Monday 16 March 2015

Underdog's debut album serves up powerful beats, a catchy guitar arrangement and energetic vocals

Underdog were founded in 2001 by Chirg (Rhythm Guitar) and Steve (Drums) in order to create rock music but not the mainstream kind, originally they were known as Bacchanal but they lacked a bass player, lead guitarist and vocalist.

2006 saw Jon Bramley join their lineup as both the vocalist and bass player and 2010 saw the completion of their first studio album and a year later Dave Oxlade signed on as lead guitarist.

Timeshift delivers powerful beats, a catchy guitar arrangement and energetic vocals.

Waste Of Time is softer in places whilst still delivering energetic instrumentals.

The Eye is a smoother melody, but also serves up dark and gritty lyrics.

Kathy showcases cool beats and an entertaining guitar track.

Eternal Wait begins with a beautiful mix of instrumentals but then the tempo gets cranked up.

Then I Should features a fusion of bass guitar, electric beats and powerful vocals.

Black entertains us with slick guitar riffs and a vocal performance that gives life to emotive lyrics.

Find A Place showcases a catchy guitar arrangement alongside gritty lyrics.

Glad To Be Gone features heart felt lyrics which are given life alongside powerful rock beats.

Start Again brings a gentler melody to the table with smoother beats and softer vocals, whilst also throwing Underdog's trademark sound into the mix.

PF wraps up the debut album with a upbeat and rocktastic fusion of instrumentals alongside a flawless performance by the vocalists.

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