Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Call is a outstanding collection of tracks from the music pro that is JP Kallio

JP Kallio was born and raised in Finland and in 1996 he upped roots and headed over to Dublin and has been there ever since.

He has an extensive career in music, which has not only seen him tour with numerous bands but also perform thousands of shows as well as appearing on various TV Shows across the globe.

In 2014 JP embarked on a musical marathon by intending to release a song a week, but that was just the beginning as this year he has released four solo albums - the most recent of which was unveiled earlier this week.

This herculean feat is a testimony to both his first class songwriting and music production, a true master of high quality music.

Call Of The Angels features a delightful guitar arrangement and JP's vocals are breathtaking, a real treat to the ears.

On His Way To Hell is more upbeat with catchy vocals and a gentle instrumental arrangement.

Take Me As I Am is a smooth melody with captivating guitar riffs and more beautiful vocals, thanks to JP's Irish tones.

The Call is a laid back melody with a slow tempo and deep heartfelt lyrics.

No Safe Bets is a catchy tune, with wondrous instrumentals, powerful vocals and emotive lyrics.

You And I demonstrates even when JP tones down the tempo to deliver amazing acoustic arrangements he's number one, this track is outstanding thanks to the powerful verses and subtle instrumentals.

Watch The Rain is a powerful track thanks to the emotional depth of JP's lyrics.

Drowning Man is another gentle melody with a slow beat and a exquisite arrangement of guitar chords.

Fight showcases captivating chords and catchy lyrics, JP has delivered a real musical gem with this tune.

Just Friends demonstrates more of JP's wizardy both as a lyricist and also when it comes to bringing his musical masterpieces to life.

What Are We To Do wraps up the album on a high note with lyrics that tell a story and the beauty of not only JP's voice but also the harmonized backing vocals and catchy guitar riffs make this into something special.

The Call is a outstanding collection of tracks from a music pro in his element, with emotionally powerful lyrics, unique vocals and outstanding melodic beats - JP has effortlessly crafted 11 songs that are simply outstanding.

The fact that this is the fourth album released in a year highlights how much of an inspiration to us JP is and what we can achieve if we knuckle down.

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