Tuesday 4 February 2014

Andy Sikorski sets the Dance Floor alight with a Firestorm


Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20KwAfbNbm0

Firestorm launches with a energetic intro and then morphs into a slower paced instrumental arrangement whilst continuing to entertain us with its endless catchy beats.

If you love your dance music then I guarantee Firestorm will be an instant favourite, even the radio edit version which lacks the powerful intro is still a powerhouse of a tune. Firestorm will be setting your iPods alight when it is released on the 7th of February.

Straight from the fingertips of talented music producer Andy Sikorski, who made a name for him self working on such tracks before EDM was even part of our vocabulary.

Whilst growing up he was influenced by many different musical genres but his heart was always drawn to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Andy's musical journey began in his native Poland, where he achieved popularity on the underground demo music scene. He saw chart success as dSx! Design and produced music for renowned groups such as TRSI and Freezers.

Whilst composing and producing music for video games, commercials and short films, Andy continued to sharpen his skills which saw him work with notable companies such as Motorola and Kodak and also score the full soundtrack for video games like Warriors of Elysia, which featured rich orchestral arrangements.

In 2009 Andy released his album Reverie and following his success of producing Billboard sensations Sade Serena and Rachel Panay he is returning to his EDM roots.

Website - http://andysikorski.com/

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