Wednesday, 12 February 2014

British Indie Music Collective Tess of The Circle

Here is a run down on Tess Of The Circle's latest musical offering Thorns.

Better Days opens with a beautiful instrumental intro, powerful vocals and a crescendoing instrumental

The vocals on Vagabonds and Rogues are a slower pace but it's still a great song especially when the guitar arrangement kicks in.

A well crafted instrumental bed makes cracks and burns a listen for Rock fans.

Eyes of a clown is a somber melody, with its haunting lyrics.

History is a catchy and upbeat tune.

Lifesong features a stirring instrumental combo of piano and violin, also love the influence of Spanish Music.

Say What You Want Run is a beautiful and mellow tune.

No Place Like Home entertains with its catchy intro and its uplifting and inspirational lyrics plus the Guitar Riffs are simply beautiful.

Thorns is a sad song with its slow tempo and moving lyrics.

Mixed Emotions is similar to Thorns but a little more upbeat in terms of the tempo and it features a delightful instrumental sequence halfway through.

Girl In The Window is a beautifully crafted ballad and the Hawaiian style Guitar playing conjures mental images of an exotic beach.

Tess Of The Circle are an Indie Band focusing on the songs of Tess Jones and a musical collective.

Despite the A List credits on the album, which includes Brit Award Winning Music Producer Chris Potter (who worked with The Verve, Richard Ashcroft and The Rolling Stones), Thorns was prepared independently on a one man label and with an Indie budget.

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