Thursday, 19 March 2015

KDM are a three piece Alt Rock band that showcase rocktastic beats and energetic vocals

KDM are a three piece Alt Rock band from South Yorkshire and they have just released their debut album Mental Shortcuts through Soundhouse Records, this project was self funded, recorded and mixed in an attic that the band converted into a studio.

Despite its heavy intro Zeitgeist is perfect for those who like their music loud as the trio go in hard with both the instrumentals and vocals.

I Am features catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, this is subtler than Zeitgeist and hence is a bit easier on the ears. 

In Disarray showcases rocktastic beats and energetic vocals.

Monkey Cage serves up superfast beats - particularly killer guitar riffs and yet more of KDM's electrifying vocal performances.

Rocket With Wings is a gentler tune thanks to smooth vocals and laid back instrumentals but still packs a musical punch in the right places, especially with another outstanding guitar arrangement.

ARK features another first class vocal performance which works brilliantly alongside KDM's captivating beats.

Nuclear North Korea delivers a mix of heavy bass and supercharged vocals.

So U Say is a gentler melody with soft vocals, beautiful lyrics and a big thumbs up to the guitar arrangement.

Mental Shortcuts has a gritty feel to it but the smooth guitar riffs are still a delight to the ears so I'm sure this song is perfect for the fans of music with a heavy bass line.

Outgrowing A Hole seamlessly blends laid back melodies with catchy beats, powerful vocals and some supercharged guitar chords.

Tyre Tracks On The Moon sees KDM crank everything up for a roller-coaster ride through a valley of bass laden beats and killer instrumentals.

Memo is like Tyre Tracks On The Moon but with a good dose of steroids so for those of you that like your music like this then rock on and enjoy the tunes.

From Machines launches a massive attack of guitar riffs and cranked up vocals.

Let The Puppet Fall wraps up Mental Shortcuts with a slightly slower tempo then the previous three tracks but the vocals and instrumental arrangement are still on point.

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