Monday 23 November 2020

Great Escape delivers a catchy pop melody and an energetic vocal performance

Avamo is a female singer / songwriter born in the North of England and raised in the Canary Islands.

Her stage name is short for All Voices Are My Own.
Avamo recently released Great Escape, which received airplay on BBC Introducing and it's quite easy to see why.

The song delivers a catchy pop melody and an energetic vocal performance, Avamo really hits the target with this track.

Thursday 10 September 2020

'Warrior Soul' overflows with energetic rock beats especially the percussion

Accidental President are a female fronted 3 piece alternative rock band from Sydney, Australia.

Their music is a blend of hard rock with goth and metal influences. The band have just released 'Warrior Soul', which features on their self titled debut album. 'Warrior Soul' overflows with energetic rock beats especially the percussion, Bethany Neville kills it with her powerhouse vocals and Dave goes all out with killer guitar riffs.

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Nashville Musician Rockin' Rich Lynch Aims to Become "The Talk of the Town" with Latest Timely Track from Music City

Nashville based musician Rockin Rich Lynch ( is aiming to become "The Talk of the Town" and then some on the strength of his latest Music City production. Born out of the idea that simply walking around outside in some places is now viewed as a dangerous and revolutionary act - the four minute and thirty-five second track burns with a slow fury as it seeks to find out if "the lost can still be found". To get the job done Lynch turned to the young gun with the magic touch - Mr. Dallas Jack and the services of his production company Record One. It was in fact on a stroll on the Music City Greenways where the artist and producer initially met midway through the city-wide lockdown in early May. In these bizarre times their first encounter might someday even be read about in a "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" style posting somewhere. "While strolling on a path above the Cumberland River we heard a man cry out for help," Lynch remembers. "We stopped at the same time and ended up together assisting the rescue call that pulled the overturned boater from the cold and rapid waters." For such an auspicious beginning you would expect the resulting song to be impressive and it is. Jack built up an amazing track with live drums, bass and a memorable solo straight out of the classic rock playbook with a modern approach that puts the Lynch/Jack team and their future output high on the Music City watch list. "Dallas nailed it and understood precisely what was needed to bring the straight forward rocker to life," Lynch enthused. "He captured my unique qualities in a process that was easy, efficient, professional and well beyond my expectation. We scheduled some more sessions for our Fall releases and I can't wait to see where we go from here." The composition itself is a much needed response to the lost cause that has been most of a Covid-impacted 2020. With an ethereal chorus and an enigmatic couple of verses, Lynch says that the song carries an important message for an ever-changing and increasingly confusing world. "In the bridge we sing 'Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk' in a gang vocal style," Lynch said describing the hypnotic middle break. "I think that's the most important part. People should get out in nature with their family and friends and discuss every aspect of what has transpired around the globe these past few months. Over and over again. From every angle. It's the only defense we have to combat the dehumanizing potential of social distancing and mandated muzzling of the populace that has come about in the wake of all this societal upheaval." Lynch is current seeking Sponsors and Artist Patrons to support his future recordings and back catalogue. Please visit the following link to join the RRL "Executive Production" team today! >>>
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Tuesday 23 June 2020

D.K. has incorporated rock, synth-pop, bluegrass, country, and even pop punk within this debut release

D.K. Lyons, a songwriter living in NYC, saw that challenge and vowed to pour every ounce of himself into his debut album, The Past (Romanticized).

Set to release independently on June 26th via CD Baby, The Past (Romanticized) is an introspective look at past relationships, loss, and life transitions through a pair of rose-colored glasses. With authenticity at the forefront, The Past (Romanticized) will act as the soundtrack to take you headfirst through years of D.K.’s personal life.
“Tom Petty was a huge influence on me from a very young age. He was my dad's absolute favorite, I remember riding in the back seat of his Chevy Impala listening to records like Full Moon Fever, Into the Great Wide Open, Echo, and Wildflowers on end.

My dad passed away when I was 6, so I've always felt this deeper connection to Tom because of that link. It made me want to be like Tom Petty. It's why I started writing songs and picked up the guitar. When Tom died tragically in 2017, it was like my adult self living through my dad's death again too.

It was an incredibly tragic and dark time, but also a time that spawned a lot of really strong songwriting on my part, which is sprinkled throughout my debut record.”
- D.K. Lyons

Showcasing his flexibility as a musician, D.K. has incorporated rock, synth-pop, bluegrass, country, and even pop punk within this debut release. Even with that diversity, he maintains that cohesive feeling you desire from an album.

Each genre plays a purposeful role in the record, helping tie the music into the emotion behind each song.
Invigorate your emotions and let yourself play through The Past (Romanticized). You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll yearn, and most of all you will feel.

Saturday 9 May 2020

Fifi Rong goes for a more mellow vibe with 'Distance'

In the midst of the unprecedented times that we’re all facing, London-based producer and singer/songwriter FIFI RONG shares new single, ‘Distance’, hoping to offer some comfort for those who are suffering from the emotional effects of being apart from love ones due to self-isolation.

'Distance' begins with a gentle melody which goes in hand with hand with the unique vocals, this is much more of a mellow and stripped back tune in comparison to the majority of Fifi's music and the lyrics are simply beautiful.

Available from 24th April on all major downloads and streaming sites, 'Distance' is part of a collection of individual love stories, which forms her upcoming Album, 'There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved'. The album boasts the boundary-pusher's signature sound of delicately crafted vocal led downtempo ballads.

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Saturday 15 February 2020

Love Is A Lonely Thing has somewhat of a more acoustic and unplugged feel to previous releases

Fifi was inspired by Wong Kar-Wai’s romantic film, 'Mood For Love' and her self-produced single, ‘Love Is A Lonely Thing’ is a three-part production which takes on a different dimension to Valentine’s Day (watch the videos by following the link below). 

Narrated by the Chinese-British singer/songwriter’s delicate and well-poised vocal performance, ‘Love Is A Lonely Thing’ tells a story of an unrequited love story.

The song begins with subtle beats and dreamy vocals and then the bass drops but it too is minimal, the melody then goes on to tease us with catchy hooks.

Fifi's latest musical offering has somewhat of a more acoustic and unplugged feel to previous releases.

2019 was a great year for Fifi as she became the fifth artist to be signed globally by W Records– a new music initiative from the iconic W Hotels - and recorded singles, ‘Farewell to Cambridge’ and ‘Way Out’, debuted at W Xi’an and W Shanghai (The Bund) as a part of her most successful China tour to date.

This year will see the bilingual songstress working on more interesting and quirky material for her forthcoming album. After working with the likes of Tricky, Phaeleh, Yello and Skepta, Fifi also set her sights on collaborating with more big names for as well as planning a tour in the UK and China (dates to be announced on her website.)

Gaining firm support from the likes of The Clash, Fader Magazine, Pigeon and Planes, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music, Fifi’s intricately intimate setting of ‘Love Is A Lonely Thing’ could do no harm but push her further into the limelight...

‘Love Is A Lonely Thing’ is out today on all reputable music platforms.

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