Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Maze is full of smooth vocals, catchy beats and an eclectic mix of musical instruments

Djanan Turan is a Turkish born Singer/Songwriter who currently resides in London.

Her music is a fusion of Waltz, 70s Synth, Classical Strings and Piano sounds which compliment her smooth voice. Her five piece band consists of seasoned accomplished musicians - Dan Lipman - Clarinet/Flute (Bryan Ferry), Tansay Omar - Drums (Bjork),
Paul Tkachenko - Bass (Sam and the Womp) , Fatih Ebrem - Guitar/Keys (Funkshy) and
Pablo Dominguez - Guitar (Chano Dominguez).

Maze is her newest and eagerly anticipated EP, which was funded via Kickstarter. The EP was produced by Djanan and Raz Olsher (of Sam And The Womp fame) at Fossil Studios in London.

This EP follows upon the success of her previous EPs - Artigo in 2011 and What She Wants in 2013.

Djanan also regularly performs both in the UK and also overseas having already graced the stage at Glastonbury, Mandstock in Italy and Hayal Kahvesi in Turkey.

Maze is a funky melody with smooth vocals, catchy beats and the string arrangement is simply mesmerizing.

Brother entertains us with its beautiful melody and Djanan's vocals and the heartfelt lyrics are a real treat.

Drive has an oriental feel to it with its upbeat tempo, eclectic choice of instruments and silky vocals.

Feels Right serves up a elegant piano arrangement and Djanan dazzles us with another powerful vocal performance, a perfect way to wrap up four tracks of simply wonderful music.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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