Sunday 5 November 2017

Uneven features 4 amazing tracks which treat us to catchy instrumental melodies and wonderful vocals

Sarah Fortsch is a 18 year old Singer/Songwriter from Detroit, Michigan and her first public performance was at the age of 10 at Tim Horton's Coffee Shop, where she would cover songs by Elvis.

Her award-winning EP Uneven was unveiled to the world on August 4th 2017. The featured song on the EP is How Things Stack Up and it earned her an Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Song.
Uneven features 4 wonderful tracks including a live version of her award winning track.

Piano Bench begins by showcasing Sarah's vocals then brings catchy pop beats into the mix and the smooth guitar riffs are simply sublime.

Love For A Day has more of a mellow feel to it but this also treats us to the beauty of Sarah's voice alongside a slower tempo and a stripped back melody.

How Things Stack Up is a catchy number thanks to the instrumental hooks and the outstanding vocal performance from Miss Fortsch and the live version is just as captivating.

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Post By - Boulent Mustafa