Friday 21 February 2014

Super Charged Rock from Austin, Texas

Blushes all round will guarantee to rock your senses with a super charged intro and some catchy guitar riffs.

I wanna be afraid goes all out with the drums and their lead vocalist has certainly got the rockstar vocals to match the powerful instrumental arrangements.

Love is nothing without eternity is a slower ballad, whilst i'm a fan of Sprightly Moans instrumental mastery their vocal stylings didn't really click with my musical tastes but after listening to this song there is a certain charm to the lead singer's voice.

The band describes their sound as Jimi Hendrix, Lightning Bolt, The White Stripes and The Bad Plus getting into a fist fight, where no one came out unscathed.

The band have also received outstanding reviews from a slew of online music magazines.

Chris Romans of Hear The Indie describes emotion as one of the main qualities of Demos III, specifically how as a band they manage to surpass his emotional expectations through their unique lyrical topics which often border on beautiful poetry.

Sir Jorge of describes their music as an eclectic blend and one which proves to be an emblem of creativity.

Chris Marsh of describes Love Is Nothing Without Eternity as a preciously fragile song which wouldn't be out of place on an indie movie soundtrack.

Mike Giord describes I wanna Be Afraid as a true masterpiece.

That gives you some idea of what to expect from Sprightly Moans, who are an electric two piece band made up of Dave and Jeff from Austin Texas.

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