Thursday 19 March 2015

Adam Ray gives Country Music a modern makeover

Adam Ray is a Country Music Artist from Missouri and he recently released his debut album - The Clown Parade , which he spent the last year working on.

The songs are 100% original and Adam poured his heart and soul into them, he found the songwriting experience incredibly therapeutic and also what he needed to heal himself after a couple of bad relationships.

Adam grew up in his native Missouri listening to Country Music but he always felt it was a genre that hadn't evolved with the times and that is what Adam intends to by inspiring gay youth and providing them with a voice in a genre of music which has so far ignored them.

Intro is both delightful and yet also haunting at the same time, a real instrumental masterpiece.

Missouri has a more upbeat feel to it thanks to catchy beats, powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Battle delivers the gentle sounds of a piano complimented by energetic beats, deep lyrics and a outstanding vocal performance.

Addison has a slower pace to it but Adam does a outstanding job in creating another powerful song.

My Love Is The Best is another joyful tune both lyrically and melodically plus the lyrics are full of emotion.

Wendy dazzles thanks to its beautiful melody, Adam's smooth vocals and first class lyrics.

Hurricane is another musical master piece from the verses to the instrumental arrangement.

The Fall treats us to captivating vocals and up tempo instrumental beats.

The Painter is a elegant tune with the beautiful tones of the piano and Adam's mesmerizing vocals and deep lyrics.

Loaded Gun serves up fast paced vocals and a wonderful blend of instruments to create a upbeat number.

A Single Word is a catchy tune with Adam's beautiful vocals and captivating beats that entertain our ears once again.

To And Fro starts off as a laid back number with another wondrous blend of instruments including an acoustic guitar and as the song progresses things get a little more upbeat plus we are also treated to poignant lyrics.

The Clown Parade's lyrics are the perfect way to conclude this delightful album which gives Country Music a make over that brings it more in line with modern music.

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