Wednesday 30 July 2014

Sister Sidney entertain us with haunting vocals amidst a distinctive Americana Sound

Adult Glory -

This talented musical duo which is made up of sisters Claire Louise and Indyanna Sidney recently released their debut EP Adult Glory, which contains four musically outstanding tracks.

Save Me features a beautiful guitar arrangement which is wonderfully complimented by sublime vocals, even with the haunting nature of the song you can't deny the brilliance of Sister Sidney.

The Moon features smooth guitar riffs once again augmented by lyrically beautiful and powerful vocals.

The Man is a more soulful melody and thumbs up to the delightful vocals.

Tonight It Feels right is a more laid back melody but the vocals are emotive and haunting as ever.

The talented double act have already performed at notable music venues across London, Europe and New York.

They even had the pleasure of performing at the Ministry Of Sound and Notting Hill Arts Club and I had the pleasure of catching one of their magnificent performances at Charlie Wrights.

Sister Sidney's musical influences include the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis and Tori Amos, which is apparent on their EP. They are currently working on and recording material for their forthcoming album.

Saturday 12 July 2014

Mountainear featuring the delightful vocals of Becky Browne

Distant Camps is a beautiful pop song with the delightful vocals of Becky Browne and also the catchy and atmospheric mix of beats that come together to make a outstanding instrumental arrangement. This single will be available for purchase from Monday, 14th July.

The start of 2014 saw the free release of their first ever track Down The Line, which was described by blogs as "The Twinkliest Dream Pop you'll hear all year."

The's band line up includes three drummers with a passion for percussion and they use rare vintage instruments from Japanese Taiko Drums to Egyptian Tambourines which they combine with more popular instruments.

Becky Browne - Lead Vocals and Drums
Louise Morgan - Vibraphone and Backing Vocals
Zands Duggan - Drum Kits, Hand Percussion and Backing Vocals

After Solo Projects which saw the trio work with the likes of Lady Gaga and the Royal Philharmonic they combined their talents and thus their debut single Distant Camps was born.

Friday 11 July 2014

Acid-Nab returns to entertain us with more beautiful vocals

Acid-Nab returns to entertain us with more beautiful vocals as well as a infinite supply of fresh and musically innovative instrumental beats.

Electronic Harmonics is made up of 7 tracks of musical goodness from Acid-Nab's smooth voice to an eclectic mix of instruments to catchy beats. Every track offers something different for our ears to savour.

This recently released album was recorded between 2013 and 2014 whilst Stephen "Acid-Nab" McNally spent time as an assistant engineer in Lame's Red 7 Recording Studio.

Facebook -
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Soundcloud -

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Thursday 10 July 2014

Smooth vocals and addictive guitar riffs courtesy of Byron Siren

Fake This Life is a upbeat tune with the Kookseque vocals of Byron Siren, top marks to the delightful instrumental arrangement.

The Seven Seas is a laidback acoustic number with an entertaining Ukulele and beautiful vocals - this song screams it's summer at the top of its lungs.

Corners Of The Room (Demo) has a slightly somber feel to it but the instrumental beats are on point.

Turning Around (Demo) features slick guitar riffs and more of a rock feel in terms of the vocals.

Byron Siren is an Australian Singer/Songwriter/Musician, whose music is a blend of Indie, Rock and Modern Folk - which be brings to life with this amazing vocals and his talented use of Guitars and the Ukulele.

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Monday 7 July 2014

London Rockers El Born are back with another sure fire hit

With a outstanding intro, Si's powerful vocals and El Born's first class lyrics and instrumentals You Made Me is a belter of a song, after all what else would one expect from the super talented musicians that make up El Born.

To celebrate the release of their latest single Si and Hils have put on an launch party, so if you want to be on the guest list message your names over to the band asap via

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Saturday 5 July 2014

Today sees the release of Indie Rocker Way José's Newest EP - Stay In The Light

The Wind Came Up utilises an ecletic mix of instruments alongside truly beautiful vocals and the accompanying music video features imaginative visuals.

Broken is full of deep lyrics over a combination of both smooth and powerful instrumentals, which are Jazzy in places.

Stay In The Light begins with a delightful melody, which morphs into a tune which is haunting at and yet still manages to also be upbeat - this is thanks to the combination of woodwind, vocals and guitar.

The Humbling Hum starts with an eclectic intro courtesy of unique instrumental beats and breathtaking vocals and love the guitar riffs towards the end of the song.

Buck's Intro is simply exquisite even though this song is more somber then the other tracks, however the instrumental arrangement is still fresh and entertaining.

Way José is the solo project of musician/producer Daniel DaMento and it is an assortment of psychedelic Indie Rock with Latin influences.

Daniel has bought on board many other talented musicians, which include the likes of Feather Bright, Wildhawk plus there are also poets and photographers involved with this project.

The buzz behind Stay In The Light has been staggering so far with airplay on both the West Coast of the USA and also in London and if that wasn't enough The Humbling Hum wil appear on a Bravo Channel DocuDrama.

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Rock Out with Lux Lisbon and their Get Some Scars EP

Get Some Scars is full of powerful vocals, amazing harmonies and a corker of a instrumental arrangement especially the guitar riffs.

The Devil Got Me Dancing is beautiful with magnificent instrumental beats and moving vocals courtesy of Charlotte Austen.

Bullingdon Club is a energetic number with ground shaking beats and a vocal performance that would put even the most seasoned rockstar to shame.

Demons You Show is a bit more laidback then Bullingdon Club, but it still entertains with powerful beats and phenomenal vocals.

Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist is a cool number, with its slick instrumentals and rocking vocals.

The stripped back acoustic version of Demons You Show demonstrates that Lux Lisbon can still entertain and captivate their audience without any fuss and bother.

Lux Lisbon formed at Nottingham Uni in 2012 before making the move to London Town, influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Killers and Bloc Party they have already achieved extensive success.

They have performed live for BBC Introducing on numerous occasions and have also supported acts such as To Kill A King and Tom Robinson.

Hot on the success of their 2013 EP, they plan to release three singles throughout 2014 - the first of which will be Memento Mori.

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Thursday 3 July 2014

The Angeles Project are certainly on a musical roll at the moment

Radio is another beautiful melody from The Angeles Project's endless reserve of smooth lyrics, mesmerizing vocals and addictive beats.

This song hit the musical ether on July the 1st, I'm really looking forward to check out this talented duo's forthcoming EP.

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Wednesday 2 July 2014

For a great night of Soul Music Charlie Wright's Music Lounge is the place to be

One of London's most popular music event organizers Muzical Mindz is back with yet another stellar line up for his Souls of Fusion event at Charlie Wright's music lounge from 7 pm on the 23rd of July with tickets retailing at £4. Live music and the finest cuisine, what more could a music lover ask for and for groups of four people, you will receive a complimentary entry - £10.00 for the whole group.

The line up comprises of the following musical artists.

Sister Sydney are two sisters Claire Louise and Indyanna Sidney, their musical influences include the likes of Elvis and Tori Amos.

This talented duo have already had the honour of playing notable music venues across London, Europe and New York, the most recent of which was the Ministry Of Sound and Notting Hill Arts Club.

Their most recent single is Save Me and they are currently writing and recording songs for their forthcoming album.

Save Me features a smooth guitar arrangement along with heartfelt lyrics delivered by beautiful vocals.

Next on the line up is a very talented drummer Siemy Di System, don't just take my word for it but instead watch the video for yourselves and see how his technique will captivate you.


Nairobi Thompson is a very talented writer/poet from London, as you can see from the above video. Her verses are certainly deep and thought provoking.

The OMG Collective are an Indie Record Label and are made up of Orin Norbet, Chris Fosh, Artel Griffiths and Jon Dolski, for Souls Of Fusion, they will be entertaining us with the likes of the video below so expect smooth vocals and slick lyrics from these guys.

Bounce -

The last act to round off this amazing night of musical entertainment is Noel Dacosta.

Noel is a talented vocalist, as showcased by First Love (the video above) where he entertains us with emotive lyrics delivered straight to our ears courtesy of his silky smooth vocals.

Having achieved success in the UK Unsigned 2013 Original Song Competition and having also made a name for himself on the live music circuit, Noel is set for bigger and better things as his EP is in the works.

Noel's inspiration stems from the likes of Luther Vandross and the late and great Michael Jackson.

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The electro beats of Jules Verne Theory

Jules Verne Theory are the combined talents of Richard Slee and Arron Claque, Arron previously worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Arron was also responsible for production work with Erasure and Heaven 17.

Jules Verne Theory are now signed to Ninthwave Records, recently they were the opening act for Human League's sold out concert at Villa Marina.

Track 1 - Jules Verne Theory entertains us with funky electro beats and as a Sci-Fi fan a big thumbs up to the lyrical content.

She's a riot features deep and somber lyrics.

How I Get Things Done contains more upbeat instrumentals and the lyrics are equally positive.

How Hard? Is chock full of catchy beats and thought provoking lyrics.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End begins with a smooth intro, which morphs into Jules Verne Theory's trademark instrumentals.

Whilst their vocal style and lyrics aren't my usual cup of tea, they certainly know how to entertain us with their superior instrumentals.

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Tuesday 1 July 2014

The Angeles Project return with another corker of a track - New Heart

New Heart is a musical cocktail of captivating beats and Mimi's powerful vocals, this track was released on April 21, 2014.

In between day jobs and touring, Mimi and Andrew are busy in the studio cooking up an EP, Your Name In Lights and New Heart give us a musical taste of what this talented duo will have in store for us next.

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