Sunday 7 December 2014

Buddy Black and The Ghost Umbrellas serve up lively instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics

Buddy Black has been writing punked up pagan hymns for almost 17 years, as he brings his raw, catchy and meticulously crafted tales of love, religion and emotional apocalypse to venues of all sizes.

Buddy Black is Neil Mackay's musical alter ego and is someone that doesn't hold back, however he realised that as time went on he was becoming Buddy Black.

This meant that if Neil wanted to broaden his musical horizons both him and his alter ego would need to mature in order to move forward. Helping out with the musical transition are the Ghost Umbrellas.

Vincenzo Fazzari - Rhythm Guitar
Butch Agostino - Bass
Max Deller-Lestage - Drums

The trio's influences include minimalist art, 1959, TV and Radio Jingles, Robert Frank photos and literally a career long interest in Buddy Black's musical repertoire.

The final piece in the musical puzzle is multi- instrumentalist and long time friend of Buddy - Dayne Polny. He has always featured in Buddy's backing bands, which is why The Ghost Umbrellas accepted him with open arms.

Buddy is currently writing and rehearsing new material as the band prepare to reissue their last album and also release their live show exclusive - Easy Cowboy And The Stars

Since 2011, Buddy Black and co have released five EPs and two albums.

You Need To Know showcases lively instrumentals, deep and heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals from Buddy Black and The Ghost Umbrellas.

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