Thursday, 27 February 2014

American Jazz Vocalist/Composer William Price King

The Show Must Go On -

This song begins with a gentle guitar intro courtesy of the talented Eric Sempe and then we are further entertained by William's moving lyrics and emotive vocals.

With William Price King's prominent Jazzy vocals and Eric Sempe's expertise on the guitar, they make a powerful musical double act.

William's musical interest began when he studied Piano and Clarinet at High School and it didn't end there, he then went on to study classical music at College and he stuck with it through the years until he graduated with a Masters Degree in Music from Yale University.

He then set his sights to New York where he put together Jazz Trio Au Naturel, the trio performed at some of New York's most exclusive venues such as Broadway and the Rainbow Room. This also paved the way for performances in Montreal but also for an European Tour.

William's debut Jazz album Home is a collection of contemporary songs, which he composed with sensual and smooth poetic lyrics and what else can one expect following vocal coaching from one two of the Jazz World's biggest legends Nat King Cole and Mel Torme.

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