Monday 26 May 2014

Punk Rockers Worth Taking release a 6 track cover EP

Worth Taking was born out of Jerod McBrayer's love of Bleed American by Jimmy Eats World.

2011 saw the release of Worth Taking's first EP - Anxious which featured Jerod performing all the vocals and instrumentals himself. The end result was a well rounded five track EP which showcased Jerod's command of simple irrestible melodies, without sacrificing the punk feel.

Jerod then felt in order to find like minded band members it would be best to head West and he ended up in San Fransisco. It wasn't long before he was introduced to Tim Reeder and Chris Self, the trio instantly clicked and 2012 saw them knee deep in lyrics and live performances. Jerod still wrote all the songs for the follow up EP - Oddly Pacific, however now Worth Taking were a 4 piece band. 

2013 saw them tour Japan and with their fans loving Oddly Pacific, they thought now was the right time to release a full length album - this is due for release on August 12th and is titled Art Imitates Art.

Maria opens with a belter of a intro and the vocals certainly pack a punch.

The Empire is just as energetic when it comes to the instrumentals, lyrically this is a more somber track but regardless of the tone Mike Herrera is a great choice as guest vocalist.

I Wanna Live starts with super charged guitar riffs and the instrumental arrangement throughout the whole song are on point and I love the catchy guitar halfway through plus the lyrics convey a motivational message about making the best out of life.

2000 Light Years Away is chock full of percussion beats and a lightning fast guitar segment.

My Life Story opens with another corker of a instrumental arrangement and more powerful but also smooth sounding vocals.

I Just Want To Have Something To Do is punk rock at its best with its highly charged instrumental beats.

Punker Than Thou contains 6 classic tracks from the likes of Green Bay and The Ramones which Worth Taking have added their unique lyrical and instrumental twist to.

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Sunday 25 May 2014

Savour Every Moment with The Big Bads

With a powerful orchestral arrangement, which doesn't hesitate in packing musical punches at every opportunity plus if that wasn't enough their vocals are equally energetic.

Every Moment also delivers powerful lyrics which are bought to life by the creative genius of the steam punk aficionados that are The Big Bads, yes it's quite apparent from both the song and the accompanying music video these guys certainly know how to entertain us.

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Saturday 24 May 2014

This is truly Nina Yasmineh's Finest Hour

Originally from Minneapolis Nina enrolled into New York University, from which she graduated in June 2013.

She then wrote, recorded and produced her Seven Years EP, which was very well received from music publications, record label reps and even Swedish recording artist Tove Lo who shared Nina's cover of her hit song Not On Drugs on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Nina has literally just released the 5 track follow up EP - Finest Hour.

Ghost entertains with catchy instrumental beats, uplifting vocals and heart felt lyrics.

Prophecy features a delightful piano arrangement complimented by beautiful melodic beats and Nina's smooth poppy vocals.

Finest Hour begins with a upbeat intro and then morphs into a deep emotional tune and this is reflected by Nina's powerful lyrics.

Collar Bone opens with Nina's soothing vocals which quickly transform into a vocal style with more oomph behind it.

Sanctuary mixes things up musically by featuring a Pipe Organ at the start, Nina works her lyrical magic once again with her ever descriptive verses. She manages to make you think you're in the song - a true musical maestro.

Friday 23 May 2014

Hometown Hero By Everyday Sidekicks

Hometown Hero 
By Everyday Sidekicks
(TourLife Records)
 Music Video Release Date ~ May 25th 2014

Post-hardcore quintet Everyday Sidekicks have achieved a lot since their formation in early 2012, playing alongside with the likes of Bam Margera, Marmozets, Coldrain, CYTOTA, Astroid Boys, Palm Reader and more, to thousands of people at sold-out shows. The band, whose tracks are full of energy and heart, deliver a brand of heavy music that has a definitive and recognisable melodic edge that is as addictive as it is rewarding.
Recording at Innersound Studios (where Asking Alexandria recorded tracks for their latest album)  they recorded their debut album ‘Set Yourself Alight’ with producer Kevin Peters at Anemic Studios in Bristol earlier this year. Featuring artists such as Ali Ross from Cars On Fire, the album was released in July to a fantastic reception. The release of the album was accompanied by a music video for the single ‘Kingdoms’, which has so far managed to gain over 10,000 views on YouTube.
The band are currently bringing their explosive live shows to venues all over the UK with headline shows throughout Sheffield, London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester.
To say they’ve added their own meaning to post hardcore would be an understatement - it’s shockingly clear how passionate the 5 piece are to create music they believe in, and they’ve succeeded with this record. With individuality and passion poured into lyrics, music and promotion this debut release on TourLife Records shows a bright future awaits.
Hometown Hero proves that you do not need a record label throwing thousands of pounds into production, under the right guidance, determination and hunger for success anything is possible.
               For more information on Everyday Sidekicks, please visit:

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Héllena and her captivating Dream Big Launch Party

To coincide with the launch of her single Dream Big, Héllena organised a launch party and this was a musical extravaganza to entertain one and all. 

Taking place at notable London Music Venue The Troubadour and with an amazing roster of musical performers, Héllena certainly knows how to put on a show.

First up on the billing was Damon Coles, his bio describes him as a singer/songwriter.

His main musical influences include 60s music like the Beatles and his repertoire includes 
original rock with a hint of blues and soulful ballads.

Let me tell you Damon certainly lives up to his description. 

His set consisted of 7 songs 

- which showcased his powerful vocals, lyrical expertise and instrumental technique.

My favourite song from his performance is without a doubt - Which Way Its Going To Go. 

The way he interspersed the lyrics and instrumentals was simply out standing.

Next up was Kat Eaton, whose vocal style can be best described as Jazzy. 

She really gives it her all onstage and with an equally talented band supporting her, 
Kat is musically outstanding.

Her performance of her current single Alien, demonstrated her fab vocal technique and how she effortlessly holds a note. 

This probably had to be the piece de resistance of her 5 song set.

Kat has a new EP, which will be released on June the 16th.

The penultimate act featured two talented vocalists. Jana and Harvey, who performed four songs.

The first of which was Indigo, which highlighted their Bluesy/Folksy style.

With the crowd already in the party mood thanks to three exceptional acts and the DJ, it was time for Héllena and her band to take to the stage.

Their set began with the energetic number Listen and it didn't take long to realise that Héllena is a dab hand at captivating the audience.

The air guitar was an inspiration, they then went on to perform Don't Change, Heaven's A Lie (which was a cover of the Lacuna Coil classic), The Lovesong which featured an entertaining guitar riff and Living Alone.

Héllena then stripped the performance back to perform two mellow and acoustic numbers. 

Fighting With Myself - which featured a beautiful piano solo and A Little Too Late.

In addition to her powerful vocals Héllena's musical skills also extend to the Guitar and with vocal, musical and lyrical credentials at her finger tips. I can see her going far and I can't wait to see what she'll have in store for us next on the musical front.

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Monday 19 May 2014

Saira Choudhry helps to create the next generation of UK Talent

In 2012 British TV Actress Saira Choudhry who is best known for portraying Anita Roy in Hollyoaks unveiled TV Talent and together with Kortnie Thompson they specialise in first class Drama and Street Dance classes for children between the ages of 3 and 18.

It is also their mission to build self confidence, self esteem and self belief and also create opportunities to showcase the talent of their students both at a yearly showcase event and also via social media.

In addition to providing Drama and Dance lessons, TV Talent also have their own performance agency plus they also run workshops, which take place at your School, College, Nursery or University.

Drama/Dance Classes -

Performance Agency -

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For the best in unsigned and indie music on the radio check out Brooklands and TNR

Brooklands Radio runs a two hour show on Sunday Evenings between 7 and 9 pm called Under The Radar live sessions and as the name suggests that's exactly what it offers.

With David Durant at the helm and the equally cool Debbie Hyde lending a hand from behind the scenes, this duo keeps us entertained with the best in undiscovered music from across the globe and if that wasn't enough their show wouldn't be complete without live acts in the studio.

To listen live hop over to their website -, click the listen live graphic and voila fabulous music.

Under The Radar is only half the Indie music fun for on Monday Evenings between 7 and 8 pm, Adrian hosts his Unsigned/Indie show on Temporary Noise Radio, which also offers up an eclectic mix of undiscovered local and international musical gems.

To tune into TNR, simply click on

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Friday 16 May 2014

Summer Sunrise by Don't Yell Fire

Summer Sunrise entertains us with funky instrumental beats, smooth vocals and lyrics which live up to the song's title.

Don't Yell Fire is the musical brain child of LA Based Craig Goldberg, growing up he was exposed to a wide variety of music ranging from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to the Allman Brothers.

During the summer of 2013 Don't Yell Fire's debut single came into existence with Craig on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Wendy on not only production duties but also lead guitar and harmonies, Craig's Dad laid down the percussion and Mike Wolf recorded, mixed and mastered the song whilst also finding time to play Bass.

Summer Sunrise is the first musical nugget from Don't Yell Fire and also provides us with a hint of what we can expect from their forthcoming debut album.

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Thursday 15 May 2014

New Wave Punk Rock courtesy of musical trio Big Zero

Modern World opens with cool beats, powerful vocals and catchy lyrics. Big Zero have seamlessly combined Boyband vocals with energetic instrumental hooks and a big thumbs up to their Guitar riffs.

Just What I Needed isn't as cheerful as Modern World but lyrically and instrumentally its still a corker of a tune plus Adam, Bradley and Johnny never fail to entertain their fans.

Big Zero are three musicians who intended to shake up the Pop music scene with New Wave Punk Rock.

The musical trio are Adam Saunderson, Bradley Stainton and Johnny Shinner, their musical inspiration comes from British and American Pop Rock legends such as The Police, Green Day and The Sex Pistols - i.e. in their own words "Real Bands that play Live Music".

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Wednesday 14 May 2014

New State Masses are on hand to ensure we Keep The Love

Keep The Love -

With a elegant piano arrangement and powerfully haunting vocals, Keep The Love will guarantee to move you.

New State Masses pull out all the stops for a truly emotive performance with heart felt lyrics delivered through energetic vocals and a emotionally stirring instrumental arrangement.

After a long spell of label disasters and other setbacks, New State Masses have finally managed to unveil their debut single.

Prior to this Brighton based Singer/Songwriters Peter Harwood and Matthew Parisi were part of the now defunct band The Recoil and they were signed to LA based Record Label Right Bank Music. The band has a highly anticipated debut album ready for an international release, but Right Bank Music never released it.

The duo then ventured into song writing and also intended to create a publishing production group, however despite interests from City financiers this project never saw the light of day either.

Now days Peter and Matthew are busy writing with up and coming musicians, whilst also working on their own project - New State Masses. It is their goal to release and manage everything themselves without having to rely on executive boards and record labels.

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Heydon Hohaia bursts onto the London Music Scene with this debut EP Two Corners

With its smooth instrumentals, soulful vocals and catchy beats - Two Corners reminds us of some of the finer points of 80s music.

Two Corners is Heydon Hohaia's debut EP and is set for free download on the 25th of May with production duties falling to Regan McKinnon.

On the 25th there will also be a small release party at Proud Camden during which the music video will also be debuted.

Two Corners is so named because of Heydon's time writing and recording the EP, both over here and in New Zealand and also moments within a relationship.

The EP is an introduction into what has influenced his life and also Heydon's exploration of different sounds to create something that's musically fresh.

Heydon Hohaia is a London based Singer/Songwriter originally from New Zealand, he moved to London to focus on his solo project.

Whilst in New Zealand he was involved with not only numerous bands but also collaborated with award winning Hip Hop Artists PNC and David Dallas.

Heydon has also made his mark in films as he portrayed the lead role in the forthcoming film Finding Honk, which he also wrote the musical score for.

Since relocating to the UK, he has collaborated with Strike both live and also in the recording studio.

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Tuesday 13 May 2014

How Not To Cut A Buffalo by The Broken Broadcast

How Not To Cut A Buffalo

A Prelude, An Introduction can only be described by one word Orchestric.

This Is My Wilderness opens with powerful percussion beats and a catchy piano arrangement, plus the lyrics have a quirky charm to them and I love the brass segment.

Tiptop (So Long Goodbye) is a slower melody with a smooth vocal intro, the lyrics have a somber feel to them - which is made further apparent by the instrumentals.

The Muskox Parade features a smooth guitar melody accompanied by equally smooth vocals which morph into catchy pop beats and big up the quaint sound of the Banjo.

Sea Coal Collectors is a laid back tune with the haunting sounds of the Cello.

We're Just Waiting For Our Friends is a delightful upbeat song with another eclectic choice of instruments and upbeat lyrics.

Interlude And Hope is another somber number but you have to admire the twang of the Banjo.

Le Loup features catchy drum beats and beautiful vocals.

[Swim] again mixes things up musically by featuring a Glockenspiel which complement the inspirational lyrics.

Everything That's Mine Is Yours is a emotionally stirring song with its vocals and instrumentals, both of which are guaranteed to move you and hats off to the beautiful sounds of the ocean.

Broken Broadcast are a 7 piece Indie/Folk band from Teesside and this is their debut album.
The Band's mission statement is to bring West Coast Americana Lo-Fi Folk to the UK.

Their current line up is

James Riggall: Guitar/Vocals/Hammond/Drums
Gary Hughes: Bass/Vocals/Percussion
Snowy: Guitar/Vocals/Percussion
Mark Davies: Banjo//Vocals/Keys
Alexandria Readman: Cornet/Percussion
Emma Riggall: Drums/Percussion

plus they also have 5 honourary members who lend a hand from time to time.

Carolyn Reilly: Melodica/Glock/Vocals
Jonny Snowball: Drums
William Holton: Guitar
Bex Wright: Cello
Nigel Crinson: Strings

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Monday 12 May 2014

The Powerful Jazzy Vocals of Harriet Eaves

One For Me -

Love Love Love entertains us with powerful vocals and a upbeat piano arrangement.

Lullaby of Birdland showcases not only Harriet's elegant vocal talents but also beautiful piano skills courtesy of Nathan Jarvis.

The One For Me captivates you with the heartfelt lyrics as performed by the talented Miss Eaves.

Peel Me a Grape is a slower melody and the quirky lyrics are a hoot.

Get In Your Way is another upbeat melody and the instrumental arrangement is sublime, this is my favourite song from the EP.

God Bless the Child effortlessly showcases the full spectrum of Harriet's skills as a Jazz performer.

Hats off to Miss Eaves for Jazzifying Toxic by Britney Spears, there's nothing better then when a musician morphs a cover song into something that's both beautiful and unique.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You is transformed into a slow and sultry number by the musical maestro that is Harriet Eaves.

Harriet Eaves is a London based Jazz Singer/Session Artist who has already performed at sold out events across the globe.

Originally she trained as a classical musician at Chetham's school of music plus has performed at some of the UK's top venues including the Royal Albert Hall, MEN Arena, Cardiff Millennium Centre and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

In 2012 she toured as both the backing vocalist and featured soloist for James during their sell out tour and also joined them in April 2013 to a crowd of 23,000 at the O2 Brixton Academy and also the MEN Arena.

Harriet also provided backing vocals for both Peter Hook and The Light and Tim Burgess and the Electric Light Orchestra. Her international debut was in Trinidad and Tobago where she performed as the Jazz soloist for the Queen and delegates from over 50 states at the bi-annual Commonwealth conference.

She regularly performs with renowned pianist Nathan Jarvis as a Jazz Duo at venues such as Jazz After Dark and The Bridge House as well as regular performances at private parties and corporate events.

Other notable milestones in her career include her work as a Session Artist for film composer Gabriel Yared at Abbey Road and her live session for Croydon Radio which saw her become the first artist for them to clock 1000 downloads in a week.

Harriet has just released her second EP - The One For Me and it contains 8 tracks of Jazzy awesomeness both vocally and instrumentally.

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Sunday 11 May 2014

Laid back Pop courtesy of Guildford Singer/Songwriters The Big Bads

Amazing is a laid back pop tune with slow but entertaining vocals and a minimal instrumental arrangement, regardless of the tempo the vocals are beautiful and the vocalists harmonize together perfectly.

Amazing -

The Big Bads prove that you don't need lots of special effects and/or tropical locations to create a entertaining music video. They are a trio of Singer/Songwriters from Guildford.

Musically they compare their songs as alluding to the fantasy world of David Bowie, having the quirkness of the Scissor Sisters and the darkness of New Zealand Songbird Lorde. This is why they believe classes their musical genre as epic pop with a fantasy edge.

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Saturday 10 May 2014

Scarlett Lee's Powerhouse Vocals get our emotions stirring in Just Friends

Just Friends

Scarlett has a voice that will blow you away and at only 16, she is one talented individual and if she continues on this musical path she will have a bright future ahead of her. Miss Lee puts so much emotion and power into her captivating performances.

Just Friends showcases this amazing singer's powerhouse vocals, her ability to move us with deeply emotive lyrics and her equally talented producer is on hand to perform the piano part of his arrangement.

With lyrics like this and the vocal capability to back it up, I can't wait to hear her forthcoming EP and the musical delights that she will have in store for us.

Ever since she was little Scarlett has been singing and she always knew it was something she wanted to dedicate her life to. She loves song writing and the buzz of performing on stage and connecting with the audience.

Her dream is to one day perform at the O2 to a sell out crowd. With the support of not only her family but also her ever increasing fan base (Starletts), Scarlett is making giant strides towards making her dream a reality.



The funky tones and powerful percussion beats of Plastic by Marbl

Marbl once again prove that they got their lineup spot on with their live performance of Plastic.

With a lullabyesque intro which then morphs into funky tones and powerful percussion beats, these guys prove they bring their A Game to their gigs and if that wasn't enough the icing on the cake is the powerhouse vocals of the sensational Moria Or.

The band are made up of:

Alon Tamir - Guitar
Yogev Gabay - Drums
Jonathan Maimon - Bass
Moria Or - Piano and Vocals

I had the pleasure of seeing Moria represent Marbl at one of Be On The Scene's Open Mic nights last year, so I'm really looking forward to see all of them perform later in the year.

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