Thursday, 20 February 2014

Powerful Vocals courtesy of Broadcast Hearts

With a lively and upbeat intro, powerful vocals deliver the catchy and memorable lyrics and with a beautiful melody Sails, Wings and Wheels is a enjoyable tune, plus top marks for their creative music video.

Broadcast hearts are a four piece pop/rock band from Connecticut and were formed in 2009.

The line up consists of:

Avery Bazan - Lead Vocals/Piano
Ted Ferik - Drums
Justin Molfese - Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar
Blake Burgess - Backing Vocals/Synth

Their musical influences include Coldplay, Mumford and Sons and One Republic.

The band have already had the good fortune of performing at various venues in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts,  Pennsylvania and Delaware.

In 2009 Avery met Ted when the two began performing together and then Justin joined them on Bass, along with Conrad Mckenzie on Synth and thus Broken Hearts were born.

Initially using songs Avery had written towards the end of high school, it wasn't long till they began working on new music.

They started performing, firstly in Connecticut and the following year in New York, which also saw them start on their first EP.

It was also at this time that Conrad was replaced by Chris, but the band continued and the EP was recorded without the luxury of a professional studio and in 2011 it debuted and received airplay not only in Connecticut but also in Ireland.

As Avery and Justin finished college, the band moved in together to strengthen their musical relationship. 2012 saw them receive guidance from established musicians and they raised $10,000 on Kickstarter to fund the professional recording of their 2nd EP - The Anchor Rising.

Chris left the band and was replaced by Blake Burgess, which takes us to the current line up.

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