Monday, 1 December 2014

Energetic and bilingual rock from Switzerland

The Phazy Luckers are a 4 piece modern/alt rock band from Geneva, Switzerland and their members include Roxane on Vocals, Ade on Guitar, David on Bass and Mathias on Drums.

They originally formed in 2007 but with a slightly different lineup as Roxane joined in 2009 and Mathias in early 2010 and it was following on from that that they performed both in Geneva and France.

Their music is similar to guitar rock from the 80s and 90s but their own individual styles and multinational backgrounds have led to both unique sounding high energy rock as well as deep and intricate songwriting.

Their discography includes two studio EPs - Amnesia in 2010 and Luc Is Speaking in 2012.

Hate features energetic instrumentals thanks to Ade, David and Mathias and also impressive vocals by the equally talented Roxane, Hate also delivers catchy beats and emotive lyrics.

I now see what they meant about bringing their cultural backgrounds into their song writing as there both english and french verses.

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