Sunday, 15 March 2015

Chancius brings us Electro Rock straight from New York

Chancius is a veteran of the New York Music Scene, having honed his skills whilst busking in the NYC Subway System. It wasn't long till his fans recognised him on the streets as the musician with striking vocals and memorable lyrics.

Chancius was also involved with the Electro-Rock band Automatic Duo and it was during this time he toured the East Coast.

His second release Bando is a Alternative Rock Opera that tells the story of Bando's life threatening disease and the lengths he goes to to cure himself.

Hold On entertains us with cool synthesized beats, catchy instrumentals and a spot on vocal performance.

Making It Up As We Go Along makes nice use of tubular bells in the instrumentals and thumbs up for the vocals.

Bando delivers smooth beats, mellow lyrics and slower vocals.

Pliers Donar has a upbeat feel to it, thanks to Chancius's lyrics and lively beats.

A Piece Of You Wherever I Go serves up energetic beats and faster vocals, which come together to give life to a delightful melody.

Chrysalis delivers ethereal beats and what sounds like a remix of dial up modem tones.

Time And Space Died Yesterday begins with gritty sounding beats but then the mood of the song lightens somewhat as Chancius showcases delightful lyrics and smooth beats.

Big Wave cranks up both the instrumentals and tempo to deliver a song that is full to the brim with pure rock.

You're Not One In A Million, You're One Of A Million's strengths are in the smooth vocals and the instrumentals that feature in the latter half of the song.

Hologram King serves up a delightful mix of synthesized beats alongside beautiful vocals that mesmerize you from start to finish.

Thunderhead concludes the album with captivating beats and a first class vocal performance which conveys more beautiful lyrics thanks to Chancius's limitless musical talents.

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