Wednesday 20 May 2015

Ryan Dunlap's second album delivers catchy verses and captivating instrumentals

Ryan Dunlap is a 28 year old Singer/Songwriter from Perrysburg, Ohio.

At the age of 17 he followed a friend's advice to put his poetry to music and this motivated Ryan to save up for his first guitar.

His first album - Sometimes The Worlds Just Ugly was released in 2011 and its lyrics came as a result of Ryan losing his father.

Ryan has a rare congenital eye condition which has resulted in the loss of sight in his right eye however Ryan doesn't let this hinder him as he recently travelled to SXSW in Texas on his own plus he is still able to write, record and perform. 2014 saw Ryan release his second full length album - It Is What It Is.

Till Tomorrow dazzles us with catchy verses, smooth vocals, energetic beats and beautiful guitar riffs.

A Little Bit Of Everything serves up captivating beats, upbeat lyrics and lively vocals plus a big thumbs up to the inclusion of the Harmonica.

Black Turns Blue (feat Kyle White) has a bluesy feel to it - thanks to the melodic arrangement and spectacular vocal performance.

Burned is a upbeat number with fast paced beats, lightning fast vocals and a captivating instrumental arrangement.

Get Gone begins with electrifying beats, slick verses and supercharged vocals.

Gets You Through features a beautiful guitar arrangement, uplifting lyrics and a outstanding vocal performance.

Part Of Georgia kicks off with a rocktastic arrangement, Ryan's powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

She Comes Around showcases captivating instrumentals especially the piano melody, guitar riffs and brass arrangement and a lively vocal delivery plus the lyrics are simply outstanding.

That Night has a slower vibe to it but the vocals and instrumental melody are on point and leave us feeling entertained plus the lyrics pack an emotional punch.

Empty Seat At The Bar features a poignant blend of instrumentals, deep and heartfelt verses and a somber sounding vocal performance.

That'll Show Ya has a rock and roll vibe to it and Ryan's powerful vocals and the captivating beats leave us wanting more.

People I Knew serves up a smooth melody and beautiful lyrics.

The Great Wheel treats us to a beautiful melody, upbeat verses and another thoroughly entertaining vocal performance.

It Is What It Is concludes this wonderful album with a unique intro which transitions into a wonderful melody with subtle instruments and laid back vocals.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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