Sunday 29 March 2015

April the 7th will see Meresha debut her EP - New Revolution on new Social Media platform

Meresha is currently based in South Florida but was born in Warsaw, Poland.

Mainly a vocalist she also plays the Guitar, Piano and Drums plus she composes and performs her own eclectic mix of provocative music which blends Bjork, Disclosure and Freddie Mercury to create a fresh new sound.

April the 7th will see the EP get unveiled on TSU and a week later it will be available for purchase on iTunes.

Lemonade City entertains us with Meresha's beautiful vocals, catchy beats and first class lyrics for a first class pop melody.

New Revolution sees this talented artist wonderfully refit Acid Bass to include new lyrics whilst not sacrificing the captivating beats.

You combines lively synth beats and a outstanding vocal performance to deliver a powerful ballad.

August wraps up the EP with smooth beats, delightful vocals and heartfelt lyrics from this talented musical performer.

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