Sunday, 22 March 2015

Valerio Lysander's debut EP showcases delightful vocals and haunting instrumentals

London based Singer/Songwriter Valerio Lysander released his debut EP - Tidal Mental Head last June.

Originally from Rome Valerio's musical journey led him to the UK, where he seeks to achieve the same success as experienced back home.

The Prince is a catchy melody with beautiful vocals and captivating beats.

Cotton is a smooth acoustic melody with delightful vocals and haunting instrumentals.

I Need Air is a upbeat tune with a nice blend of instruments and another first class vocal performance from Valerio.

Risia (You Are So Sweet) is a slow paced ballad with beautiful harmonies and heart warming lyrics.

Realise is a haunting number with sad lyrics and a deep and moving melody thanks to the vocals and instrumental arrangement.

Tidal Mental Head concludes with a live recording of Rain, this track treats us to a beautiful piano arrangement and heartfelt lyrics bought to life thanks to Valerio's outstanding voice.

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