Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Alternative Rock Band and Guitar Maestros Jubilo Drive

Push Down and Turn features the elegant bass guitar, cool percussion beats, energetic vocals and a memorable chorus.

Six goes all out with the percussion arrangement and also entertains us with some smooth guitar melodies especially towards the end of the song.

Echo kicks in with a powerful intro and outstanding vocals, plus top marks for the exquisite guitar outro.

Jubilo Drive are an alternative rock band who hail from Orange, California.

Inspired by the scenic landscapes of Southern California, their journey started with them creating music which reflects the emotions of the geography they inhabit.

Jubilo Drive were formed two years ago at Chapman University, when guitarist Jordan H Kleinman invited bassist Hayden Vaughn for a private Jam session and shortly after that Kleinman met and invited Singer/Guitarist Henry Kuckens to write songs with them. When the band moved off campus the following year, drummer Eric Cruz joined their ranks as a permanent member.

Their inspiration comes from the likes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Strokes and Queens Of The Stone Age.

October saw the release of their first EP - Redwood and the band are currently in the studio mixing the next batch of recordings.

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