Monday 3 February 2014

Black Submarine entertain us with haunting vocals

I had the pleasure of discovering their beautiful music courtesy of Temporary Noise Radio.

Here So Rain -

Not only to they have such a talented female vocalist at their disposal but Here So Rain also features powerful lyrics and a killer instrumental arrangement which results in it been a beast of a tune.

Black Submarine rose to the musical surface in 2008 following Nick McCabe and Simon Jones requesting Davide Rossi to provide string parts for The Verve's Forth. Rossi then toured with the Band, where upon the trio shared inspiration. 

The band's next step was to enlist former drummer to Portishead and long time friend Michele "Mig" Schillace and it was during a trip to Denmark that they made field recordings, which eventually ended up on their album.

Schillace was also managing vocal power house Amelia Tucker, whose musical stylings seamlessly complimented Rossi's Baritone and thus Here So Rain was born.

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