Sunday 1 March 2015

Rocktastic beats, up tempo vocals and killer guitar arrangements straight from San Jose, California

Audiobender are an alternative Rock band from San Jose in California and were formed in March 2012 by Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter Jared Richard and his longtime friends and former band mates Paul Cingolani - Bass and Jeff Lemas - Drums.

The trio released their album Reverb in February 2014 and it delivers 10 tracks of rocktastic beats, up tempo vocals and killer guitar arrangements.

Alright With Me delivers lightning fast beats, catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

On And On has a more upbeat feel to it thanks to the uplifting beats and cheerful lyrics.

Sweet features rock beats and energetic vocals which come together to create another corker of a song.

MFH (Here Come That Girl) serves up supercharged beats and a powerful performance on the vocal front.

One In The Hand begins with a smooth melody with stripped back vocals and minimal instrumentals but also delivers killer guitar riffs and off the scale vocals.

The Rules wows us with superfast beats and a lightning fast vocal delivery.

I Won't Write This Song is another smoothish track and it also entertains us with a captivating guitar arrangement.

Know What I Mean entertains us with addictive beats and catchy vocals.

Say Goodnight mesmerizes with another stunning guitar arrangement and Jared's vocals talents and deeply emotive lyrics.

Let It Bleed wraps up the album with hardcore beats and another electric performance on the vocal front.

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