Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Captivating music of Ilse

I Am Human opens with a elegant piano arrangement and mesmerizes us with the musical beauty of its deep lyrics, which are wondrously performed by Ilse.

Living on a cloud starts with a belter of an instrumental arrangement, the song is chock full of beats guaranteed to get your feet stomping and Ilse's breathy vocals are the bow on this musical gift.

Originally from Belgium but now settled in New York and with her musical roots immersed in Rock and Roll, Ilse's soulful stylings embrace the past while looking towards the future and with her lyrics she conveys a message about being deep and unapologetic-ally human.

Her artistic journey has been a daunting ride, as she was born without her left arm and had hurdles to overcome whilst becoming an adult.

Ilse didn't let go of her dreams and through sheer determination she found the strength to keep going, this led her to develop an interest in human psychology and resulted in her both earning a degree and also to use what she learnt as an inspiration for her lyrics.

Everything about her music is real from the vocals to the instrumental backing tracks and with both 60s, 70s and club anthem influences Ilse is intent on making music fun, funky, sexy and soulful again.

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