attention from the first note thanks to the beautiful guitar arrangement and the mesmerizing vocal talents of Tasha.

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Wednesday 20 May 2015

Ryan Dunlap's second album delivers catchy verses and captivating instrumentals

Ryan Dunlap is a 28 year old Singer/Songwriter from Perrysburg, Ohio.

At the age of 17 he followed a friend's advice to put his poetry to music and this motivated Ryan to save up for his first guitar.

His first album - Sometimes The Worlds Just Ugly was released in 2011 and its lyrics came as a result of Ryan losing his father.

Ryan has a rare congenital eye condition which has resulted in the loss of sight in his right eye however Ryan doesn't let this hinder him as he recently travelled to SXSW in Texas on his own plus he is still able to write, record and perform. 2014 saw Ryan release his second full length album - It Is What It Is.

Till Tomorrow dazzles us with catchy verses, smooth vocals, energetic beats and beautiful guitar riffs.

A Little Bit Of Everything serves up captivating beats, upbeat lyrics and lively vocals plus a big thumbs up to the inclusion of the Harmonica.

Black Turns Blue (feat Kyle White) has a bluesy feel to it - thanks to the melodic arrangement and spectacular vocal performance.

Burned is a upbeat number with fast paced beats, lightning fast vocals and a captivating instrumental arrangement.

Get Gone begins with electrifying beats, slick verses and supercharged vocals.

Gets You Through features a beautiful guitar arrangement, uplifting lyrics and a outstanding vocal performance.

Part Of Georgia kicks off with a rocktastic arrangement, Ryan's powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

She Comes Around showcases captivating instrumentals especially the piano melody, guitar riffs and brass arrangement and a lively vocal delivery plus the lyrics are simply outstanding.

That Night has a slower vibe to it but the vocals and instrumental melody are on point and leave us feeling entertained plus the lyrics pack an emotional punch.

Empty Seat At The Bar features a poignant blend of instrumentals, deep and heartfelt verses and a somber sounding vocal performance.

That'll Show Ya has a rock and roll vibe to it and Ryan's powerful vocals and the captivating beats leave us wanting more.

People I Knew serves up a smooth melody and beautiful lyrics.

The Great Wheel treats us to a beautiful melody, upbeat verses and another thoroughly entertaining vocal performance.

It Is What It Is concludes this wonderful album with a unique intro which transitions into a wonderful melody with subtle instruments and laid back vocals.

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Sunday 17 May 2015

Beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics and delightfully captivating beats courtesy of Sam Lyon

Sam Lyon is a 20 year old Singer/Songwriter from Winsford in Cheshire and she has been gigging since the age of 13.

Sam recently released her second EP - The Bitter Taste Of Bliss.

Almost Enough is track 3 on the EP and this upbeat melody showcases Sam's beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics and delightfully captivating beats - the piano arrangement is simply sublime.

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Saturday 16 May 2015

Sarantos delivers smooth vocals, delightful guitar riffs and beautiful lyrics

Sarantos's passion for music began before he even knew the meaning of the word, his songwriting began at a early age and developed from there and as he grew older he would continue to write whenever the opportunity presented itself.

It is this love and passion for music that has nurtured Sarantos's musical talents.

A Mission Of Heart is the newest release by this Folk Singer/Songwriter and profits from sales go to Heart To Heart International.

With catchy and energetic beats, smooth vocals, delightful guitar riffs and deep and heartfelt lyrics - this tune entertains from start to finish and the visuals in the video are simply beautiful, a real work of art.

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Kids Without A Cause showcases energetic vocals and the Paramore influence is to die for

Bianca Jane is a musician/songwriter, originally from Gawler she now spends most of her time in Mount Gambier working on new material and also performing.

Bianca picked up her first guitar at the age of 13 however it wasn't till she discovered her vocal talents at 18 that things really began.

She doesn't just stick to a specific genre so prepare to be surprised and what her music will offer.

Her most recent release is the single - Kids Without A Cause, which is currently on iTunes plus Bianca is trying to crowdfund her EP - Cheap Rumours.

Kids Without A Cause showcases lightning fast beats, a captivating melody, killer riffs and energetic vocals plus the Paramore influence is to die for.

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Friday 15 May 2015

Static Of Play showcase catchy beats, slick rhymes, powerful vocals and energetic instrumentals

Static Of Play are a London based band of the Rock, Soul and Hip Hop genres, their line up consists of:

Lead Guitar: Alex (Fando) Fernandes 

Bass: Will Kerr 

Percussion: Ben Spooner 

Vocalists: Ahmar (S.V) Ferguson Missy McAnulty 

Rapper: Anthony (A-Mens) Mensah

They will soon be unveiling their EP, the first single of which will be What It Is To Be, which showcases catchy beats, slick rhymes from Anthony, powerful vocals from Missy and energetic instrumentals.

Website -
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Thursday 14 May 2015

Klis presents captivating instrumental arrangement with energetic beats

In 2011 experimental musician Klis was inspired by Edward De Bono's book PO and Steve Spacek's album Black Pocket to create a new and alternative method of writing songs.

This vision led to the limited two track Sequential Music EP and now in 2015 Klis invited his favourite underground artists to produce tracks with this new technique - the results transcend genre and showcase something new and innovative.

What features an entertaining arrangement of synthesized beats.

Never again serves up a cool melodic symphony.

Seqret Sequence [Alpha Version] delivers a mixture of powerful beats and delightful melodic tones.

Particle 4 features a catchy and upbeat melody.

Wubwub sees Klis brings heavy beats into play.

Get Radical [Sliced-N-Diced Dub] has a similar melodic feel to Wubwub whilst also throwing some unique beats into the mix.

Blipper showcases a catchy and uplifting melodic arrangement - this is without a doubt my fave track off the album.

Helium Baboon presents a captivating instrumental arrangement with energetic beats which give this track a computer game feel to it.

Igor's Jelly Castle wraps up this unique album with a catchy melodic arrangement.

Whilst this album was not my cup of tea, the last three tracks did entertain me the most out of the tracks featured.

Website -

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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Cletis dazzles us with soft vocals and gentle guitar arrangements

Cletis Carr was raised in America to a family of professional Country musicians and his first musical success was in 1980 with new wave band Sneakers, this progressed into a solo career which took him all over the world and also resulted in seven solo albums and numerous band projects.

During a brief vacation in Australia he toured with members of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and The Saints. 

The mid 90s saw him switch to producing new and emerging artists, he then relocated to Nashville writing and performing at legendary venues such as the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner and the Broken Spoke before returning to Australia in 2001 for a promo stint with leading Aussie label Liberation Music. 

The last decade has seen Cletis running various music venues but recently he has returned to recording with his seventh solo release Stones.

From An Honest Place is a delightful and upbeat melody which showcases Cletis's impressive vocals.

Where I've Been has a slightly somber feel to it with powerful lyrics and gentle instrumentals keeping us entertained throughout.

Stones entertains us with a catchy melody, beautiful lyrics and smooth vocals.

Please Don't Lose Me features a slower tempo however the guitar arrangement and vocals are a real musical delight.

What I Don't Know wraps Stones up with a musical gem which dazzles us with soft vocals and a gentle guitar arrangement.

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Tuesday 12 May 2015

The EverGlows serve up captivating beats and britpopesque vocals

The EverGlows are a powerful three piece band from East London with their music influenced by both 60s music such as Mod and Psychedelia as well as more recent genres like New Wave and Britpop. 

The band formed in 2013 and consist of the following line up - Andy Smith on Guitars/Vocals, Ray Brodrick on Drums and Steve Perkins on Bass.

2013 was spent fine tuning their sound and material before they started performing live, they describe their sound as somewhere in between Elvis Costello, Weller and The Black Keys.

Once they were happy with this they started live shows first at open mic nights and then bigger venues, their London debut was at the Sebrite Arms in Bethnal Green and this led to two live radio sessions on Krystal Radio and Croydon FM.

Lost & Found is a catchy and upbeat number with captivating beats and britpopesque vocals.

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Monday 11 May 2015

Derek Bishop showcases catchy vocals and beautiful melodies

Derek Bishop has just released his second album Bicycling In Quicksand which features 10 tracks that showcase an eclectic mix of Disco, Euro Pop and 80s New Wave.

Derek's time as an art director has inspired him to create something fresh as he considers music to be extremely visual - this is why he has given equal importance to the packaging as he has done to the production of the songs themselves.

Backburning showcases captivating beats, catchy vocals and a beautiful melody.

Automatic features uplifting beats and catchy lyrics.

Shutting Down has a heavier vibe at the start but then Derek delivers upbeat instruments and entertaining verses.

Number Ten serves up energetic beats and lightning fast vocals.

Bicycling In Quicksand entertains us with a captivating melody and first class verses, plus the sax arrangement is a real delight.

Baggage is chock full of energetic beats and catchy lyrics.

Taffy cranks up the tempo as Derek serves up lightning fast vocals and super fast beats - a real delight to the ears.

Turn Around features cool synth beats and a on point vocal performance.

Red Flag showcases captivating verses and a top notch melody.

Toesmashers concludes the album with another outstanding melody, Derek's vocals are superb and alongside the instrumental arrangement we are treated to a catchy number.

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Sunday 10 May 2015

Mi'das serves up beautiful vocals and elegant melodies

Brighton based Mi'das (aka Mike Davies) interest in music began at an early age as he grew up in a family of musicians, as his twin was a drummer and his elder brother a pianist.

Mike spent many hours jammin' away and it was this passion along with years of practice which led to him sharing the stage with the likes of Jessie J, Labrinth and Jamie Cullum whilst still finding the time to practice and write his own material.

Mi'das has made the resolution to perform more of his own material and this means that there are numerous EPs in the pipeline and an album due for a 2016 release.

The First EP - Stronger saw its release at the end of April.

Wish Road dazzles us with beautiful vocals and an elegant melody featuring captivating beats and smooth guitar riffs.

Too Little Too Late features a delightful piano arrangement, catchy percussion and Mike's vocals all of which create something that's a joy to the ears.

The radio edit of Vienna delivers captivating beats, a upbeat vocal performance and heartfelt lyrics.

Like You Did Then is a bonus track of a demo song - this is a uplifting gem of a track, thanks to the sublime lyrics, entertaining vocals and outstanding instrumental arrangement.

The Otis Porter remix of Wish Road delivers heavy beats alongside catchy instrumentals and powerful vocals both from the lead singer and also the backing vocalists, plus thumbs up to the smooth guitar riffs.

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Saturday 9 May 2015

Sharlette is a Singer/Songwriter from South West London with natural soulful vocals

Sharlette is a Singer/Songwriter from South West London with natural soulful vocals and musical influences ranging from Etta James to George Michael - this talented individual's music is so well received that her recent gigs were sold out.

Her most recent musical offering is I Turn To You, this beautiful melody entertains us with delightful beats, mesmerizing vocals and deep and heartfelt lyrics.

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Friday 8 May 2015

Robin Brock delivers powerful vocals, energetic beats and captivating verses

Robin Brock describes herself as a Rock Goddess and hails from British Columbia, Canada.

Monsters is Robin's third album with production and co-writing credited to John Capek and the line up also features a trio of talented Guitarists - Rik Emmett, Danny Jacob and Justin Abedin.

Master and Slave features on Monsters, this corker of a track entertains us with powerful vocals, energetic beats and captivating verses plus thumbs up to killer guitar riffs thanks to the creative trio.

Website -
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Thursday 7 May 2015

Naomi Psalm delivers powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics

Naomi Psalm is a award winning Singer/Songwriter from Florida and she began her musical journey at the age of 19. Her love of creating music has seen her participate in volunteer work all across the world.

Indie Pop is her speciality and she has been likened to Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan - 2011 saw the release of her fourth album Stare and this has been proceeded by 2 single releases.

The band's line up consists of Rob Hill on Bass, Dave John on Drums, Matt Gambrell on Violin and Jeff Poole also on Drums.

Ink entertains us with powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics midst a haunting and poignant melody.

Website -
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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Maze is full of smooth vocals, catchy beats and an eclectic mix of musical instruments

Djanan Turan is a Turkish born Singer/Songwriter who currently resides in London.

Her music is a fusion of Waltz, 70s Synth, Classical Strings and Piano sounds which compliment her smooth voice. Her five piece band consists of seasoned accomplished musicians - Dan Lipman - Clarinet/Flute (Bryan Ferry), Tansay Omar - Drums (Bjork),
Paul Tkachenko - Bass (Sam and the Womp) , Fatih Ebrem - Guitar/Keys (Funkshy) and
Pablo Dominguez - Guitar (Chano Dominguez).

Maze is her newest and eagerly anticipated EP, which was funded via Kickstarter. The EP was produced by Djanan and Raz Olsher (of Sam And The Womp fame) at Fossil Studios in London.

This EP follows upon the success of her previous EPs - Artigo in 2011 and What She Wants in 2013.

Djanan also regularly performs both in the UK and also overseas having already graced the stage at Glastonbury, Mandstock in Italy and Hayal Kahvesi in Turkey.

Maze is a funky melody with smooth vocals, catchy beats and the string arrangement is simply mesmerizing.

Brother entertains us with its beautiful melody and Djanan's vocals and the heartfelt lyrics are a real treat.

Drive has an oriental feel to it with its upbeat tempo, eclectic choice of instruments and silky vocals.

Feels Right serves up a elegant piano arrangement and Djanan dazzles us with another powerful vocal performance, a perfect way to wrap up four tracks of simply wonderful music.

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Tuesday 5 May 2015

Aaron delivers beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics and captivating melodic beats

Aaron is a 22 year old London Based Singer/Songwriter who creates classic pop with an alternative electro sound, which is comparable to a blend of Synth Pop and Eighties R&B.

Her musical influences include the likes of 80s era Madonna, Kate Bush and Annie Lennox.

The last two years has seen Aaron work with top names such as Corey Chorus, Alex Oriet and Mnek, whilst also writing for Ed Thomas and Arlissa.

Letters to Jonny is Aaron's debut EP, which consists of 5 wondrous tracks - each of which entertain in the most splendid way possible whilst leaving us wanting more outstanding music.

Free Them is a upbeat number with beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics and captivating melodic beats.

Strong features slightly heavier beats but the vocals are still a delight to the ears.

Holding Water has more of a soulful vibe to it, the melody is slower to begin with but the tempo gets cranked up from time to time.

Borderline serves up a lovely instrumental arrangement which compliments Aaron's exquisite voice.

Jonny wraps up the EP with a upbeat melody which is outstanding all across the board - lyrically, vocally and musically the sing is flawless.

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Monday 4 May 2015

Pandora's Diary showcase their sultry folk tunes in a creatively unique manner

Pandora's Diary showcases sultry folk tunes in a creatively unique manner in a collaboration with Gorilla Perfume.

In her own words Pandora's Diary is as a life artist and she adds magic to her life, surroundings and the people she encounters.

Musically she performs both as a solo folk musician and also as part of of the Whirling Dervish Project which also features Maya Curry on Flute and David Naylor on Tabla and she also collaborates with songwriter Leonheard and rapper I.T from time to time.

Her latest musical endeavour provides a backdrop for beautiful melodies to be creatively associated with delightful scents thanks to wonderful and magical stories.

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