Sunday, 3 May 2015

A delightful blend of Reggae and Soul from Bedfordshire

Nakisha Esnard is a Musician Poet from Bedfordshire, her music is a mixture of Reggae and Soul.

She has been touring all over the UK and more recently has ventured into Theatre, where she has been writing and performing for Cabaret Shows. This incredible artist embraces both her British and Caribbean Heritage and is adept with numerous instruments but currently favours the Ukelele.

She is also first class and freestyling and her interaction with the audience makes her live shows something unique as illustrated below.

Nakisha wowed the crowd with an awesome set, which kicked off with a soulful tune which delivered lyrics related to social issues; this was followed by a Reggaesque Melody with smooth vocals and catchy instrumentals, next up was a delightful melody which was cranked up halfway through.

The set was rounded off with a fast paced number which delivered lightning fast lyrics, opera reggae, which showcased this talented singer's impressive vocal range and also reworked a Spice Girls thus providing a creative end to a fabulous set.

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