Saturday 15 July 2017

Lake Lady has gone for a more upbeat and modern feel with her latest song Mr Fantasy

Mr Fantasy sees Lake Lady's music head in a new direction as we are treated to more of a upbeat and modern feel thanks to the instrumental arrangement and the vocals have a sultry feel to them.

The song draws inspiration from Lake Lady's earlier song writing, which was influenced by the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead and Sneaker Pimps.

She wrote and recorded her vocals and then her co-producer Oshro composed the dynamic beat and various mixes were sent back and forth until the music was a fusion of 50 Shades of Grey and James Bond for sexiness and David Lynch meets Charlie Brooker for moodiness.

Lake Lady grew up in the theater, choir, orchestra and band. After having a hard time with the move she and her mom made from Minnesota to California when she was 15, she started writing songs and recording them acapella style on her Tascam 4-track, harmonies included.

Before long she was toplining as a teen for Trip Hop and Drum & Bass producers she met at clubs in Los Angeles, CA and an R&B producer she met after graduating early from Orange County High School of the Arts.

During that time, she taught herself to compose music on guitar and keys and has since released several albums, solo and collaborative, toured the US, performed internationally, and been featured in Ukulele Magazine, SF Weekly and on NPR's Facebook page. Her songs have been played on radio stations in the UK, Australia, USA, and Sweden.

Over the years, she picked up ukulele, realized she loves producing, and has lent her voice to many other artist's recordings and live shows.

When not making music, Lake Lady is often working on other creative ideas through her company, Unabashed Productions, and dreaming of her next adventure.

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