Tuesday 21 September 2021

Lossline are releasing a new 5 track EP titled One Of Us Was Building An Empire

Lossline, a Manchester based song writing duo are following on from the success of their previous album Fading Affect Bias with a louder, more energised approach to writing and recording.

Their forthcoming EP sees Lossline begin with the delightful and mellow track 'A Telephone Call' before transitioning to  'Case History', which has more of a dreamier feel to it in places despite the sombre lyrics.

'This Room Smells Of Smoke' has a haunting feel to it with its stripped back vocals and gentle melodies but the track shifts into a more energetic mood towards its conclusion.

'I Worry About My Health And Caffeine Intake' sees Lossline go all out with upbeat instrumentals and sublime vocal harmonies, this is without a doubt my favourite track from the EP and it's easy to see why this was the first single released from 'One Of Us Was Building An Empire'.

It Takes A Village concludes the EP with the gentle tones of the piano and calming vocals.

The 5 track EP showcases both sides of their sound, from quiet reflective piano driven songs that highlight their folk influences to loud, distorted guitar anthems. 

Although the sonic landscape changes track to track the emotion carried through their well crafted lyrics remains the same. 

Lossline cover deep personal topics and topics felt collectively by wider society with confidence and this is evident in their carefully crafted lyrics.

Track list

1. A Telephone Call
2. Case History
3. This Room Smells Of Smoke
4. I Worry About My Health And Caffeine Intake
5. It Takes A Village

One Of Us Was Building An Empire will be released on the first of October on all major streaming services.

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