Thursday 19 March 2015

Kally O Mally's fourth album delivers powerful vocals, uplifting beats and delightful lyrics

Kally O Mally is a secretary in Academic Medicine at the UC Davis Med Center and she has a life long passion for making music.

The Wild West Medicine Show is her fourth full length release and the first time she got involved in the production side of things.

This album was recorded over two weeks during her vacation period and involved up to 16 hours in the studio on a daily basis to complete the project, in fact it was wrapped at 10.30 pm on the Sunday before she was due to return back to work.

Fly delivers powerful vocals, uplifting beats and delightful lyrics.

Sweet Delta Breeze entertains us with beautiful vocals and a captivating melody.

Wild West Medicine Show has an old school vibe to it thanks to the eclectic blend of instruments.

Kisses showcases energetic instrumental beats alongside Kally's outstanding vocals.

Miss Understood serves up a beautiful melody, delightful vocals and more first class lyrics from this talented musician.

Oops I Fell Off The Barstool is a quirky number thanks to Kally's lyrical genius.

I'd Rather Be Alone has an orchestral vibe to it and combined with the vocals gives life to a musical masterpiece.

Out Alive has more of a rock feel to it, whilst also bringing poignant lyrics to the mix.

I'n Gonna Run cranks up the tempo even further whilst also entertaining us with Kally's usual brand of smooth vocals and catchy beats.

Two Days Gone combines energetic instrumentals and an upbeat tempo to create a funky little tune and thumbs up to the slick guitar riffs.

Bourbon On My Deathbed dazzles us with upbeat instrumentals and more delightful lyrics from this talented Singer/Songwriter.

Gator's Gonna Getcha rounds things up with a catchy tune which showcases captivating instrumentals, first class lyrics and spectacular vocals from Kally.

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