Sunday, 16 February 2014

Catchy Musical Riffs courtesy of Melbourne based She Was Loud

The She Was Loud EP is 5 tracks of addictive Rock beats, catchy musical riffs and amped up vocals courtesy of Jess Molenaar and Murray Lawson. She Was Loud certainly know how to rock.

She Was Loud EP

My fave tracks from this highly charged EP are All Along The Way and One Night Man as they showcase the band's musical variety.

All Along The Way begins with a gentle melodic intro and a haunting choral vocal but then you're greeted with smooth vocals and slick instrumentals.

One Night Man kicks in with a super charged tempo, which will without a doubt see you headbanging.

As a rock fan since my early life, when I would spend hours and hours entertaining myself with the Albums of my favourite rock bands, either on the bus home from school or whilst moshing with my friends.

It was then we decided to recreate those glorious memories, whilst also paying tribute to our musical mentors so together with like minded friends She Was Loud was born.

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