Saturday 28 February 2015

A World in London Live! - SOLD OUT

Come join the party & travel the world without leaving London: have tea in China, a shimmy in Greece & a shake in the Congo, courtesy of the SOAS Sizhu Ensemble, Kourelou and Mulele Matondo Afrika - three outstanding bands from the capital.

Hosted by global music guru DJ Ritu and produced by Cultural Co-operation, A World in London moves from the airways to the Rich Mix stage on Friday 13th March to celebrate London at its cosmopolitan and creative best!

Culture Co-operation and A World in London specialise in showcasing music with a global heritage such as traditional/roots or contemporary-fusion) so prepare to experience an eclectic mix of music from all across the globe so if this fits your style of music then feel free to come down and maybe you too could one day feature at one of their events or on DJ Ritu's radio show.

Transport yourself to a Shanghai tea-house with the exquisite silk and bamboo melodies of the SOAS Sizhu Ensemble

Get up on your feet for Kourelou's rousing musical patchwork of Greek and South Balkan roots with a contemporary twist

Be hypnotized by the sounds and rhythms of the conscious Congo brought to life by Mulele Matondo Afrika.

DJ Ritu will entertain between the acts with excerpts from A World in London - the UK's top world music show. Pre-register to get a complimentary drink + 20% off the delicious Indian street food served at the venue's Indi-Go CafĂ©

Doors open at 7.30 pm and the entertainment begins at 8 pm, tickets are free and can be pre-registered via

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