Thursday, 5 March 2015

Static Alice are a four piece rock band from Guernsey

Static Alice are a four piece rock band from Guernsey and their lineup consists of Dom Ogier on Vocals, Luis Morais on Lead Guitar, Scott Michel on Bass and Backing Vocals and Andre Marsh on Drums. The band are driven by different musical influences and this has resulted in them having a unique sound.

Static Alice have supported up and coming bands such as Evarane, Brother & Bones and Frankie Davies and are looking at touring the UK later this year.

They perform both cover songs and also original material as featured on their debut album - The Ghost Of Common Sense.

Black Cadillac Man serves up killer beats and powerful vocals thanks to Dom and catchy lyrics that will be sure to infect your brain.

King Kong delivers captivating music all across the board from its energetic vocals to the instrumental arrangement, especially the guitars which are not only pure rock but also highly addictive to the ears 

Fashion Victim is another catchy melody, which once again impresses all across the musical spectrum.

Save Our Souls has a more mellow feel to it, thanks to beautiful vocals and a subtle instrumental arrangement and talking of instrumentals those guitar riffs are pure electric.

Alive is another corker of a tune with captivating beats, mesmerizing vocals and deep and powerful lyrics.

Rewind is chock full of electric beats, powerful vocals, a smooth guitar arrangement and more emotive lyrics.

Falling Glory is a more stripped back melody in places but it also delivers Static Alice's usual brand of powerful rock music.

Southern Star goes in hard with super powered beats, lyrics full of emotional intensity and a first class vocal performance.

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